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Friday, January 15, 2010

Florida Vacation Photos: Part Thirteen

Today's post will be a lot like yesterday's post
because I took a lot of closeups of the blue heron and beautiful white bird
at the bird sanctuary.

So, humor me, please???

(Don't worry, it is a shorter post, with less photos.
But I couldn' t NOT show them to you).

Like this one. Where you feel like you can just reach out and touch this blue heron's feathers!:

Or, this one.
Where you feel like you can almost brush his long feathers:

Here is the same bird, but the shot was taken a little further back:

Look at his little blue bird head and the feathers in his beak!:

If you look back up at it, he has a little "waddle" under his chin.
Hmm..perhaps a little chin tuck could take that up for him.
Or, I guess he could wear turtlenecks.
(That works for ME).
(Except for when the hot flashes come).

Oh, never mind, this one has the solution!
Just tuck your head under your armpit!:

Not only is it adorable, but it works to tuck in the waddle.

Or, dye your hair snow white, get it cut in a mohawk with long, flowing locks on the side!:

Or get a neck stretch, as this one apparently must have:
Even if they look like plates all the way up the neck...

Isn't he spectacular???

It's decided then.
When I come back in my next life, I will be a tropical bird.

The climate is great...and I like fish....
and I know there will be some crazy lady always aiming her camera at me
and telling me I am beautiful!


A New England Life said...

I can't say enough good things about this post. Excellent Joan, just excellent!

Wanda..... said...

I commented yesterday on how you were spoiling us Joan with all these beautiful photos, but I don't see it in the previous post.
You do have the most wonderful photos!

The Retired One said...

New England: Thanks so much!

Wanda: Your comment is on the post below..I just read both this morning and ok'd them to print. Thanks so much for the nice feedback on the photos!

Unknown said...

I never tire of your beautiful photos!

Kearsie said...

You are making me take a second, closer look at birds. Literally and figuratively. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos -- and spectacular rare birds! Thanks for the smiles you brought to me in cold Michigan today!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I can understand why you want to post these pictures, Joan. They are FABULOUS.... Love the heron--but I truly love them ALL.

Brian Miller said...

i wonder if he was checking to see if he put deoderant on this morning. probably has a hot date with the gorgeous white

i'll take pics of you in that next life. smiles.

grannyann said...

These seem to have personalities like grumpy old men. I mean their faces look like a grumpy old man. They are beautiful but look closely at their eyes and faces and that one with the weird beard.

Bernie said...

Gosh I felt like I could reach into my computer and stroke these beautiful feathers....these are so clear and crisp...amazing. Have a great day.......:-) Hugs

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very nice bird looks so summery and sounds like you had a great time:)

Unknown said...

Great pics Joan. They look just spectacular....:)

SquirrelQueen said...

I'm beginning to run out of adjectives to describe how much I like these photos. Beautiful, gorgeous and wow!

The Retired One said...

Eva: So nice for you to say!

Kearsie: They are so fun to will love it!

Cindy: You are most welcome! I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it is cold here too!

Betsy: Thanks so much. Yes, I will miss not seeing the tropical birds now that I have posted all the photos.

Brian: Its a deal..but make sure I comb my feathers first.

Grannyann: I know! I saw that too!

Bernie: thanks! We are visiting my daughter in Wisconsin...and did I tell you I fractured my right foot? On a treadmill, no less. So now I have a soft removable cast and am limping is going to put a crimp in my photography for a few weeks. Dang!!

Far Side: We really did..the weather could have been better, but oh well, at least it wasn't snowing!

Mr. Stupid: thanks so much!

SquirrelQueen: Those are great adjectives to hear, thanks so much!

Bernie said...

Joan I am so sorry to hear about your foot, I fractured my left foot 2 years ago and it wasn't any fun at all, please take care and wear your soft cast, it is important so that your foot will heal properly, I need a pin in my foot but being diabetic we are waiting for my other infections to heal before attempting anything on an extremity....luv you....:-) Hugs

Jientje said...

I'm having a hard time trying to decide what I want to be in my next life, a tropical bird and chit chat with you, or the crazy lady trying to take pictures of you? Hmm?

The Retired One said...

Bernie: quit hurting now at least and the soft cast really helps when I walk about. I am upset because I was planning on going on snowshoes this week to capture some winter scenes in the woods...I will have to be patient and go a few weeks later than planned.

Jientje: Haha...choose the bird could fly then. Wouldn't that be awesome?

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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