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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day Adventure

Even though Mother's Day was a few weekends ago, I wanted to post some photos I took that day.
My hubby was the sweetest. Not only did I get roses, but he asked what I wanted to do that day. I opted for a ride in the woods to see what I could photograph in nature, and then we decided to go out to dinner.

Here are some of the wonders we saw when we took our drive out in the woods:

I think these are called wild tree lillies, but I could be totally wrong! (If someone knows their name for sure, please let me know!):

We saw this awesome mushroom growing on this tree, too!:

A close-up of that yellow wildflower:

The little white wildflowers were all over the forest floor, too.:

Look at this awesome set of tree trunk roots beside this pond!:

I was finally able to sneak up on a turtle a little closer. But, at least 5 or 6 splashed away when they saw me coming, no matter how quiet or slow I tried to be!:

These little pinkish-purple wildflowers were all over the forest floor too. Anyone know the name of them? (I have GOT to get a Michigan wildflower book!):

Another close up of the yellow one...I loved the shadow it made:

We surprised this duck in a pond as we came around a road:

And we rounded another curve, only to be surprised by a little rock outcropping that had a set of waterfalls flowing over them. No one around. Beautiful!:

You know me. I couldn't end this post without a close-up of the rushing water over the rocks. Because I always have to take photos of rushing water!:

So, I had a wonderful Mother's Day, as you can see. Roses, nature and a steak dinner! Who could ask for more???


Sara said...

Wwow, what a great Mother's Day! You take such great pictures, they are so beautiful

grammy said...

You did have a great mothers day. The pictures are great. We drove up the Boulder canyon on Mothers Day and it was rainy, but took a few pics. If you go back to that day on my blog you will see a few pics. (o:

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

you can't see me? buy i am BOWING in AWE of those beautiful photographs. wow.


The Retired One said...

Sara: Thanks so much. It was wonderful taking them.

Grammy: Boulder Canyon sounds beautiful. Sometimes I like the look of things in the rain rather than the sun.

A Mouthy Irish Woman: What a sweet compliment. I had to bow to get some of them too. ha

Shelley said...

Your photos just get better and better if that's possible! Wow! That waterfall was a lovely discovery - is it far from your house! Those flower photos were outstanding - as always!

Rick (Ratty) said...

Looks like a great day! I really like turtles. I've seen one since I got my camera, but I wasn't fast enough. Those tree roots were interesting too. I always stop when I see stuff like that. There have been wildflowers sprouting up all over here too.

Census said...

What stunning photographs! Thank you for sharing them!

The Retired One said...

Shellmo: Wow. Thanks so much! The waterfall is only about 5 or7 miles from my house.

Ratty: I love the turtles too, but they scare SO easy! The tree roots and mushrooms are fun sources to photograph for me.

June: when did you change your blog name? Did you create another blog I don't know about? Because I haven't seen too many posts and was wondering why you weren't blogging much? Thanks for the nice comment on my photos!

Lynn Kellan said...

Terrific photos, Joan. The turtle's shell looks black and shiny as obsidian, and it's nice to see those flowers a-bloomin'!!

Carol said...

Your camera and you make everyday a little brighter. I am happy to know you for you make me smile.

Joy Tilton said...

These are so, so good! What a great day and just what you wanted...
joy c. at grannymountain

Nan said...

Love your pictures--so sharp and beautiful! I like the flower pictures, but am a sucker for mushrooms (fungi), tree roots, and moving water too.

Brittany said...

I can't get over how wonderful of pictures you take. Glad you had a good Mother's Day! You should have saved me some steak! =)

jessica said...

Got dinged by something. I repeat: White flower with yellow center: Bloodwort; Yellow flower: Trout Lily; Pinky-striped flower: Spring Beauty. Please --- just post this damn thing before I commit Blog-o-cide!

rainfield61 said...

Then I should greet you Happy Mother's Day.
Your have a giant awesome mushroom, I have not seen this size yet.
The rushing water is my favorite too.

Ann said...

I have never known a mushroom would grow on a tree like that. How unusual. More great pics.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I love waterfalls...especially unexpected ones!

The Retired One said...

Lynn: Thanks so much. Yes, I am THRILLED to see some flowers after our long, cold winter!

Carol: What a nice, sweet thing to say! I love taking the photos, so its a win-win!

Joycee: I love the closeups too, because even I (who saw the flowers in person) don't notice the detail until I look at the photos.

Nan: Glad I met all your likes...there will be more coming!

Brittany: I use the doggy bags for me. ha Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the photos!

Jessica: Thanks so much for their names...I will get my new book on flowers out and get their biological names too and then from then on, when I post their photos, I can let everyone know both their names!

Rainfield: Thanks! Loved the mushroom, too!

Grannyann: It was a whopper! They grow a lot in the woods here, but I haven't seen one that big in a while!

JJ: I do too! I am lucky that there are so many close to where I live.

Insanitykim said...

Camera envy.

Is that getting old? Anyway...

Sounds like you had a fantastic day! Wooohoooo!

Vagabonde said...

Your photographs are so beautiful, especially the flowers. I hope someday I can take good pictures like that, I hope.

The Retired One said...

Insanity Kim: Its okay to have camera envy. I love my camera but I am already thinking that when I learn more, I may take the leap into a DSLR or is it DLSR ...anyway, a larger zoom yet with manual settings....we will see. Hmmm....maybe mine will be for auction to get money. ha I really do love mine though, so it will be a long time.

Vagabonde: Thanks so much. The camera does all the work...I just adjust the zoom and find the wonders in nature. It is such fun, I am totally addicted to flowers, waterfalls and birds...just about anything in nature!

Polly said...

These photos are just beautiful! Makes me want to go out in the woods again ... it's been forever since I did that, but I love it. I always carried a notebook and pen with me and wrote haiku!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great Photos, I think you are a week or two ahead of us with the wildflowers! I love this time of year, maybe it is just the long winter, everything seems to come alive! I believe those are called shelf mushrooms, but I am not sure..we have alot of them here too..the mushroomers will be out hunting soon. That is a real art! :)

Samuel M. said...

I've stumbled through a lot of blogs with photography, but yours is easily some of the best. You have a good eye and a good camera (from what I can tell).

The Retired One said...

Polly: Then, take this as the universe's sign that you need to go back out into the woods, soak up nature and write some more haiku!!

Far Side: I love it too! We had a warm day yesterday (Thank goodness!) and the bugs are coming out a bit, but it was GORGEOUS.The Morel mushroom hunters are out here now. They are quite the delicacy.

Horatio: You are new to my blog! Welcome aboard!
Please go to my blog where it says "follow this blog" and click on to become official. I love new Followers and commenters! Thanks for the wonderful comments on my pictures..It is a new hobby of mine, and I am loving it. Go back a ways in my blog, I have a ton of pictures on past posts. I especially love bird photography, but anything in nature is game!

Anonymous said...

Hi! The first yellow flowers you posted are dogtooth violets, also called trout lilies. Here in my part of Illinois they are white, so it's interesting to see them in yellow. The wonderful little white flowers are bloodroot - one of my favorites! The little pink...or purple...or blue - I am colorblind! flowers are spring beauties. In the spring they just carpet the park where I go to take photos. The last little yellow flower... don't know! Hope you are well and still taking photos! Look me up on Flickr, biblestoryguy!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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