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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Hint of What's to Come....

An update to you!

The pulse is getting stronger...
the trips to the bathroom are getting fewer....

the cough is getting weaker....

It could only mean ONE thing...

live through this....


Only one thing I can do today:

Provide you a hint of what is to come
in my
"Mexico Vacation" series.....


 Sea Lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See  you soon with the details........

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PLEASE be patient....Houston, we have a problem!

HI everyone!

We made it back from Los Cabos Mexico...

I had the opportunity to get some wonderful images
for you all....

Only one problem.

I am SICK as a DOG.

Of all the times we have gone to Mexico, we have never gotten sick.

Well, let me tell you....


Montezema's revenge has been the sickest I have been in years.

It started the day before we left Mexico

(Valentine's Day night)

and I have been sick ever since.

I went to the walk-in emergency clinic finally on yesterday
and got some knock out antibiotics.

I was diagnosed with the typical traveller's dissentery as well as (as if that isn't enough)
a cold viris....

So I am now loaded with antibiotics.

Praying that they work.

I have not eaten much in over a week and am very weak.

But this morning I do feel a twinge better
I am holding on to hopes that I am turning the corner on this thing.

Please keep checking the blog for a new post.

I promise I will be back as soon as I can,
it may be a few days yet.

Miss you all!!!

P.S. On the good side, I have lost about 10 pounds.  However, The "Montezuma's Revenge Diet"
is NOT recommended.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rivers, Rocks and Roads

Today, I should be back from Mexico...
since I am probably up to my armpits
in dirty laundry and jet lagged,
I went ahead
pre-published this blogpost
to cover me for
one more day
until I can get back to routine...

Hopefully, I can start posting some of my Mexico trip photos for you soon.

And some winter ones, before it is spring!

Many of you are probably having spring right now,
but in the U.P. we won't see any signs of spring until the end of April...
and even some years we get snow then too.

So today, we are still in autumn
for my photos.

This river is wonderful during any winter it freezes over.

I loved the green green ferns against the orange leaves here:

I love slowing down the river with my shutter speed when taking photos of water
and making the water "dreamy":

Mirrored reflections of autumn in the river:

Another road scene.
My poor hubby...I am always telling him to STOP the truck
so I can get out and get a shot:

I fell in love with the big mossy rocks in the middle of this autumn river:

Some of the bluffs we had to climb around/up
to take some waterfall pictures...
I was whining and my husband was helping me up over and around large
boulders on the river's edge so I didn't have to scale THIS big rock bluff!

Glimpses of blue water through the colored leaves:

We didn't have time to fish. (Dang!!):

I hope your life is flowing as smooth as this river,
and contains as much color as this autumn
has less rocky times than the bluffs above!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Continuing Color...

If you are a regular reader of my blog
(and THANKYOU if you are!!!!)
that I have been posting last autumn's photos
because I am behind in sharing them
with all of you.

you know that I pre-published these past few blogposts
because I have been away in Mexico
soaking my tootsies
for the past week, but sadly, on this day I will be on my way home.

If you have left comments on my blogposts over the last week or so
and haven't heard from me or seen them published,
it is because I am not taking my computer with me to Mexico.

I will make sure I do that when I get back.

(I am going to go into withdrawals for SURE!, but I dont' want to risk having my computer
damaged or stolen or lost).

So, here today are more for autumn pictures for you to enjoy...until I can show you some from Mexico...
see you SOON!!!

Reflections on the Pond:

Autumn river:

Tree mushrooms along the path...

Follow the golden-leaves road to the Land of Oz:

Or maybe this golden curved road?:

Speckled yellow leaves:

I can't help but take pictures of every fall road I see:

One of my favorite waterfall spots in the world:

Dreamy river of color:

I hope there is some color in your day today!!

I know you brighten my day with it, for SURE!!!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wishing all my Readers
their best
Valentine's Day EVER.

Know that I adore you
and am
so thankful
for your Blogger Friendship.

I am off in Mexico with my hubby, (the LOVE of my life)
enjoying a tropical vacation....

but keep checking my blog
as I
have "pre-published" blogposts
to cover while I am away....

I will be back later this week!

Thanks again for being a part of my life
and know
that you are loved!!!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

This and That from the Lake and Woods

I have a confession to make today.

Not only am I still posting photos for you
from this past Sept. and October
haven't even gotten to the snow/winter photos
that I have to show you yet...
but as you read this...
I am dipping my just-manicured-in-gorgeous-hot-pink-nail-polish- toes
in the Pacific Ocean
at Los Cabos, Mexico.

Yup, I have briefly deserted my beloved Upper Peninsula of Michigan
frozen tundra
for a short vacation to tropical Mexico.

I just needed to defrost.

But, not to worry. I have "preposted' pictures for you to see while I am away.
Thank goodness, because I need to get you caught up with these past Autumn photos
and get into showing you my winter photos (soon I hope)---
before I bombard you
with my Mexico pictures.

We picked Los Cabos because there are gorgeous rock arches there in the ocean right beside the resort
we will be staying at.

And? It is in the desert!

And, there are mountains there!!

Unfortunately, I don't feel safe enough to have taken my GOOD DSLR camera there,
so pray that I do okay with my point and shoot Panasonic Lumix to capture some good photos there for you.
So stay tuned---
Once again, thanks for being patient with me on my being behind on sharing my autumn pictures with you....
I will let you know when I am back with a post script to my upcoming posts...

So let's get started with my many, many photos that I STILL have not yet shared with you, shall we??:

Lake Superior:

Lake Superior beach rocks:

Look at the SIZE of this boulder out in the middle of the woods!!
The glaciers pushed it here and it is all alone:

Did you ask for mushrooms on your pizza??
(You would only need ONE!):

Go out into the world today
and take some pictures
of where you call "home"....

I'd love to see them!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

An autumn doe, ducks and what else? (wood's roads of course!!)

I love capturing
animals in the woods
my camera.

I try and not be too obtrusive
or get too close...

but it is always a thrill.

She found a wild apple tree and was munching away
when we came upon her;


When I am not oooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the autumn colors,
I am wondering what we will see around the very next corner:


Perhaps a paddling duck:

Swimming in a pool of water reflecting autumn's glory:



Or maybe a goose:


I am never disappointed.

Even if there are no animals around the bend,
I can inhale Nature's Beauty
and admire
the world we live in
every second that I am out there exploring it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am NOT going to Talk today....Well, at least not too much.

Because I talk a lot in showing my photography to you,
today I decided NOT to.

Just sit back and enjoy more Lake Michigamme, autumn ponds and squirrel feasts in the autunn photos
without any more chit chat from me today.

Except to say: I am not going to mention my love of wood's roads photos...nope, not a WORD. 

whew, that was a LONG time to hold my breath.
I am way too old for that.
I better not try that again any time soon.....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lake Michigamme and the U.P. in Autumn

I am going to show you some more photos
the lake I live on today
(Lake Michigamme)
in the beautiful U.P. of Michigan.
These were taken in late August/early Sept.

Our lake has lots of rocks and rock bluffs
and it isn't too built up, which is something I am very grateful for:

It also has lots and lots of little, medium and large islands on it.
Some have cabins, some are free of any type of development:

We often see Eagles on the islands.
But the day I took these photos, we did not see any:

But we did see color. Lots of autumn colors. I loved it:

I just HAD to throw another autumn picture of an autumn road in the post.
I am addicted.:

Where was I?

Oh yeah...
the Lake.

In fall splendor:

There is a bible camp on a point where the land juts out into the lake.
It is called: Presbytery Point.
See the cross made out of the birch logs at the point?
It is a landmark for all us boaters that live on the lake:

Did I mention that I sometimes stick in pictures
of autumn woods roads yet?:

Another little rocky island:

We  have learned that fishing
is often
very good on the edges of these islands.

But Shhhh-hh-h
Don't tell my neighbors................
They just think I have magic bait.
(That I dig up on the sides of autumn wood's roads)

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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