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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Day for the Birds...

Yesterday, we had an interesting bird day.

One side of our house (facing the lake) has a lot of glass windows in it:

And so, when the spring birds arrive, unfortunately they don't always see the windows and we hear a sickening "thud"...and we know a bird hit one of our windows. Usually they land on our deck.

If we are quick enough, we can go out and retrive the bird and try and save it.

Many people don't know this, but even if the bird looks like it broke its neck, if you "upright" the bird by holding it and keep stimulating it by petting it or talking to it so it keeps awake, it will sometimes miraculously come back to normal.

We have done this many times, when the bird's neck even looks broken and "floppy".

So yesterday, here is the little fella that hit our window and some pictures of us holding him and trying to get him to not fall asleep:

He seemed better, so we took him outside and he perked up. So much, in fact, that he flew over to a tree and landed there:

But, pretty soon, we saw him leaning too much against the twig. So, I had my husband go and get him off the tree and Itook him back in the house and held him some more. I kept stroking him and telling him he was NOT allowed to fall asleep! :

Then, after a while, I brought him outside and put him beside all of his buddies and watched to see if they would keep him stimulated:

He is the one on the left (in front)

We waited for an hour or so, and when I went back outside on the deck to check on him, he had gotten better and had flown away!!!


Except NOW, we have no idea which one he is of all of his twin brothers and sisters!!:


Melanie said...

What beautiful photos--- I envy your view.... Some people go for the ocean view, some for the city sky lights--- I'll take the woods anyday... Happy Tuesday.

Insanitykim said...

I am so glad he lived because I am not in the right mindset to see a dead bird or even hear about one. Good job, you Sparrow Whisperer, you! :)

Insanitykim said...

BTW...who cares about snow when you have a home that looks like yours! WOW!

Kearsie said...

I would comment on your birds, but I'm too distracted by the fact that you haven't been to my blog in forever.

*taps fingernails repeatedly in mock anger*

The Retired One said...

Screen Door: So glad you stopped by my blog. I just joined on to your blog today as a Follower. I thought I had done that last week, but it wasn't on my blog roll for some reason. I would love it if you would join on mine as a Follower, too!

Yes, I love where we live. We are in a tiny little town in the U.P. of Michigan, yet we are on a lake (The picture of the windows in this post is actually our back yard which faces out over some trees and the lake. I will post more photos of the lake as spring and summer come!)
We see lots of ducks, geese and birds. Last summer we even had three racoons on our deck. Last fall, two eagles came down by the lake, but I didn't have the zoom camera I have now to capture them!) Dang!

Insanity Kim: I just hope he didn't fly away only to die somewhere. But he did look MUCH more active when I finally put him by his buddies on the deck, so I have decided that he must be happy, thriving and having a kegger some where near.
Thanks for the compliment on my home. We LOVE it. We just built it 5 years ago and we couldn't be happier with it. Log homes are so "warm" in atmosphere and homey.

Kearsie: Oh contrare! I posted a comment for you not too long ago about your Florida trip and how cute the baby feet were...but I don't read Twilight and I hate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, so I didn't comment. But I read you faithfully every day, and if you see on the left here on my blog, I've gotcha on my blogroll! You can't get away from me, you little pretty. (Nor your dog, Toto, too!)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots and you and your hubby are good bird friends. I know how much it worries me when a bird has a "wreck". A couple of springs ago, I made 'bird shadows' out of CD's, put a little suction cup through the hole in the CD and stuck them to the windows outside. It seemed to help keep the birds away (due to the sun reflecting off the CD's and them swaying in the breeze). However, due to the BREEZE the suction cups didn't always hold so I was frequently rescuing my CD birds from da bushes!

Kearsie said...

Also, I'm not jealous at all about your gorgeous log home that my husband and I are dying for.

Kearsie said...

Also, did you have to clean your house to get these pictures? Because if it was my house, there would be piles of dirty socks, 97 toys, 14 empty food wrappers, trails of crumbs and some spilled juice. Red juice, of course.

Joanie said...

Great house! And what a nice thing you do for the birds!

Ann said...

What a beautiful home....I am so jealous! I never knew you could do that to a bird. How interesting. Thanks for telling us.

Meg said...

I love a happy ending!! And I'm with Kearsie. I'm stuck on how clean and uncluttered your house is.

The Retired One said...

Cathy: Wow,you do a lot of work to keep the little birds from crashing into your windows! I would have never thought of that!

Kearsie: We thought of it for years before we did it too...this is my retirement home that I have always wished for! We don't have much clutter anymore (it is just the two of us!), but you should see it when the grandkids come! I am going to babysit them in April for a couple days, I will have to take before and after shots...but it will all be worth it to have them to hug on for a few days!

Joanie: thanks! We have rescued several birds per year that way. My most exciting save was a tiny hummingbird. I loved holding him and getting a closeup look at him.

Grannyann: I know! I didn't know either, until I read it and ever since then, we have saved many birds with the technique!

Prefers: Oh, don't worry...we have our moments.
Like when the grandkids come, or when we go to yard sales and I pick up a bunch of stuff that we don't know where to put! ha (Estate sales and yard sales are my weakness, plus auctions! That is why we are presently renovating an old house across the street to make into an Antiques and Collectables store).

Mother Goose said...

I didn't know that about birds. Great advice. And I love your slide show at the top!

Rick (Ratty) said...

That was a wonderful story! It had everything. A defenseless little animal. A tense situation. And a happy ending. I'm glad the bird ended up okay.

Loree said...

Oh that is so sweet. I did not know you could revive a bird like that...not that we have too many smacking into our windows. BTW, your house looks gorgeous.

Baylward8 said...

oh what a beautiful and peaceful place to live, just a little cold for me though.

Melissa said...

I never knew that about birds... thanks for the info :-) Btw, you have a beautiful home.... and I love the color of your nail polish :-)

The Retired One said...

Mother Goose: Are you new? Do you have a blog? Thanks for stopping on my blog...hope you join on as a Follower! Thanks for the compliment on my slide show...I add new photos to it now and then, so make sure and stop by to see.

Ratty: Thanks. Unfortunately, the drama wasn't was the bird's. But, I do like the happy ending. Good thing it didn't die, because the photos wouldn't have been pretty. ha

Loree: Thanks, we love it here too. But we are lagging behind in getting spring!

Baylward8: Yes, it is beautiful and peaceful, and YES it is cold. Can you believe we woke up to more SNOW this morning??? We got 3 more inches and everything is back to WHITE! At this rate, I won't get through my 40 more signs of spring on the blog until June. ha

Melissa: Thanks on both compliments. We built our home 5 years ago and love it. The nail polish was bought at Walmart, if you want it. The product's name is ICE and is found by the cheaper stuff, because it is not a name brand of nail polish. I can't remember the color name (and it is worn off the bottle) but they have a bunch of summery colors to choose from. I like the ICE brand, because it doesn't chip easily. So, check your local Walmart. ha

Unknown said...

OMG! I had no idea you could revive them! We, unfortunately, also have a problem with birds trying to fly into the large windows at the front of our house, off the front porch. Forevermore, I will run out after hearing a thud and try to revive them!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

LOL! well, I'm going to walmart tomorrow, so lucky me - HA HA! Good to know about the chipping tip - chipping nail polish is very annoying :-) BTW - NH weather isn't much better. 43 today, but no sun. My yard still has quite a bit of snow, especially where the sun doesn't hi it :-(

Sara said...

What a gorgeous view and place! I am so glad that bird lived!!
Have a great day

Lynn Kellan said...

Wow, I had no idea that people could revive birdies like that! I love the pictures of the injured fellow and the pics of your beautiful home! Now I can picture you there, looking out the windows.

Best, Lynn from For Love or Funny

Melissa said...

yep, me again *grin* Come on over to my spot - I have an award waiting for you

The Retired One said...

Gaston: Let me know if you end up saving any birds!

Melissa: I am so glad we aren't the only ones still having snow. Misery loves made me feel better.

Sara: Thanks! We are glad he lived too. I am waiting on pins and needles for news from you on your newborn arriving!!

Lynn: Yes, I do sit on the loveseat you see in the photo and that is often where I look out at the scenary and do some blogging on my laptop.

Melissa: Yippee!! I will go there later today, and thanks SO MUCH!!!

Shelley said...

You didn't tell me you were a fellow log home dweller!!! Were you holding out?!! Beautiful windows - your place looks gorgeous! So glad that little siskin survived!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey..It even works on the floppy necked ones, good to know! I have found that some are just knocked out completely and if I put the bird in a safe place they will recoup. I usully sit them in the crook of a tree.
Your house is beautiful..I love the interior...but who washes all those windows?? The window washing fairy?
I have really been enjoying your are one funny lady! :)

The Retired One said...

Shellmo: Yes, we are fellow log home owners. We built about 5 years is a Golden Eagle home that I had the blueprints changed around a bit to our liking. Thanks..we love the windows too...they face south overlooking the lake ,and I love the light they give us in this gloomy winter weather.

Far Side: Thanks! We have to get a really lonnnngggg ladder to wash the windows. They need it again soon! I am SO glad you enjoy the blog. Tell your friends! Tell your friends! Tell your friend's friends. ha I love having new readers (can you tell??) ha My goal is to get 200 followers. (Maybe by the time I am 80?)

Lisa said...

Wow, that is the coolest thing ever! I had no idea that you could help birds like that. Thanks for sharing! Someday I might have big beautiful windows like that and when I do, I can save a bird too! :D (I hopped over here from Pearls, glad I did!)

Anonymous said...

he was very lucky, in Florida I nursed a baby mockingbird until he fledged 3 months later when his mother was killed. He used to fly across the golf course during the day and at night I would call to him across the golf course 'Baby! Baby!' and he would fly home to eat and sleep inside lol.

Divya said...

Wow you have a beautiful home with a great view !! I agree with Insanity Kim - you truly are a Sparrow Whisperer :) or maybe just an all round Bird Whisperer

Came across your blog today via LR and am adding to my reading list ! Have a great day !!!

The Retired One said...

Lisa (Yeah, I'm Still Here): Glad you hopped over from Pearl's!!! And thank you for listing my blog on your site. I joined your blog too...looks like I am in for some yummy recipes from you! I read your profile...Wow, we are a LOT alike. ha

Debb: A mockingbird! How cool!! I don't think I have ever seen one up close. And to call him and have him come when you did? Now THAT is a bird whisperer!!

Divya: You are new to my blog, no? Did you join on as a follower? Would LOVE to have you here!
I couldn't find a blog for you when I clicked on your if you have one, comment back a link so I can find your blog! I love finding new ones to read. I will check on Link Referral to see if I can find your blog there...Now you've got me searching for you! ha

pehpot said...

oh you have a lovely home :)

Mommy Blog
Blogging Tips

The Retired One said...

Pehpot: Thanks Pehpot! We love it here on the lake!

Fran Hill said...

Does your advice about birds with floppy necks apply to husbands? Sometimes my husband's neck goes all floppy like that (dinner parties ... theatre ... Sunday afternoon with relations) and I have to hold his head in exactly the same upright position to stop him from falling unconscious.

The Retired One said...

Fran: I don't know, never thought about trying it on husbands. ha You can always prop him up with two pillows and go shopping! Tell him to quit running full force into glass windows, that will solve his problem. ha!!!!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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