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Saturday, December 11, 2010


We are going to do MORE
with my COMMENTS
in bold italics!!

And what state? (you ask)

Well, we are going alphabetically....
and next up is:

 the great state of:


And, Maryland did not have enough stupid laws, so I had to look up what stupid laws there were in  Massachusetts too! 

But not to worry...Massachusetts had PLENTY of silly laws!!!

first things 


 In Baltimore:
1. It’s illegal to take a lion to the movies.
 I am sure this has to do with MGM...they'd get very jealous if your lion was prettier than their trademark...and then there'd be all that roaring back and forth from the beginning of the MGM movie and YOUR lion...and you don't want to get your lion all upset in the theater.  Besides, can  you imagine the size 
popcorn and pop you'd have to get for your lion? I suppose he'd demand an aisle seat...and as you know, if your lion wants something, he GETS something...I'm not lion.

2.  It is a park rule violation to be in a public park with a sleeveless shirt. 
And, you can see why  by the picture. I mean it would scare little babies and dogs, and make old ladies cry.   All those armpit hairs hanging out (not to mention other parts of the anatomy).  So all you "wife beater" shirt owners...keep them in your closet if you plan on visiting a public park. Gheesh!
(Then again.....I  think there are times when the city might want to make an exception now and then):

 3.  It’s illegal to throw bales of hay from a second-story window within the city limits.
That could be dangerous!  What if you knocked someone out? Would that cause a roll in the hay?

4. In Baltimore City:
You may not curse inside the city limits.  
                                                    What??? Well,  that is just f***in' ridiculous and  they can just  **&%^$#/ and ^%)

5. In Rockville:
Persons may not swear while on the highway.
What??? Well, they can just (bleep) and (bleep) and if the highway is outside the city, then that is TWICE they can't (bleepin') swear!! That is ?>%$^&*^ unfair!!


1. It is illegal to give beer to hospital patients.
Now that is ridiculous. How ELSE are they going to produce all those urine samples? And pass gas?  And be happy? I know for a FACT that their patient satisfaction survey results would turn out a thousand percent better if they allowed this!

                                   2. Candy may not contain more than 1% of alcohol. 
                                     Well! How ELSE are you going to make the kids
                                      happy and jolly? Candy is dandy, but liquor is

 3. At a wake, mourners may eat no more than three sandwiches.
 We don't want anyone ELSE to die, especially of obesity, right? And if it is Gerald and it is sub sandwiches, well, that would darn right blow that entire ad campaign for his losing all that weight, and we can't have THAT.  Besides, we don't want to have all that ONION smell when they are crying and wailing over the coffin.......


          4. Snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked.
I LIKE this law. But it should be tweaked. Snoring should be allowed outside by the SNORER and all bedroom windows can then be closed and securely locked so the rest of us can sleep!!  


 5. An old ordinance declares goatees illegal unless you first pay a special license fee for the privilege of wearing one in public.
I say, charge every goat about $10.00 and then men can wear one for free!
Only cute young guys....(the old geezers can all enter Col. Sanders contests and then be made to shave them off. )

6. Taxi drivers are prohibited from making love in the front seat of their taxi during their shifts.
That would be a good is hard to reach the shift knobs with all that going on.  Besides, would he know what to charge for, ummmm...the RIDE????
And the windows get all steamy and how is he going to see to drive???

7. All men must carry a rifle to church on Sunday.
 That is ONE way to make sure people add money to the collection plates! 
And, they come in handy for those shotgun weddings.


                                                                        8. Hunting on Sundays is prohibited. 
                                                                          Except in church, evidently. 
                                                                           (See No. 7 above)

9.  It is illegal to go to bed without first having a full bath.
 I like this law....!!   Although all those morning showerers aren't going to like to have to bathe twice in 24 hours!

                                                  10. A woman can not be on top in sexual activities. 
                                                         Oh, have no idea how
                                                         many people you are going to have to arrest!


11.  No gorilla is allowed in the back seat of any car.
 YOU tell my Mother-in-Law, (my back seat driver) that. (old joke)


                                12. Children may smoke, but they may not purchase cigarettes.
                                  How wonderful for their health! But we don't want to 
                                  endanger them by exposing them to those stores, now do 
                                  we? (I am sure they changed this law by now! Let's hope!)


 13.  Quakers and witches are banned.
So, they equated Quakers with WITCHES???
Is that like comparing Republicans with Trolls and Democrats with Gremlins?


                                                                 14.  Alcoholic drink specials are illegal. 
                                                                  Now THAT is downright
                                                                 UN-American. And, it will be a LOT
                                                                 harder to pick up women in bars. Just

In Boston:
15. It is illegal to play the fiddle.
 Well, I guess that is better than if they passed a law that you can't "fiddle around" in Boston?! 


                                     16.  Two people may not kiss in front of a church. 
                                      Not even a bride and groom?? Gheesh! So much
                                      for good luck and good wedding photos in your
                                      album. Isn't God all about LOVE anyway?

 17.  No more than two baths may be taken within the confines of the city.
 OH Lord, there is going to be some body odor goin' on there! What do they do? Have a BATH lottery? 
What happened? Did someone forget to pay their water bill?
And what about #9 (above). I thought they couldn't go to bed without a full bath? So they are all pulling all-nighters except the two that won the bath lottery? Gheesh!
You are going to see a lot more people taking metal tubs out to the city outskirts and bathing there...wait...that must might be FUN!!!


18.  No one may cross the Boston Common without carrying a shotgun in case of bears. 
Well, if they'd let people BATHE more often, the smell wouldn't be attracting
all those bears, now would it?
I hope Smokey the Bear is exempt!  And what if it is Sunday...they aren't allowed to hunt then!


 19. Anyone may let their sheep and cows      graze in the public gardens/commons at any time except Sundays.
On Sundays, the bears get the gardens to themselves, evidently. Oh, and watch for cow patties with those shiny sunday shoes, ya'll.  (And be especially careful if they are made of LEATHER! The cows will SEE and not be happy!


                                                20. It is illegal to eat peanuts in church.  
                                                Boy, there sure are a LOT of rules about
                                                what you CAN and CANNOT do on Sun-
                                                days or in church...or even outside of the
                                                church.  No wonder church attendance is
                                                going down...(especially because of that 
                                                 no-more-than-two-total-baths thing)...They
                                                 best be prayin' to repeal that law!

 21.  Duels to the death permitted on the common on Sundays provided that the Governor is present.
 With THIS economy, depending on his/her political affiliation, it may be the GOVERNOR who is challenged to a duel.
And, whoever is dueling, they gotta be dodging all those sheep and cows at the same time. Oh well, if they accidentally stab one, it's community picnic meat-buffet time!   And all those people carrying guns (in case of bears) can help too.  Besides, since hunting is illegal on Sundays, how else are they going to get MEAT to eat?


22. Women may not wear heels over 3 inches in length while on the common.
 Well, of course not....all those sheep droppings and cow patties, and bears chasing one will be safe!  Although, they could save a TON of money on aerating their lawns now, wouldn't they?

23. No one may take a bath without a prescription.
 Now wait just a dog-gone minute!  First you say you can't go to bed without first a full bath, then you say that only 2 people at a time can take a bath in the city limits, and NOW you also need a PRESCRIPTION to take a bath????  I'd say this state has ISSUES with taking a bath!!!!  Yup, take two aspirin with a full glass of water, before meals with a bath. That will help you handle all these crazy bathing laws in Massachusetts.  Freud would have had a ball figuring out who made up all these crazy laws!

24.  In Hingham, you may not have colored lights on your house if it can be seen from Main Street.
 Well, it's good to know where the Grinch's home state was....evidently it was Massachusetts.  We can't be having anyone seeing your Christmas lights from Main St., now can we??  Poor Cindy Lu Who!


25. In Longmeadow, It is illegal for two men to carry a bathtub across the town green.
 SEE??? SEE what I mean about the bath fetishes in Massachusetts?
Of COURSE they are going to be trying to sneak in bathtubs...they are trying to get a bath, for cripe's sake!!  I say...let's have that duel and duke it out so we can finally take baths in Massachusetts! Whose with me????!!!!!

                                                              In Malboro:
                                      27. It is illegal to buy, sell or possess a squirt gun. 
                                       How ELSE are they gonna get clean????

28.  Silly string is illegal in the city limits.
Ah, shucks...since you can't have much fun on a Sunday in Massachusetts I was hoping you could at LEAST do that!

                              29.  One may not detonate a nuclear device in the city.
                               Well, let's hope NOT!!!! They needed a special LAW
                               on this one??? Why? Was the local hardware store
                               running a special? I'd say there more have been 
                               going on than just bathtub issues in that state....

30. In Newton, all families must be given a hog from the town’s mayor.
 Mighty neighborly of them...besides that way, it smells even WORSE than the non-bathing residents and will serve as a cover for the human 

31. In North Andover, an ordinance prohibits the use of space guns.
Alrighty then.....
Again, I ask, why did they see a NEED to pass this law?
First you can't have a nuclear device and now no space guns?
Do the Aliens KNOW this? 

32. In Woburn, in bars, it is actually illegal to “walk around” with a beer in your hand. 
 So much for the entertainment !
Besides, how are all those men going to carry my drinks to my table when I visit Massachusetts then?
I have a hankering to visit a place that won't let me bathe unless I win the bath lottery and get a prescription for one, and if I DO...I'm gonna need a beer or two brought to me!!!!


Pearl said...

What a wonderful country we live in!


Tracy said...

hah, perhaps spending all this money on nonsensical things they could focus on these stupid laws...When was the last time you used YOUR space gun?

Mellodee said...

The laws are really funny, but your comments, my dear lady, are HYSTERICAL!! Great post!! LOL---all over the place!

Rick (Ratty) said...

Massachusetts sure does have a lot of those crazy laws. I always try to imagine what went on for anyone to make some of those laws. I don't like the idea of guns in church and shotgun weddings though. I narrowly escaped one of those one time. I thought I was caught in an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies.

Amy said...

oh my, i laughed so hard my husband asked me what in the h##$ i was reading...i had, love, love these! on a side note, maybe Pigpen was from Massachusetts?

Unknown said...

Oh, My! What a panic! I've never seen so many crazy laws!!!! lol

MadSnapper said...

more proof of my belief that this World Has Gone Totaly Crazy

Bossy Betty said...

I am all for the Sleeveless law. The others, well...I agree they are a little crazy!

Shelley said...

These are hilarious! I'm sure my hubby would like the one about being able to bring his gun to church - lol!! We just drove home from the cabin in the blizzard conditions - tons of snow in Gaylord! Wish we hadn't had to leave. Hope you're staying warm in your cabin!

Ryan said...

Lol superb post, no alcohol in hospitals? There goes my IV drip.

LatteJunkie said...

The heels rule makes sense - you can't run in them and how are you going to run away from the duels on a sunday?

LOVE this list!

Paz said...

love those strange laws, heres two from this side of the pond, In Trinity college in Dublin the by-laws state that it is illegal for a student to walk through Trinity College without a sword.But the students can demand a glass of wine at any time during an exam, provided they are wearing their sword.

CrazyCris said...

oh my! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!! your comments are priceless! :o)
and I'm posting this to my Facebook! :p

Unknown said...

Try living in MD, as do we.
Christmas hugs & wishes ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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