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Monday, January 19, 2009


Brittany, at The Greer 5 ( has tagged me in my own game!

So, I checked with her (because I am still new at this!) and she states that now I must name 7 more things about me and name 7 more people to award for great blogs! Okey Dokey.

Here goes!!

7 more things about me:

1. Yep, I AM a list-maker. Always has been. I even bought a note pad that had lines to make a list (like post a notes). Yikes! I should make a list on how I make lists?

2. My natural hair started turning gray when I was around 18. Therefore, I have had it colored since then. It runs in our family.

3. I have Fibromylagia. It is a very frustrating syndrome where you can feel great one day and hurt like hell the next day. Not many meds. help except maybe Naprosyn.

4. I have a tattoo. (Small one on my ankle that I got when I turned 50 as a celebration). Watch out when I turn 60. Woo-hoo!!

5. I live in a log home on a beautiful inland lake in Upper Michigan. I know, I am blessed.

6. I love to fish.

7. I hate any food with nuts, peanut butter or mint in them. (The mint thing is problematic when I pick out my toothpastes.)

Whew! probably know more about me then you ever wanted to know.

Now for EIGHT more great blogsites you should check out:

Hope you all can take a few moments to visit these sites above...they are wonderful and I read them everyday!!


Aria said...

And you've got another one waiting for you over at my site... You've got a huge case of blogger love going on, Joan! Congrats Lady!

Insanity Kim said...

ahhh thank you for the tag! I will use it wisely, and as soon as I can think of 7 things that are interesting about me...which might take a while!


K2Comfort said...

Wow, what an honor! I would like to thank my fiancee...and my pets...and, well, ummm, Blogger I guess...and, oh, of course, The Retired One!!! Without them, this never would have been possible! Cheers everyone!

Oh, and Retired One, could you please change our site to think the link you have up on there is an imposter (and hasn't posted since 2002...LOL).

Sara said...

Thank you for the tag! I am trying so hard to think of 7 things about myself!

Sara said...

Thank you for the tag award. I am still new to this. For my 7 blogs I pick, can I pick people I picked for the Honest Scrap or do they have to all be fresh?

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Congrats on the award!
I have trouble with mint too. Check out GC Tooth Mousse Plus. I use the strawberry flavour, it also comes in melon and a couple of others. Don't know if it's available where you are.

Lynn said...

Thank you, Joan, for the award! I'm delighted!

The Retired One said...

K2: I revised the imposter? Well, you tell us what to do, and we will take care of THAT!!

Sara: If I have to suffer,so do you(ha!) If you can, you have to name 7 fresh ones...if you don't know 7 new ones, you'll have to surf to find them or just list the ones you know that haven't been named yet (even if less than 7)

Jan: I will check out those toothpastes in my area...who knew? (But of course, we are pretty rural, just got soda pop other than Coke and Pepsi last week! (Just kidding!)

Sara said...

Thank you for the info, I came up with 7 things yeah!

K2Comfort said...

Retired One...You are too funny! (pssst...I think the actual link still points to the wrong site) LOL

I think we should demand Blogger to give property of to us so it can be used properly and not left to waste!

Who's with me!?!

Insanity Kim said...

by the way those photos are fantastic! wow! loved them...

Insanity Kim said...

I posted!

(why do I feel like I did something wrong when I type that?)

Anna Lefler said...

Woot! Thanks for the tag and hope you're having a great weekend...

Your blog is terrific!



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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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