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Saturday, March 21, 2009

This Driver is TOTALLY my Hero....................

A news story that I just had to comment on:

BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) — You forgot to buckle up, dummy!
A commuter who put a homemade dummy in the passenger seat to sneak into the car pool lane was caught Wednesday near Seattle. But it wasn't because a cop realized the passenger was fake.
Instead, the State Patrol trooper noticed the dangling belt buckle on the passenger side and suspected a seat belt violation.
Patrol spokeswoman Christina Martin told The Herald of Everett that the driver acknowledged trying to beat traffic by using the HOV lane.
He created his passenger by draping a rain jacket over plastic piping, topping it off with a Halloween mask of Gandalf, the "Lord of the Rings" wizard, a beard and a baseball cap.
The trooper issued a $124 ticket and confiscated the dummy.
Copyright 2009 The Associated Press.

Can you picture it????

Gandalf with a baseball cap?

I wonder what the other cars thought when they saw Gandalf (when he passed them)??

Wonder what the Trooper did with the dummy when he confiscated it?

P.S. Does anyone else think that HOV lanes are ridiculous?
What if you don't have any friends? That is some kind of discrimination, isn't it???????


efaqffqaewfm said...

It does kinda suck if you're driving solo, but I support the idea of the HOV... the goal is to promote carpooling to reduce the number of cars on the road, therefore reducing emissions. Save the planet! :o)

J.J. in L.A. said...

HOV lanes in L.A. are a lifesaver!

The Retired One said...

VaBookworm and JJ: I suppose...I just know when we were recently on our cross-country trip to Florida from Michigan, there was miles and miles of HOV lanes that were empty. It must have cost millions of dollars to build the extra lanes in some areas and they weren't being used much. And, we were driving during rush hour too. L.A. probably DOES need them, though!

Insanitykim said...

Hey, how did u get a picture of me with my baggy eyes to put on your blog???

Man that guy was creative, too bad the cop had to get his quota in...he should have let him off with an,


my verification word is "meate" in case you needed any weird ones...

The Retired One said...

Insanity Kim: haha It was really me, with my post-menopausal facial hair. Meate? Like GLAAA-DEY???? hahaahaaaaaaaaaa

rainfield61 said...

Poor dummy to be jailed for life, in a dump yard.

Anonymous said...

Once, I drove around Anchorage with a life sized cut out of Mel Gibson (only the waist up) in my passenger seat.

Dang, that was fun.

Ann said...

Many years ago my mom would come visit us in San Antonio and she had this half dummy lady that she would put in the front seat so people wouldn't think she was alone. At the time women alone on the highway were just asking for trouble. I was scared more than once by that dummy sitting somewhere in my mom's house.

Rick (Ratty) said...

They don't have those lanes here in Michigan do they? I never understood the sense in them.

Polly said...

Hilarious! Sounds like something my brother would do. So glad to se your picture. You look like a little teeny bopper!

The Retired One said...

Rainfield61: Never call a wizard a "dummy" may end up as a frog (or squirrel :-0 )

Kearsie: Having only the top half of Mel Gibson kind of defeats the purpose,no? haaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

GrannyAnn: That certainly would freak me out in your mom's house, too. In fact, right now, I have a wooden statue of a frog in my basement that I am repainting....(it is from our garden). Everytime I go downstairs, even though I KNOW he is down there, I jump and get startled when I see his shadow. I gotta get him done soon and get him out of the basement, before I get a heart attack.

Ratty: I didn't see any HOV lanes when we took I-75 down from the U.P. to Coldwater, so I don't think Michigan has them.

Polly: Well,I think you may be my favorite. haa...
Believe me, I am no teeny-bopper (well,ok...maybe in my mind). Ha

Loree said...

That's hilarious...Gandald with a baseball cap!! Where do some people come up with their ideas?

The Retired One said...

Loree: I don't know, but I think this weird guy was pretty innovative! Don't ask me why he picked Gandald (maybe the Halloween masks were on sale?)??

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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