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Friday, February 13, 2009

Time for Another Dose of Blogger Codes!

Well, since I wrote my blog post last week about all the goofy, secret made-up Blogger Code words that I have had to type in when I go to leave comments on other blogs, I got a lot of recommendations from all of you that I should continue on a regular basis with more definitions of the made-up words we all have to endure there.

So, being the sick Blogger that I am, I now keep track of all of those strange words I have been forced to use (so that I could help enlarge my Blogger Code Word Dictionary). Every single word listed below were ACTUAL blogger passwords that I had to type in before I could leave a comment on someone else's blog! (I didn't make a single letter in a single word up from the list below. Why would I need to when life hands you THIS kind of stuff?)

Here are the top ten words that popped up (along with MY Blogger Code Word Dictionary definitions):

1. Flize: What they call the little parasites on dogs in Belize. (Not fleas, but flize).

2. Whwoon: (Rhymes with Swoon). When things went wrong for Porky Pig on vacation. As in, the sunburn you got weally whwooned your way-ca-tion. (Woo Silly Wabbit).

3. inecesse: Like in the 60's...get your pipe, your beads and your musk-scented inecesse to burn in your inecesse burner. The other meaning: No, Judge, I didn't smoke any pot, I am one hundred percent inecesse. And by the way Judge, I suddenly got the munchies. Do you have any food under the bench there?

4. ingsh: What the illegal immigrants want the most to learn. I hear ingsh is the hardest language to learn.

5. Yephobed: A hooker who says yes to any thing you propose to do in bed.

6. winceme: (pronounced: Wince-mee): When you ask the yepobed for some saddistic moves. (Don't. Don't! Don't stop). You massodistic wimp, you!

7. Subalat: When you can no longer afford a latte, you order a subalat, which is just regular coffee with one creamer. (Damn this economy!)

8. Comerses: Commercials for a book of Bible verses. (also: where you go to get information about your dumb community: the Chamber of Comerses, silly!)

9. Micia: (pronounced: Mee-see-a): What an Italian kid says when he finds you when you play hide-and-seek.

10. Xerworke: What the employees do at the Xerox company.

There you have it in the wacky world of Blogger Code Dictionary. As I collect more, you will get more definitions for your collection.

By the way, they seem to be getting longer (more letters in the words.) Are they messing with me???


Insanitykim said...

Very nice!


A doctorate in the Tora...

Eh??? Eh???

Do I win a prize???

The Retired One said...

Insanity Kim: I LIKE it! Torafed? Maybe when K-fed marries Tora? Or maybe when you are really scared of bullfighting? (Tora, Tora, Tora + terrifed?) Funny girl!!

Aria said...

Great List as usual Joan! LOL I always say em out loud too, to see what they resemble, but I think I'll leave the definitions to you ;-)
ps. You've been Tagged (new one!) come by and see me...

And happy VD (that's Valentine's Day for those less twisted than myself ;-) )

The Retired One said...

Aria, You She-Devil, you: Yes, I saw your post and then saw you listed ME. Like I said in your post,now I gotta hose off the salt from the bottom of my purse (from it laying on this northern girl's car floor) and get a wide-angle lens so the entire damn purse fits in the picture frame! Hey, I LIKE your purse. Mine barely zips because I have so much crap in it. So, now...I have Purse Envy. (sigh)
Thanks honey!

Lynn Kellan said...

Hey Retired One,
I love this post! So clever! I love that you remembered these silly words and provided definitions for them.

Perhaps you'll come across one that means "Blogger who constantly takes photos at department stores."

Warmly, Lynn from forloveorfunny

The Retired One said...

Lynn: Oh, yes, I am SURE there will be one of those crazy made-up words coming along that will describe the store photo stalker! (Phostalkmart?) *wink*

hippo said...

Happy Valentine's Day The Retired One!

Rick (Ratty) said...

Ever since your first post, Ive been noticing these strange codes too. Somebody else told me they keep seeing obscene words in them. These codes are now starting to drive me crazier than I was before.:)

Loree said...

Really good post. Those weird words we have to type in are absolutely hilarious.

The Retired One said...

Hippo: Thanks, Hippo! Same to you (and all of my loyal, wonderful readers!

Ratty: Now I have given you the illness of checking the passwords...and I am hoping to see the obscene words soon (it will make for some better future blogs!) ha Sorry to drive you crazy, but (ahem) you MAY have had a little crazy before I planted that in your head...c'mon, I have READ your stories on your blog. (grin)

Loree: Thanks! I love it when life hands you free comedy to blog about. I will try and do some more as I collect them.

Ann said...

what a hoot. love your comments with each word. you have "the knack" rhymes with sack.

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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