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Saturday, February 14, 2009


My She-Devil blogger friend Aria at:
has tagged me with a blogger tag that is one that could tell you a lot more about me than I probably would like. It seems to be a tag for just women bloggers, (but there may be a few men out there that are sporting man purses, you never know!)

The rules are:
1. Take a picture of the purse you are presently using. NO CHEATING...according to Aria, you cannot take a purse that is spiffy and cute that you keep on your shelf and use for only special occassions..OH NO. You must be honest and take a photo of the one you are using everyday, right now.

2. You must post the picture of your purse and tell us how much it cost, and where you got it and a little about it.

3. (MY added rule): You must also tell us a list of EXACTLY what is inside your purse at this very moment. DO NOT lie, and you MUST list EVERYTHING, no matter NOW embarrassing.

4. Tag another 6 of your favorite bloggers to do the same and list them on your blog. Then notify them they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

That's it.

Now dig out your mangey purse, with all its crap inside (including that crumpled up old condom package!) and get going, girlfriend!!

Here's mine:
I got it at (oh Shit, this is embarassing!) BIG LOTS on sale for $6.00. Actually, that is an upgrade for me. I got the one before that at GOODWILL. (What can I say, I am a bargain hunter). As you can see, it is too small for all the stuff I like to carry with me, so I can usually not zip it. But, it does have 4 compartments (which I like), including a front pocket where I can stuff my cellphone and keys into! I did have to wash the salt from this northern girl's purse bottom, because I usually sling it to the floor when I get in the car and it picks up the salt from our winter roads left over from the sander/salter truck!

checkbook, wallet, Tic Tacs, Aleve, envelopes of coupons (I told you I was a bargain hunter!), cellphone, two sets of keys, grocery list, eyeglasses, pill container with Tylenol in it, savings bank book, hair pick, nail file, lipstick, extra loose house keys. That is it. (Lucky for me I had cleaned out my purse ONE DAY before Aria's tag came in.) WHEW. Because there was a LOT of shit in it before that.....maybe even something dead. I am not sure.

So there you have it!

So here are my victims:

1. Aria: at you already did it, but now you must LIST what is inside your purse right now in your blog. (HA HA, gotcha!)

2. Pehpot: at

3. Brittany at:

4. Kearsie at:

5 Insanity Kim at:

6. Jess at:

You are it!!


Loree said...

Interesting tag. What is it with us women that we have to keep a bit of everything in our 'everyday' purse and then when we go out it is such an itsy bitsy little bag that it can hardly hold a packet of tissues?

Insanitykim said...

My blog roll is not updating the blogs like it should! Glad I am not patient enough to wait!

Woah...seriously...I JUST bought a new $60 purse on sale for a ridiculously cheap price...but it's in the mail...darn

Sigh...I will do this, with my old scary purse, but you may not see it until you get back from your long (jealous I am) fun vacation!!!


a "PHAT" (pretty hot and temping ant...or elephant...or Aunt...take your pick...

The Retired One said...

Loree: That is so true! I take a mini little bag and then FORCE my hubby to put my lipstick and wallet in HIS suitcoat. I envy men. They can go overseas and only carry a comb and money with them and feel perfectly fine about it. (Of course they can: they have us to store everything for them in our "break our backs" bags).

Insanity Kim: Can't wait to see your "old scary purse"! Liked the "phat" definition!

Aria said...

:-P Joannie! That's just mean... LOLOLOL For you, woman, anything... I'm updating in the other tabbie ~ just for YOU! It Must be Valentine's Day!!! tee hee! Happy Vacay btw, and, "Hi, Joan's Daughter!"

efaqffqaewfm said...

Hahahaha! Awesome :) You should never be ashamed to own a bag from a place like Big Lots... there are way better and more beneficial things to spend money on than a purse. I don't think I own a purse... I just carry a bag...

The Retired One said...

Aria: Thanks, I just visited your was WONDERFUL and funny! Thanks for playing along! I am "on the road" so will try and post later!

VaBookworm: Whew. At least now I have admitted in an AAA meaning. Hi, My name is Joan, and I buy purses at Big Lots".haha

jessica said...

Got tagged, huh? Well, I am in the middle of trying to pack up an f'ing-huge two-story house, before I can put it on the market. But in my "spare time" (huh?), I'll comply with your wishes, my majesty! Gotta dig out the camera and download a photo or two, and then.... Still missin' that FL/MN guy, but talked with him on the phone this afternoon. My god - I have no restraints anymore. Oh, my latest: I bought a bike (in spite of dumping that one a few weeks ago) and hope to tone up my thighs and butt. After all, I can at least HOPE that those parts of my anatomy will see some action in the coming months (uh-huh, uh-huh). Enjoy St. Pete and the places in between. I am green with envy.Look for an attractive woman sitting at one of those little gaming stations at the corner of the bar (Daiquiri Deck). That may be his cousin Keith's wife, Alicia. She LOVES playin' those games. --cuzzin Jess

Anonymous said...

Oh you wiley crafty awarder, you.

You waited until my purse was filled with trash and junk, stuff I am embarrassed to even have known I carry to award me this award.

Sigh. Ok, I will do it.

Also, I can't help it if my purse falls over and the zipper is open and all the trash blows away in the wind...

The Retired One said...

Jess: Hope the fact that you are packing up your house means that you got it sold??? Hope that phone call to your guy in Florida was not on a party line or phone sex....get ahold of yourself woman!!! You know your toned butt and thighs from that new bike are gonna look real good with fresh bruises! Well, you can play "connect the dots" with them at your next date with your guy!!! I will have to ask every woman at the Daquiri Deck if she is Alicia! (Hey,after a few margueritas, why not?????)

pehpot said...

thanks for the tag! by the way my blog is :)

Make or Break

The Retired One said...

Pehpot: Did I get it wrong? So Sorry! I will try and fix things by the time I get back for sure!
Thanks for reading and commenting,even when I am gone on vacation! I am in Savannah Georgia today!

Anonymous said...

geez I like that purse, wanna sell it? lol

The Retired One said...

Ms.Squeaky Wheel:glad you like my cheapo purse :-)
I think I will look at the flea market in Florida for a knock-off "designer" one so I don't humiliate myself any further. HA

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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