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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dumb Laws: A New Weekly Post

I recently saw a neat website where it lists dumb laws (still in effect) by state.
Upon reading them, I found them pretty interesting, so I decided that once a week, I will post them (along with MY THOUGHTS) on my blog.

So, here we go.

First state up: Alabama.

Dumb Laws in Alabama
(My thoughts are in italics)

1.Bear wrestling matches are prohibited. (Dang, there goes the entertainment at the Boy Scout camps this summer!

2. Dominoes may not be played on Sunday. (I wonder if strip poker is okay, then?)

3. It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church. (They can't be any worse than some of the toupees I have seen. Or hair weaves, for that matter.)

4. Boogers may not be flicked into the wind. (But on a calm day, have at it!!) (Maybe this can substitute for the bear wrestling at the Boy Scout camps then?)

5. It is legal to drive the wrong way down a one-way street if you have a lantern attached to the front of your automobile. (Don't tell your teenagers).

6. Masks may not be worn in public. (This must really put a damper on Halloween then?)

7. In Anniston, Alabama, you may not wear blue jeans down Noble Street. (Do the teenagers in Anniston KNOW this?) (Shall we all go and test this out? Wonder what the fine is?)

8. In Mobile, no person within the city may possess confetti. (Well, now for sure I know that Alabama is not a party state. Now, not only is there no masks allowed on Halloween in public, but now I can't throw confetti at the Bride and Groom. Gheeesh!)

9. In Mobile, ‘Spray String’ is banned. (See? Not a party state! You mean I can't use my can of spray string either???)

10. In Mobile, it is unlawful to wear women’s pumps with sharp, high heels. (Ok, this is going TOO FAR! Remember this on New Years Eve, ladies. Bring your tennis shoes to go along with your little black dress).

Stay tuned for more DUMB STATE Laws in future posts !!!!


Unknown said...

LOL, I love to read ridiculous laws still on the books and your comments are always so appropriate(ly funny!).

Can't wait to see what you have for Georgia.


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Those are hilarious!! Great idea for a post! Love the boogers in the wind law. I'll be sure to tell my husband.

Insanitykim said...

We need to ask Kearsie about all of this craziness since she lives there, and works for a law office...(do you think she hacked the system and made these up?? She HATES mustaches, confetti AND owns several lanterns...hmmmm....

DKG aka Scrappy Doo said...

If I lived in Ala I'd probaly be on death row for all the laws I have broken. Most of me and my hubbys Sat. night consist of bugger flickin and bear wrestling

Shelley said...

These are hilarious! A lot of kids would get arrested for the booger law I bet!
P.S. Like your new blog layout! And I love seeing those photos on your slide show.

rainfield61 said...

I can't understand for most of the items..
It's legal to drive the wrong way down a one-way street?? Who is the law maker?

Lynn Kellan said...

Dang, I kinda wish law #10 was in effect where I live. (I LIVE in sneakers.) Actually, maybe we do have that law! Who knows? I'll have to wait until you get to my state to find out!

Glad you're back on-line. I like your new blog format. Sexy!

Ann said...

There are some really funny stupid laws still on the books. I guess if we look at them like it was back then, they wouldn't seem so strange.

Kearsie said...

I am so going to wear a fake mustache to church this Sunday.

Roshni said...

great idea!! I'm really looking forward to your weekly specials!!

The Retired One said...

Gaston: I will be going alphabetical, so watch for your state coming up then!

Mary: Just don't be down wind!

Insanity Kim: They were still listed as laws there, so it will be interesting to see what she finds!

Scrappy Doo: I am jealous of those good times you had!

Shellmo: Thanks..I like it much better too. I will post some photos tomorrow and see how they look on line!

Rainfield: These are OLD laws that were on the books many, many years ago in our country, but often times they don't remove them..thus, they don't enforce them anymore either....that is why they sound so silly now.

Lynn: Man, my back wouldn't be suffering from years of having to wear heels at work. I love that law! Thanks, I love the new layout too!

Grannyann: Yep, I bet they made sense at some time!

Kearsie: Hey, once you are menopausal like me, you won't need a FAKE one. hahaaaaaa..

Roshni: I hope I remember to do them once a week. There are some silly ones out there for every state!! If I forget, remind me! ha

Unknown said...

And you wonder why they are called Rednecks down there!

Carol said...

I like the bear wrestling. Bummer, does that include bear hugs.

The Retired One said...

DVM's Wife: I am afraid there are plenty of rednecks up here, too! ha

Carol: I hope it does not include bear hugs, because I plan to keep on giving them out.

Anonymous said...

What? No dominoes?!

The Retired One said...

L: I KNOW! There ought to be a law!! (oh yeah, that's right...that's how this all started!)

Loree said...

Good gosh, those are weird laws.

The Retired One said...

Loree: They sure are. Some of the states have even weirder ones, you will soon see!

Joanie said...

I love reading all the weird laws. They just crack me up!

Fran Hill said...

Number 3 would worry me. Is it illegal for a woman to wear a fake moustache in church that DOESN'T make people laugh, ie, one that makes them draw back in horror or say, 'Oh my gosh, did you forget to buy your waxing strips?'

The Retired One said...

Joanie M: Me too! There will be more coming!

Fran: Forget the waxing strips, just shave it off. It's cheaper. ha God, I hate those little stray hairs! Better to sit in church and pray you get no more, right?

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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