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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Bouquet!

Today's post
consists of showing you some more of my summer blooms.

I took a lot of shots of my garden but never got to post them all....
so before we jump into full blown autumn here in the gorgeous U.P.
and I bombard you with those shots,
I figured I'd better finish off the
summer shots first.

A lucky shot of a bee approaching this lovely lupine:

I have these flowers in my garden, but can't remember what they are. I think they are some kind of primrose?:

Lupine galore!:

Hosta leaves....which deer came and ate since then!

A mix of lemon lilies and Iris and Bachelor Buttons!:

Lemon Lily!:

I also don't know the name of this garden flower? Help?:

These are a small bush and I also don't know the name of them.
(I got them from a relative and planted them. She told me once, but I can't remember the flower's name). I know some smart Blogger out there will tell me!?:

Besides summer getting over (FAST!!! Can you believe this coming weekend is LABOR DAY WEEKEND??? YIKES!!), and the beginning of autumn to celebrate....
you have one more thing to do:

ENTER your photo for the FREE PHOTO CONTEST!!!
You only have one more day people!!!

This month's theme is:


enter your photo my midnight August 31st, 2011

You don't have to be a Blogger to enter!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Robins with Mom....

I saw the funniest interaction
with a Mama Robin and her baby
a few weeks ago.

First of all.....
is there anything MORE adorable 
than a baby robin, with its feathers all messy??? 

So, here is how it went down!:

Here is Junior on the left and Mama on the right:

Junior was checking out the whole idea of the idea of flight.  (Or was it FRIGHT?):

"It looks pretty FAR down there.....I am not so sure about this flight thing...":

"And it looks even FURTHER down from THIS side!!":


"I am NOT doing it...and you can't make me!":

"Ummmm....Mama??? Where are you Mama? How am I going to get DOWN from here??":

"Waaaaaaa!  I want my MOMMY!!!!":

Junior: "I am SO ashamed!!":
Mama to Daddy (on top branch):  "WHAT am I going to DO with him?  I tell ya'...he definitely takes after YOUR side of the family!!!"

(Junior DID eventually fly down from the branch....
a little crooked and unsure, but he DID fly)....
and I tried not to giggle TOO much...................

Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Iris!

In the last post, I showed you my garden Columbines....
Today, I am going to show you
some Iris that I had this June
in my garden.

They are also some of my favorite summer flowers.

I think it is because they look exotic, or tropical to me:

And being from bulbs, they are so totally easy to plant and grow:

Those beards!
They look like grape koolaide tongues!:

I want to be like my blogger friend BETSY, and get a bunch more colors....
but for now the yellow and orange and purple ones are wonderful!:

Love those fuzzy tongues!!!:

I really miss them when they get done blooming...
look forward to them in my garden every year.

Hope you enjoyed sharing them with me today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


In the summer, certain flowers really stand out 
as true favorites of mine.

Columbines rate way high on this list.

So today I am sharing some photos
of them with you.

I love the different colors of Columbines...and that they can face UP or face down:

And especially their "tendrils" these that are BEHIND its face:

Facing the sun:

Just a hint of lavendar on this one:

Even their centers are wonderful:

Some have double the petals!:

They grow so easily from seeds, so if you haven't tried them in your garden,
plant some next spring...(you can throw the seeds in your garden now and they will come up in the spring and keep seeding themselves year after year).

Plant your own joy for next year!  :0}

Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Summer Color and Not......

As always, I am running behind in "current" photos to
post for you.

Today I still have some early summer photos
to share...(even though it is now early autumn!)
Some are of some colorful captures
some  are of some black and white ones.

I find that many times if you check your photos also in
black and white,
they can take on even more drama and loveliness
than in color.

See what you think on the ones inside this post....

Just a little moth I saw on an unknown white wildflower in the woods:

A turtle in the middle of a woods road.
(For the Love of God, please tell me I am not the ONLY person that makes her hubby
STOP the truck to take pictures of a turtle in the middle of the road?!):

for some black and white shots!:

A dandelion puff:

It was stuck in some leaves in my garden and the sun was hitting it just right...
I could NOT
not take this shot...right??:

Roots in the woods...
I loved how the black and white really shows off the wood's texture:

Would somebody PLEASE connect me with a support group
that helps my dandelion puff addiction???
"Hi. My name is Joan and I'm addicted to Dandelion puff photography."
"Welcome Joan".....

I just want to take my picnic basket and climb into that little tree cavern
and perhaps meet up with Alice in Wonderland or something....



back to summer color:

A little brook in the woods:

While walking through the woods on a path, I spied these shadows of the ferns
and just knew I had to take a shot:

For my grand finale today,
My "most colorful" shot:

Not only do I adore poppies,
but I fell in love with their tissue petals
and their black "granola" centers:

Don't forget that the August 2011's
deadline is near!!

Submit your

to me
no later than midnight, AUGUST 30th

You don't have to be a blogger to enter!

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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