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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Blogger Password Definitions !!!

For those of you that have just recently joined my blog as a reader/Follower:

A while back, I thought that it might be funny if I could make up actual (equally stupid, but hopefully funny) definitions for those made-up crazy passwords that Bloggers have to type in when they leave comments on someone's blog, so I did a blog post with my definitions for them.

Because of the great feedback I got from my readers, now I keep track of the actual made-up passwords forced upon me when I want to leave a comment on someone's blog,--- save them up, and then regularly post my own definitions of them.

So here are the TOP TEN actual passwords (and my definitions) for this week:

1. Plizens: (Pronounced: Please-ins): Something Elli Mae probably said on the Beverly Hillbillies. "Jethro, are my short-shorts given you enough plizens?"

2. Ingoatin: (Pronounced: In-goat-in): This is when there is inner fighting amongst the goats on the farm. Farmer Brown lectured them, saying: "There will be no more ingoatin amongst you! I am having enough problems with those nasty roosters!" This can have a double meaning on farms...because it is hard to get the goats back in the pen. Farmer Brown has also been known to say: "Gol namb bunch of smelly, hairy critters!" (Note: Farmer Brown is getting a bit crochety now that he is getting balder, and fatter...not to mention since Mrs. Farmer Brown ran away with that muscular, tan farm hand.)

3.Berve: (Pronounced Burr-ve). This has two meanings. 1. When you are driving fast with your husband and he almost misses a sharp curve. You save time and instead of having to scream "You idiot, better watch out for the curve!" , you just shout out BERVE!!!! 2. The second definition is: combination Butt-head and Perve. Just call him a BERVE.

4.Mectol: The new miracle drug. A combination of Midol and Pepto-Bismol. You are having your period, and you don't give a shit. (And if your husband bugs you about it, well...he is just a BERVE.)

5. Canshi: (Pronounced: "can-she"): This is often asked by pimply, adolescent boys in locker rooms when they are comparing notes about which girls put out and which girls do not. When they see the girl later in the hall after this discussion, they secretly point at her and whisper to each other.."canshi?"

6. Lectized: (Pronounced: Leck-tyzed): This is a combination of lectured and criticized. What every teenager feels his/her parents do to them one hundred percent of the time.

7. Unisocty: (Pronounced: Uni-sock-tee): What you find in your washing machine every time you do a load of wash, silly! And, you always find them stuck to a T-shirt. (Where the hell DO the other matching socks go, anyway?)

8. Pygrinc: (Pronounced: Pig-rink): Two definitions: 1. Where pigs go to skate. (They have a little trouble seeing over their little pink bellies to tie on their ice skates, but the exercise is good for them). 2. Where Pygmies go to ice skate. They don't have trouble lacing up their ice skates, because they are so short.....but they don't like those fat, irritating pigs laughing at them.

9. Plabut: (Pronounced: Play-butt): Two defintions: 1.The new reality show at the Playboy mansion 2. Or Congress

10: Feari: (Pronounced: Fear-eee): Two definitions: 1. What the girls in the hall should be doing about the boys in the hall that are whispering canshi and thus should stay away from them 2. What is happening to most of us when we are watching the stock marketi.

Stay tuned for more definitions soon!!


Shelley said...

I need some of that Mectol! LOL!

Insanitykim said...

HAHAH! My fave is number 8; imagining the pigs at a skating party that was double booked with the pygmy's party...oh the mayhem!

Fran said...

Fantastic! I have fun speculating about the passwords now every time I have to use them. Will you just stop INFLUENCING my MIND?!!!!

The Retired One said...

Shellmo: Mectol was my favorite too!

Insanity: Pigs skating...I've had enough of that this winter..on to spring!

Fran: You will never think of the passwords the same way again.

Roshni said...

I love lectize!! I'm gonna say that to my son from now on: Hey! Come and get lectized!!

Kearsie said...


Also, it occurs to me that's what I always put on my comments "HAHAHAAHAH"

I actually do have a vocabulary. Promise.

Lynn Kellan said...

I love # 9 - Plabut (i.e. Congress). Today I saw this password: calypee. I got nothing. Caly pee? Ca lypee? That one makes absolutely no sense.

Your weather widget says it's 66 degrees in Michigan right now. Is that right?

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

That's a great idea! Hilarious!

J.J. in L.A. said...

These are great! 3 and (and especially) 8 are my favorites.

Ann said...

Mectol is my favorite also.

Rick (Ratty) said...

I would love to see a pygrinc. Pig and Pygmy skating could be the newest spectator sport. It could be a bigger hit than pro wrestling.

Loree said...

I loved Pygrinc. Totally hilarious...and now I need to get back to wo rk.

The Retired One said...

Roshni: I bet he would start using the same word and then others would, and before you know it, it would be in the real dictionary. ha

Kearsie: You could switch to heeeeheeeeeee...

Lynn: yesterday it got up to high 50's (59 I think) and today it is supposed to go to 63...then back in the 40's for two days. We saw 8 groups of geese flying north yesterday!!

Mary: Glad you liked it!

JJ: Those were fun! I don't always get words I can work with easily!

Grannyann: When I was younger, I could've used some.

Ratty: I think so too. Maybe someday I will get a word I can relate to squirrels. ha

Loree: Aw, No fun!

Alice said...

Hi! This is Alice from Wonderland (you know the one with ratty). I just wanted to thank you for the picture of your Florida dragon I really did love it so much I hope it didn't turn into dragon bones. If your dragon did turn into dragon bones I am not happy :( . But if your dragon didn't turn into dragon bones I am vary happy :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) !

Your Friend,

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Cannot wait to yell "you Berve" to the idiots driving like maniacs on GA 400.
Love to get my hands on the Mectol.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh thanks for the has been a day! I loved the pygrinc..makes some funny kind of sense to me! I love your sense of humor:)

Anonymous said...

Humorous post and your sidebar shows your great awards. Keep those wonderful entries coming...

The Retired One said...

Alice: Nice to hear from you!! I think the Flordia Dragon is just taking a vacation in the may hear from him again!

Dee=Zigns: They are all Berves. Mectol is needed for many women!!

Far Side: Thanks. I always have fun with those words.

A.J.: thanks!!! I have another two awards to post too...But I had to babysit my grandkids for 3 days and then I got sick...I think I have strep throat. I had chills all day today!!

Ed said...

All I can say is BRILLIANT!!!! I found your site from my retired mom Dibear...Great blog and photos..:-)

The Retired One said...

Ed: So glad you found my blog! Welcome aboard...I love to have Followers and glad Dibear showed you my blog!

Sharon said...

OMG, I've been laughing myself sick over these.
The one that made me helpless was Ingoatin', but Pygrink put me over the edge. Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

These word verifications could cause someone to start spelling wrong, I swear! I love your definitions. You could write a book on these!

The Retired One said...

Sharon: It has been so fun to try and think of definitions for those crazy words. Sometimes they are obviously funny and sometimes I have to stretch my brain for comedy with them!

DVM'S Wife: It may have already affected my spelling! Aren't some of them just plain weird??? I wonder who thinks them up? What kind of people are they? (And, do they have any job openings? Should I apply?)

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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