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Monday, May 18, 2009

Be Careful What you Zap

Another interesting news story!:

WARREN, Mich. (AP) — The fluff was flying when police in suburban Detroit zapped a large stuffed cat with a stun gun while responding to an emergency call about a cougar on the loose.

A 911 caller reported seeing what looked like a cougar inside a piece of discarded drain pipe in Warren. Police zapped the cat with an electronic weapon on Monday, but they wound up with a bunch of fluff.

The Detroit Free Press reports the stuffed animal was apparently placed in the pipe as a hoax. The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens reports the caller said it was a 150-pound cat.

About 10 officers responded to the cat call. Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer says the department is "out there to keep the community safe."

1. They zapped a stuffed animal??? Is anyone else out there worried about this occurrence? I mean if they weren't sure what they were zapping, couldn't it just as well been a child in there?

2. You gotta hand it to the hoaxers....they reported something ridiculous which the police then believed?

3. A cougar? In Detroit? Oh, sure...I am positive their are cougars in Detroit, but they are the TWO legged kind!

4. TEN officers responded to the call? Isn't there supposed to be a police shortage due to budget cuts in Detroit? I bet a report of a murder or domestic assault would have taken over an hour and one cop showing up. But a cougar? Bring on the whole squad!

5. Why didn't they just use a cat scan? (sorry...I just couldn' t resist that one!)

6. If you have seen any of the sewers and drainage pipes in Detroit, not even a wild animal would go in or near one. Yuck!

7. Doesn't water conduct electricity (i.e. Taser vibes?) Did the police also get shocked when they caused the "fluff" to occur? I know the taser is not technically electricity, but water may conduct the energy from them?

8. I am so glad to know that the "community is being kept safe" now from all those roaming cougars (I mean stuffed animals). Some of them are pretty menacing. I would keep my eye on Elmo from now on. He might decide to hang out in a drainage pipe, threatening the community any day now.

9. What did the taser Officer say when he got home with his family?
Spouse: Hi, honey, how was your day?
Officer: Umm. Fine. But umm..lets not watch the 6 o'clock news tonight, okay?
Spouse: Why? Oh, and what is that stuff all over your uniform? It looks fuzzy?!
Officer: Well, I might as well tell will be in the papers tonight, anyway.
Spouse: Oh my goodness, what happened?
Officer: Well, this call came in about a cougar in a drainpipe and...
Spouse: A WHAT? A cougar? Oh sure, honey. What is the punchline? Surely this is a joke?
Officer: No. Not a joke. You see there was this call about a cougar in a drainpipe, so I went to the scene and got out my taser...
Spouse: Hahahaaaaa. Oh honey, stop! You got me giggling so hard I'm gonna have to go to the bathroom! You didn't believe there was a cougar in suburban Detroit did you? You wouldv'e heard it growling, right? Or Meow-ing? hahahaaa ...I'm cracking myself up here!
Officer: Well, the caller SAID it was a cougar and so I pulled out my taser....
Spouse: Oh, God. Don't tell me you taser'd something in the pipe? Oh my GOD...this is too funny!
Officer: Well, that's why I have all this fuzzy stuff all over my uniform....
Spouse: Oh God. What WAS it?
Officer: A stuffed animal...a stuffed cat....
Spouse: (crossing legs): Oh...bwahaaaaaa, haaaaaa, haaaaaaaaa.............Oh, and honey? We are having Frosted Flakes for breakfast tomorrow....gotta warn you that Tony the Tiger is hanging out on the box...better bring your Taser....hahahaaaaaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

10. I would love to have seen the 6 o'clock news. Or be in the police post the next day to hear the other officers tease the taser officer. Oh yeah...they are going to tease this one on him/her for years!!!


Lynn Kellan said...

Now here's a case of mistaken identity that was a "cat-astrophy!!"

The Retired One said...

Lynn: Ha ha ha! You are quick!

Ann said...

Very clever Lynn!!!! Someone didn't have enough to do so went looking for something of a prank to pull.

jessica said...

Hey, take it easy on us old cougars! There's gotta be a younger man somewhere who doesn't know that he's gonna be in my life, sometime.

The Retired One said...

Grannyann: You are probably right..I should give them a call and have them come clean out my gardens!

Jessica: I LOVE old Cougars...who else is there to teach them youngins what it is all about?

Wanda..... said...

You never know when it could be the real's new to our area but we have actual sightings...but I agree...that could have been a child.

Roshni said...

I sure hope she reacted like that so he would realize what an ass he was!!

Shelley said...

That stuffed kitty should've given them a little bite! Ha,ha,ha!! Wish it had been the kind of stuffed animal that makes noise when you touch it. Could you imagine their faces?! :-0

Fran Hill said...

Paws for thought in this cautionary tale; claws by claws it took me-owt of myself and now I'm feline great.

efaqffqaewfm said...

Hey! Hope you enjoy Angels and Demons :oD It was the National Geographic one that I entered. Their site is

Sharon said...

As happens so often when I read your blog, I am laughing helplessly. Thankfully, I peed before I sat down at the computer a few minutes ago.

dreamwalker said...

"Oh, sure...I am positive their are cougars in Detroit, but they are the TWO legged kind!" Ha ha ha...and poor stuffed animal...

Rick (Ratty) said...

The cops around here have zapped a lot more things than stuffed animals. Their favorite targets are innocent humans. As far as live cougars go(the four legged kind of course), I've heard a few feline roars in the woods at the back of my house. I don't know what made the sounds, and I didn't go to investigate.

Insanitykim said...

So where is the cougar now? In a stuffed animal sanctuary? Will a made for TV movie come out? I must know!

The Retired One said...

Wanda: Wow, where do you live? They say our woods might have some, but I doubt it.

Roshni: It would have been fun to be "a fly on the wall". ha

Shellmo: Now THAT would have been funny! Maybe it could break out in the "ABCDEFG" song! ha

Fran: You clever girl (and funny!) too.

VaBookworm: Just got back. We liked it. The ending was a bit of a surprise...we were trying to figure out who all the way through. Thanks for the lead on the photo contest...don't worry I won't submit anything now, so I won't be competing with you. And best of luck, you have some great talent!

Sharon: yes, always pee before reading blogs, or it could be dangerous!

Dreamwalker: I wonder which stuffed animal it was?

Ratty: That is interesting..growls? You never know what lurks out there!

Insanity Kim: T.V. movie? hahahahhaaaaaaaaa Maybe like Barney Fife??? (do you know who that was? He was a bumbling deputy on Mayberry, an old sitcom).

Unknown said...

What, they don't carry mag lights anymore?

The Retired One said...

Gaston: What are mag lights? You mean guns?? Yikes!

Bernie said...

I saw this on CNN and couldn't believe someone would take the time to fake such a scheme. Somebody has to much time with nothing to do.
Still enjoyed your account of it.
Have a great day my friend....:) Hugs, Bernie

Loree said...

I guess the poor officers needed their 5 minutes of fame...even though it was only a stuffed animal.

The Retired One said...

Bernie: Yes, someone had too much time on their hands!

Loree: That's the kind of fame they didn't need. :-D

melissa said...

and i live in the same part of the state. sigh.

The Retired One said...

Melissa: As long as you aren't a stuffed animal collector with one short. ha

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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