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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wanna take the plunge???

Remember those azure blue Lake Superior waters I showed you last July?
taken yesterday:

And we do have people who take the polar plunge into these icy waters, just for the fun of it.


And, no, I don't have pictures of the Polar Plunge for you today either.

I just happened to drive by yesterday as we were touring some friends around Presque Isle and we saw the lovely ice on the walkway out to the lighthouse, and I HAD to take pictures for you.

Look at the treacherous ice on the walkway out to the lighthouse NOW!:

Let's look CLOSER, shall we?
How would you like to try and make it out to the lighthouse NOW on this walkway?:

I wouldn't even make it past the first hump of ice and would have fallen in the icy waters!:

But isn't it gorgeous???:

Even the logs and rocks on the sandy beach, covered with snow was pretty:

Oooooo, and that LIGHTHOUSE on ice? Awesome~!:

I just couldn't stop taking shots of it!:

I was mesmerized by the icey slush waves hitting the sides of the cement walkway sides too!:

I wondered how the lighthouse keeper, (back in the day) got to shore to get his supplies, too!:

I mean, would YOU want to get in a rowboat at the lighthouse and
this lake
to get to shore?:

Me neither.
I hope he had a half of a cow in there and maybe a bushel of rice:

More of the rocky, snowy shoreline:

And stupendous icicles!:

All of a sudden I am craving a slushy.
How about you?:

And maybe my Snuggie:

And some hot tea:

Now where the heck DID I put those pamphlets
about the Mexican cruises?????......


RNSANE said...

My goodness,I feel like bundling up and staying in bed all day after seeing those pictures. How incredibly beautiful but so bleak! It would have taken an unusual person to be able to live in that lighthouse during the winter months, someone who liked a sense of isolation! It looks like a sea of ice and that walkway, fantastic!

Bernie said...

He sure wouldn't need a freezer Joan.....amazing pictures my friend. Love how you captured the icy walk way......:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

good lord does that look cold!!!! I'm surprised to see that much ice and slush!! Everyone's been telling me that St. Ignace is bare like it is in July! I realize your shots aren't any where's near St. Ignace but I just am surprised to see all that ice!!

Brian Miller said...

ok, i am shivering now. lol. wonderful pics of the ice...

Brian Miller said...

and happy valentines day!

Unknown said...

Oh. So pretty. I just LOVE your pictures of the icy walkway to the lighthouse! How fabulous! And I loved your last line. Brilliantly funny : )

The Retired One said...

RNSane: I was so excited when I saw that gorgeous ice on the walkway!

Bernie: I thought of your Snuggie right away when I was out there snapping away. :-}

Cathy: Parts of the Lake Superior shoreline is bare, but I think a lot of the ice blew in that day and got trapped in that bay by the lighthouse.

Brian: thanks so much, and happy V. Day to you too my friend!

Life with K: Thanks! I always love our winter scenes but I equally love the tropic temperatures. ha
I am a woman with varied tastes, no? :-}

Tara said...

Oh wow, those ice look like just stalactites...very beautiful in white.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Is that ice or waves in the first pic? Either way, it's gorgeous!

Sara said...

BRRR, is all I can say! I think I will also look into the Mexican cruise:)

Happy Valentines day and it was nice to have alone time. Although when we picked up Cole, my mom shamelessly admitted that she wants another grandbaby and was hoping that were working on it!

Have a great day

CiCi said...

Funny how cold we can feel just looking at icy cold pictures like these. I like the hot tea, decaf green tea. Really nice pictures.

The Retired One said...

AFV: Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for commenting! I love ice formations in the winter, so I am so glad you liked them too!

JJ: It was both...there is a wave in the photo amongst the floating ice. Brrrr!

Sara: How funny!!!!...all us grandmas think alike! :-}

TechnoBabe: Thanks so much...I loved it out there, it really was awesome.

Lesley said...

I love your photos - even when they make me shiver!

Rick (Ratty) said...

All of that ice is very beautiful. In the past I would have felt cold just looking at it, but not anymore. Somehow I found exactly the right combination of clothing so when I go outside I'm never cold.

Wanda..... said...

In the next to the last photo, I think you've captured the image of an ice monster, Joan. See his head, eyes, shoulder and arm!

Insanitykim said...

Those pix of the icicles look like dessert and I want to eat them. Again I have never seen anything like this and it is awesome!

Unknown said...

Wonderful photos, as usual, and I promise to never again complain about the 6" of snow in my yard.

DJan said...

Yikes! It's a different place altogether! Very uninviting to visit now, but great shots, as usual!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful but brrrrr....!

The Retired One said...

Lesley: Someday I hope to make it to the desert for some photos, so get your fan ready for when I post those. ha

Ratty: I am learning to enjoy it out there too...I finally bought some snowmobile snowpants this year and they are so nice and warm! That along with my fur lined hat and although I am not a fashioneesta, I am finally warm out there. ha

Wanda: yes, I saw an ice lizard in that image too!

Insanity: SO glad you enjoyed them...I love ice formations and hope to snowshoe out to some more frozen waterfalls soon too to get some more.

Gaston: You know, we have a LOT less snow and ice here this year than usual....many years that entire bay by the lighthouse is frozen solid instead of those chunks of ice you see in the water in this blogpost.

DJan: thanks!!

Jientje said...

This took my breath away. This post has everything I would LOVE to photograph, the lighthouse, the icy walkway, the water, the icicles .... Beautiful.

sharon said...

How in the world did/does that lighthouse keeper do it??? I can't even stay away from Kroger for more than 24 hours!

The Retired One said...

Ashley: Yes, BRRRRrrrrr! :-}

Jientje: Thanks! I love the ice formations always, too!

Sharon: There is no keeper anymore, it is all done electronically,thank goodness!

Joanna Jenkins said...

These took my breath away-- WOW! The power of Mother Nature is amazing. Gorgeous shots.


Ann said...

Lots of PB&J!!! Wonder how many months it takes to thaw out?

SquirrelQueen said...

That is a lot of ice. The walkway to the lighthouse looks really slick, not a good time to be out there. I love the driftwood in the snow, something we rarely see here.

Jeanette said...

Looks very cold and treacherous..but gorgeous too!

The Retired One said...

Joanna: I am so glad you liked them..when I arrived there and saw the ice formations it took my breath away too!

Grannyann: It doesn't take long at all to melt...we get warm weather for a few weeks and poof it melts away!

SquirrelQueen: I love driftwood in any season, so it was a treat to see it in winter, especially.

Jeanette: oh, it would definitely be treacherous to go and try and walk out fact people have slipped off the walkway in high winds (withOUT ice) and died there....they have signs up not to go out on it in high winds or dangerous conditions because of this!

Anna Lefler said...

Gorgeous photos! But no way am I taking that plunge...

:-D Anna

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Joan, I LOVE that lighthouse. I've NEVER seen one on ICE like that before. That is awesome. In fact, all of the pictures are truly awesome... WOW!!

Lorac said...

I absolutely love these pics! Nice work, they really are great.

rainfield61 said...

He may have a cow in the lighthouse, but the milk may turn into ice as well.

The Retired One said...

Anna: nope, I never would either!

Betsy: Thanks so much...I pretty much fell in love with all that ice there too.

Lorac: Ice has so much beauty in nature!

Rainfield: Ice milk, yes!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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