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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nests everywhere!

While walking the yard yesterday and checking out my gardens, I saw evidence of a bird building a nest in one of our birdhouses that hasn't been occupied before. Despite watching it for some time, I saw no activity. So, I will have to watch over the next few days to see what is having babies in there!

Then, I heard loud knocking and knew that we either had a Pileated Woodpecker or a Flicker near by. Imagine my surprise to look up to a tree and see a Flicker with its head peeking out of a hole in the tree! Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch her inside the tree hole, but did catch her beside the tree after:

And then, just a few feet from that tree, in a house rafter on a house that we are renovating (across the street from where we live), I saw this Mama Robin on her nest. She "froze" (probably hoping I didn't see her). I quickly took this shot, so I didn't traumatize her. I will be listening and watching for baby Robin noises soon. I checked this morning and she was still patiently sitting on the nest:

I am glad that there are birds so close to our house that I can keep my eye on the nests. It is very entertaining!


Stella Jones said...

What wonderful pictures. I don't know the pileated woodpecker. I don't think we have those in England, but it looks like a big bird? The robin's nest is gorgeous. Keep looking.
Blessings, Star

The Retired One said...

Star: The Pileated woodpecker is a HUGE black and white one with a red streak on its head...they are gorgeous, but they peck HUGE holes in wood. Once you see one, you will know what they are. But a Flicker is huge too. If you go back a few weeks in my blog, I have some fantastic pictures of a Flicker close up. One hit our window and we rescued him and got some great photos. He eventually flew off, good as new. Maybe that is his/her nest I saw?
They are gorgeous and full of color, so make sure you go backwards in my blog to find my post and photos of him!

Lynn Kellan said...

Great stuff - Can't wait to see photos of those little birdies.

It looks like the cardinals in our front yard are going to try again. They are building another nest. I'm surprised they're going to give it another go, considering their 3 little babies didn't make it a few weeks earlier.

Bernie said...

You know Joan that went throught my mind, how you had rescued that woodpecker and if it could be the same are really lucky to have so much nature around you and you capture it beautifully. Have a great day my friend...:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

Lynn: hope I can capture them. I don' t know about the Flicker babies, that hole in the tree is wayyyy up there! You have cardinals near you!! How wonderful. We have only seen one cardinal the whole almost-5 years we have lived here.It landed in our tree one time and never came back. I hope they build another nest so I can see them in your blog!

Bernie: We wondered too. Maybe we "bonded" with the bird and they now feel safe near our house?
I am very lucky to have nature so close to capture with my camera. You have a wonderful day too!!

rainfield61 said...

Do not know there are how many types of bird nest in their kingdom. It must be interesting to get to know this.

Rick (Ratty) said...

I had a chance to look at a birds nest complete with babies yesterday, but I had to pass it up. I was at my brother's house and I intentionally left my camera behind. My day off from nature. It's been driving me crazy ever since. And now after seeing your post I want to get a birdhouse.

The Retired One said...

Rainfield: It is very interesting..birdwatching is a fairly new hobby of mine...I am learning as I go!
You must have beautiful birds where you live!

Ratty: Darn! It would have made a great post. You need to go back and take a photo :-D
I find that birds make houses all over the place, not just in birdhouses, so keep looking during your trail hunts, you will find some more, I am sure.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How neat to find all the nests. I would love to see the Flicker in the tree, I bet that was cool! We have a family of chickadees in our yard now. A pair of wrens started nest is in 3 birdhouses, but decided to move on. I guess they were picky :)

Shelley said...

All these bird babies! I'm going to have to throw you a baby bird shower! LOL!! Very cute photos!

Ann said...

I have a bird house sitting on a post of my carport and I see this big bird dragging all kinds of stuff inside all the time. I don't know what kind he is but he or she is really busy. I added a couple of bird houses in hopes of getting some more.

Loree said...

Cute birds. I love hearing them sing. Not that we get much of a variety here but I'm thankful for every bird that I see. They are so free flying where they want to...or maybe they fly because they have to :)

Unknown said...

We always tons of nests in early spring as well; I'm now waiting to enjoy the 'second birthing' and sometimes, there's even a third!

Great pics.

The Retired One said...

Gardener: We have lots of chickadees here, but I don't think I have seen many wrens in our yard other than house wrens, who sing so pretty! I think it might be the house wrens that are building the nest in the birdhouse picture.

Shellmo: bird showers! That's cute! I hope we see the babies. The nests are all really high, so I don't think I can get a photo of any of them. We will see!

Grannyann: They are so industrious, aren't they? Sometimes I see them hauling these big branches and wonder how they can fly with them or get them in the tiny holes of the birdhouses.

Loree: I love hearing them sing too. We are slowly learning to indentify some of the bird's songs apart from the others. I think the feeling of flying must be AWESOME!

Gaston: They are busy, aren't they?

Brittany said...

Definitely keep us updated on what is having babies in there! I'm sure it'll be something amazing that you will brag about. Hmph. =)

The Retired One said...

Brittany: I hope I can find the babies to brag about but I don't think I can photograph them because the nests are so high in the trees....I don't want to fall off a ladder or anything!

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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