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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Double Tagged!

Evidently, Pehpot over at Make or Break has been a busy blogger because she awarded TWO of MY favorite bloggers with "The Weirdest Tag" and then (being the playful She-Devils they are) they then passed the TAG on to me......

Both Sara, from the Breathing Post at and Aria at: have tagged me with "the weirdist tag". Here are the rules:

People who get tagged need to write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 or more people you know to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

So, first things first:

Six (MORE) Weird Things About Me:

1. Only the back of my hair grows well. My head will NOT cooperate with me. The back will grow some 4 or so inches and the sides and top of my hair (during the same time frame) will grow maybe 1/2 inch. Don't ask me! Maybe it is from all of my Charlie Brown moments where I hit my head against the wall.

2. In addition, I have a spot just in back of the crown of my head where my hair will not lay flat.
It sticks out like a little flap. I have visited no less than 6 different hair dressers to see if they can solve the problem. Some have thinned it there, others have permed it there, they have used mousses, hair gel (and I think one sneaked Super Glue on it!) and it will not lay flat for long.
I don't let anyone take pictures of me from behind. (Besides my ass is not camera-friendly, I do not care to be on Ripley's "Believe it or Not" or secretly try out for any circus openings, thank you very much).

3. My belly is EXTREMELY ticklish. I blame my parents. (WHO ELSE?). When I was a baby and older, they would play this game called "Bubble Bee, Bumble Bee" where they would circle their finger and rush towards my stomach area to tickle me with it. (It got a little old when I turned 40, and lets say a tad bit embarassing!). Anyway, to THIS DAY if anyone approaches my stomach area in any manner, I immediately assume the fetal postion laughing (and yelling at you at the same time) to STEP AWAY from my stomach. It has made for some real interesting Doctor's appointments. I made the horrible mistake of confiding this oh-so-revealing-vulnerable-secret-of-my-life to my husband, and of course he uses it against me at every possible moment! (Shit Head). I mean, how can you stay mad at a man when he comes at me with his index finger circling wildly and in baby talk says: "Here it comes...;Bumble-Bee, Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee..." God, I don't hate him anymore than at that moment. And the divorce court Judge just doesn't understand that this constitutes "Cruel and Unusual Punishment". (Second Shit Head!)

4. I am afraid of roosters and chickens when they are loose at a farm. We once used to go and buy fresh eggs at a farm and I got out of the car to go see the farmer who sold them and a few chased me, pecking at my ankles and feet. Its okay though, I giggle like Cruelle DeVil whenever I eat KFC and say: "Who is eating whose legs now..HUH?..HUH?????"

5. Although I got my driver's license, I didn't drive a car by myself until after we were married for about 2 years. My husband drove way out to a county road, turned off the car, got out, opened my car door, told me to get out and drive us home. I told him no. We sat there for some time and I was fuming. So I got out and said: "Fine!" and in a huff drove us home. I didn't speak to him for about two days. But.......after that, I drove myself where I wanted to go. I have never caused or been in an accident since then, and have been driving for 28 more years. (Oh, except a guy coming out of a side road slid on the ice and hit my car on the main road, but that doesn't count. He was at fault.).

6. When I had my first baby, I was in labor off and on for over 18 hours. Things had slowed down, so they told my husband (who was exhausted and had been awake for about 27 hours) to go home. They said they would call him if my labor started up again so he could come back for the birth. At about 4 in the morning, I woke up at the hospital in hard labor. I yelled for a nurse, I rang the call bell...nothing. I felt like pushing. Finally, I saw an orderly and I grunted out (like the girl in the Exorcist!): "I am going to HAVE this BABY RIGHT NOW! RIGHT HERE!". He turned white and said (you'll love this): "Can you hold it? We are delivering a baby in the back of someone's car. There is no one at the nurse's station!" I keep laboring and sweating and thinking I am going to deliver my own baby. Finally, a nurse comes in and says: "Oh Jesus, we will call your husband, you are having this baby in about 2 minutes!" She ran and got the gurney and off to the delivery room I go. My husband? They called him and evidently said I had gone back into labor, and that he'd "better come pretty soon." He thinks he has time, so he gets dressed and puts his contacts in (because he couldn't see worth a damn without them) rather than throwing on his glasses, and casually drives to the hospital, thinking I was still in my room (rather than the delivery room). He got there about 2 minutes after our daughter was born. I was still in the delivery room and she was fresh newborn, but he missed the actual birth.
At least, I wasn't in the back of a car.

So there you have it. Probably more weird than you could handle today.

Now for the Six People I am supposed to send it to?

I am going to be a rebel again and only name one. Because I find it better to focus on just one blogger at a time now.

I am going to notify: Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper at:

She has such a crazy life and finds the most hilarious way of describing her work life and family life that I think her six weirdest things about her will be quite entertaining. She uses some raw language, but I think it adds to her hilarious descriptions. (I just wanted to add that so that if you get offended by the F word or any similar expressions, I don't want you to be shocked.) She is hilarious, and yes, she uses colorful language. Go back in her posts a bit so you get the picture of her life. I spend one whole day reading her past posts and LMAO.

Thanks again ARIA and SARA.....I love all of your weirdness and your humor has brought a LOT into my life!!


Sara said...

That would make so mad. Being in a hospital ready to deliver and nobody is helping you! Was you husband bummed that he wasnt there for the actual birth?

I am also afraid of chickens and roosters when they are loose. Alos turkeys. A turkey chased me, it was scary!

Mevely317 said...

Hi R.O. !!!
I just spotted your "tease" over in Boobs/Injuries comments ... intrigued, I had to come see for myself .... and so glad I did; I love your blog!
I'll be back :)

Have a ridiculously-happy day!


Anonymous said...

Sara: Yes, I was mad. But I was so grateful that the birth went okay because she was almost a month premature and only 4 pounds when she was born! She turned out just fine! My husband was bummed and mad that the hospital didn't impress on him that he needed to rush to the hospital because I was already in the delivery room.
Wow, a Turkey chased you? Do you get nervous at Thanksgiving?

Mevely317: I am so excited that you took the time to come and view my blog from Boobs/Injuries/DrPepper site. Feel free to click on "follow this blog" on the upper left hand corner of my blogsite and become one of the crew. We have a good time with our comments! Thanks for reading my blog!!!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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