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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Local News Post!!......................

Here is my weekly "local news" post: Try clicking on it once to enlarge it to be able to read the small print:If clicking on it didn't make it big enough to read for you, the one I want to discuss first is in the lower left hand corner. It says:

"11:07am: Complaint of stray tan Chihuahua at back door, 600 block of Hampton St.

My thoughts?:
1. Pretty intelligent of him, ringing the doorbell (when he was so short).
2. SO??? What was he going to do?
3. Was the brute going to bite your ankle?
4. Sell you tacos?

The second one said:

"1:59am: Suspicious male subject dragging a large object, appeared to be trying to hide behind trees, 300 block of S. Seventh St."

My thoughts?:

1. Now this one was slightly creepy, but actually more like intriguing.
2. What was he dragging?
3. A body?
4. And he must have been skinny, trying to hide behind a tree..because face it, most of us are a little wider.
4. But, I want to know what he was dragging!!!
5. The paper didn't say a WORD that day about anyone, what was it?
6. Was he the owner of the dog and was it the Chiquaqua's dog bed? His dog dish?
7. I mean they both happened on the same day?! Maybe he was the dog owner and it was a hide and seek game???

Now, we will never know.
P.S. Of course,...if he looked like THIS guy.. well, Helllll-oooooooooooo....
I think they would have to arrest ME!!!


Ann said...

I also would like to know what he was dragging. Loved you comments.

rainfield61 said...

I was distracted by the last picture; you should not have posted it.
You know, just kind of not out of words. Helll ooooooooo.......

Rick (Ratty) said...

Since that Taco Bell dog is no longer in the commercials, I've been wondering what the meat in the tacos really is. And why they don't give you much.

I want to know what that guy was carrying too! Was he wearing more than the guy in the picture?

Loree said...

:) What can I say? Makes me wonder what the guy was dragging...maybe you can keep us updated? LOL

June Saville said...

Hi Retired One
There is certainly no shortage of blood in YOUR veins!
Curiosity hanging in strongly too.
Cheers girl
June in Oz

The Retired One said...

Grannyann: It still makes me wonder!

Rainfield61: Feel free to return to the blogpost anytime you want to look at him. Haaaaa...

Ratty: OK, now that was just GROSS. (ha!) I love Taco Bell tacos, and now you've got me wondering. Oh well, we know it isn't squirrel meat, because they are too hard to catch.
I don't know what he was wearing. Since they didn't say NUDE man hiding in woods, I am outta luck!

Loree: Me too! But this was an old report that I saved from back in last August, so we'll never know. There was never an update in the paper. Besides, with our frigid winter, this guy would never survive in the woods this long!

June: Who knows, maybe you can incorporate a "man hiding in the woods" "seen dragging something" into one of your stories. :0)

Anonymous said...

Regarding Incident #1: I think the caller has a fear of chihuahuas. It's called Smalllatinodogphobia. It's scary.

Regarding Incident #2: I think that guy dragging the heavy thing had no more room in his trash can. I would do the same thing if we had trees around here.

The Retired One said...

Kearsie: It sounds terrifying. I bet the other phobia with this affliction is fear of tacos?!
On Incident #2, you don't sound like a green person, now do you? Although, a lot of garbage in the woods would make the critters happy. Just don't be putting any cans or plastic, you litter-er you!!!

Insanitykim said...

Man, I really want some tacos and a margarita...

The Retired One said...

Insanity Kim: Me too!! And heck, throw in a few naked men hiding behind trees in the woods (just for fun!) (if they look like that dude!)

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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