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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter This and That....

When we headed out to get those waterfall and ice formation photos
(see yesterday's post and the day before, below this post)
we went for quite a long drive.

Part of the fun of looking for photos on drives is that you never know what you may run into
that will be a photo opportunity.

It is like a huge treasure hunt!

For instance,

Oooooo, his BLUE EYES!!!

Did you SEE THEM????


Okay, here is another chance:

My husband, (silly man!) didn't want me to get his picture.

You see, his little pen was right beside a house.

There were cars at the house.

Which meant his mommy and daddy were probably at home.

Not expecting some crazy lady to pull up
aim a camera at their beautiful baby boy.

But, you know ME!!!!!....

I mean....

did I mention his blue eyes yet????:
It took me a while to get over my crush on him.


I was still trying to snap pictures of him from the car window
as my husband pulled away....
nervously looking at the house to see if they were looking out their windows yet...
calling the police.....

We didn't get arrested, so I guess they didn't notice.

I wouldn't have cared...because I would have shown them the pictures
and I am sure the officers would have understood.

As soon as they saw his BLUE EYES!!!!

So anyway, we drove on and before long, there was pretty scenery to be had:
A train trestle over a river...
I loved it.

The day before our trip out to the woods we got more hoarfrost!
(Pictures will be forthcoming in another blogpost, not to worry!)
I got a photo of this plant, all frosted up, nice and pretty!:

Then, a funny thing happened on our way out in the forest.

As we were winding our way down a barely-plowed logging road, I turned to

my husband and said:

"Honey, do you often see partridge in the middle of winter?"


He is blurry I know.
The trees are clear, but the bird is blurry.
But I had to hop out quick to try and take him, and of course he ran for cover.
But we were laughing so hard in knowing I had JUST asked about seeing any and there he was!

I know.
I am an awesome "Bird Whisperer".

Before we left home, we had a gigantic icicle hanging on our house too:
Where was I?
Boy, today, it is hard for me to stay on track, right?
Winter does that to me.

Back to my story.
When old blue eyes was discovered (yes, I am back to talking about him, I can't help myself),
he was in the horse pen with an older horse too:

He looked old, and tired (see his red eyes?) but still, I had to take his picture.

Because I love any animal that is outside in our winter!

Like HIM.

Did I mention HIM yet?:

You never know what winter will provide for you here.
Like this AWESOME winter sky at the end of the day:

Or this bright sunny day scene:

I hope you loved the tour with me.

And, if you really want me to, I could maybe give you directions on how to find blue eyes on your own......

But you will have to nudge me over, because I will probably be there again, aiming my camera at him.

Just ignore my husband beeping the horn and waving at us to get back into the car before the owner's call the cops...

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Rick (Ratty) said...

I love the horse photos. The rest are nature, and I always love those, but the horses are special right now. I came very close this week to posting some old horse pictures I have. Very many people around me have horses, but they keep them hidden in the back, so I only get a few fleeting glimpses.

DJan said...

Ol' Blue Eyes is quite a handsome horse, all right. I love that sunset picture. Great camera you've got, Joan.

rainfield61 said...

The blue eyes baby....

The gigantic icecle...

The winter scene...

You have a good day.

Unknown said...

What a good way to spend your day! Those ponies are too cute.

The Retired One said...

Ratty: I was so surprised to see him..we don't have a lot of people here that raise horses.

DJan: Thanks...the camera is a great tool for any wanna-be artist. ha

Rainfield: I loved catching them all on camera!

Ashley: It was a wonderful day, thanks!

Pearl said...

Now why does your winter seem so much prettier than mine?!


Unknown said...

Love that brown and white horse! So beautiful.

CiCi said...

I was scrolling down the post and then WOW the horse with the BLUE EYES jumped out at me. I know how you must have felt when you were there in person, the coloring and the BLUE EYES are awesome.

Jeanette said...

Your pics are beautiful as usual. And even though Mr. Blue eyes was gorgeous, I just want to hug the old tired eyed horse! Think they would mind if I did?

Anonymous said...

the horses sure have winter coats!!! I LOVE horses; they are one of the prettiest creatures God has created. The other shots are wonderful too, but I'll stick with blue eyes!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

oooh just spectacular photos....
I think the horse is a Pinto, and they usually have one blue eye and one brown.
I am in awe of your photography, especially the views from high up in the woods, viewing the railway tressle, just fabulous.
I could feel myself kissing the muzzle of both those horses, so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Loved the tour and the blue-eyed horse is just awesome. I can see why you wanted to get pictures.

Brian Miller said...

wonderful blue eyes...and the look down at the creek from it. would love to be out in it today actually.

Shelley said...

I love your blue eyed friend!! There's a farm I drive by that has a bunch of wonderful horses that I love to photograph. It makes me want one (which drives Greg crazy and makes him say no way in heck! ha,ha!) ENjoyed all your photos! Are you getting fresh snow this week?
P.S. We are going to be up there for a week in March - we'll have to coordinate getting together! I'm still trying to find time to blog - the schoolwork is still crushing me!

Kearsie said...

You will know if Blue Eyes' owners called the po-po on you if you see a weird call into the newspaper...wouldn't that make for a great post?

Bernie said...

A great photographer who has ESP, what a friend I have....
Loved blue eyes and even the tired red eyed horse and I noticed how well kept they were. Another great post my friend....:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

Pearl: I imagine the scenes on the bus aren't nearly as pretty...ha

Eva: He was gorgeous. Thick, thick mane and his eyes..oh yes, I guess I did mention his eyes once, hmmm? ha

Technobabe: Exactly what happened. And then, my husband said: "hon, its right by a house...we can't stop!" and I begged. ha And he did.

Jeanette: I wanted to get closer to them too, but had to take these from the road with my zoom, because my hubby was afraid the people in the house would get suspicious of what we were doing. ha

Cathy: I don't know horses much, never been around them growing up...but I know they are highly intelligent and always think they look gorgeous.

Brit: I wish I could've gotten closer to pet their nuzzles, but my hubby was too afraid the owners would get upset with us. ha

SouthernLady: My husband always shakes his head over what I love to stop and photograph....but things just strike me and I HAVE to! ha

Brian: I loved it there and that day it was beautiful and sunny and in the 30's! Today it is only 1F degree!!! But the good news is that the Ortho Dr. said today I could go without my boot cast now and see how it hopefully I can get out in the woods again soon for more pictures.

Shelley: Woo HOO! Yes, when you pick your dates in March, let me know and we will meet up..that would be SO MUCH FUN!!! If you ever come near Marquette, let us know too..we are close to there and could meet up with you there too. It is time we meet. I think of you often and wish you all the luck in the world with your schooling...I went back to college when my kids were in gradeschool (when I was in my late 30's). I think back on it now and wonder how I did it. ha

Kearsie: I never thought about THAT...yes, yes it would! I better watch the reports for a few weeks. ha

Bernie: You are so cute! Seeing those horses was such a nice surprise. You should have been in the car with us Bernie, you would have laughed at me begging my hubby to turn the car around for a photo opp and him afraid we'd get arrested. ha But as usual, he indulged me.

Ann said...

You have a "eye" for the neatest pictures. I love to see what you have taken everyday.

Sara said...

I have never seen a horse with such beatiful eyes before, I kept going back to those pics and than I had to show the hubby!

Have a great night

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Joan, I love Little BLUE Eyes. What a gorgeous one!!!!! I'll bet you do go back for more pictures... Maybe ---it's love. Do you think??? Is your hubby jealous??????

Love the picture of the trestle also. I grew up in Southwest Virginia --and my Dad worked for the railroad. I love the old trestles there. Your picture brought back memories.


Loree said...

Oh those blue eyes. I thought at firs that you had edited the pictures. He's just gorgeous.

The Retired One said...

Grannyann: thanks so much! I love "hunting" for photo treasures.

Sara: Thanks! I thought his eyes were SO striking!

Betsy: No, my husband was mostly nervous. ha He was so worried the people would come out and ask what I was doing. I told him, so, I will just tell them I have a blog and am taking pictures of their horse..they might like it! ha

Loree: Nope, his eyes were really that blue. He is amazing! I may have to go back in the spring and take more photos of him. I will leave hubby at home. ha

Ginnymo said...

That horse is just beautiful!! never saw a blue-eyed horse before. I used to love stopping in the country to take pictures of horses and cows. I feel sorry for that old horse though. Poor thing is probably cold. But I guess they are used to it. I always think of all the wild horse that have to go through winters and have no humans to feed them. You take such beautiful close ups of everything. Love this post Joan!! Love all of them!!

The Retired One said...

Ginnymo: Thanks so much! I loved seeing those horses out of nowhere when we were going down the road.

SquirrelQueen said...

Wow, those eyes are an incredible blue. I don't remember ever seeing a horse with blue eyes before. I can see why you kept taking photos of that pretty boy.

I took a few days off and now I catching up on all your wonderful photos. Did I mention I love those blue eyes.

Jientje said...

Some time ago I was taking pictures of an old house that looked kind of deserted when the door swung open and the lady (a very old ugly lady) stepped outside and chased me away, scolding and waving her fist at me! I was cursed for the rest of the day. It started to rain and I was done picture taking for that day. We had to return home! I did not get arrested but I did not get to see such gorgeous blue eyed boy either!!

The Retired One said...

SquirrelQueen: Yes, wonderful blue eyes on that boy!!

Jientje: Oh my goodness, that was my husband's greatest fear..that someone would come out and holler at me for taking the horse pictures. ha

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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