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Monday, January 19, 2009


I just KNEW I would get punished for making fun of my husband's dream! (See previous post).

So, it was only fate that I was cursed with one strange one of my own last night.
I can see the gray sleeve (it looks like my own, some kind of uniform?). It is reaching up and ringing someone's doorbell.
The door opens.
I say: "Are you Jerry Seinfeld?".
He says: "Yes, why?"
I hand him official, legal-looking pages and say: "I am so sorry."
I leave.
Jerry closes the door, opens the papers and says (in his famous screechy-yelling type of voice): "I can't believe it. She is divorcing me!".
Kramer, George and Elaine are all there. They do their shocked looks (that we all know so well).
"I can't understand it!" Jerry whines on. "I've always been good to her!". The rest of them nod in agreement.

I roll over in my sleep, which now knocks me out of the scene and into a thought process dream.
"No wonder she divorced him.", I start thinking.

"I mean, he's never home. He is always hanging out with his friends in another apartment."
"Heck, I think he even dated and boldly complained about all his other dates to his friends, if I remember correctly."

"He even gave George dating advice, if I remember correctly. I mean the balls on that man to do that!"

"And what about his strange relationship with Elaine?" "I mean, him being that close to another woman would upset me if I was his wife, too." "I think he and Elaine even slept together...yes...I am sure I remember that time....."

"I wonder if that be-atch Elaine thought HE was sponge-worthy?"

"No wonder the Soup Nazi said: "No soup for you!" when Jerry came there....he probably knew Seinfeld was cheating on his wife.

" Hmmmm.......I wonder if I was wearing one of Newman's post office uniforms when I delivered his divorce papers? Kinda looked like that, I think they were gray."

My real-life, timed-to-start coffee pot starts rumbling, rudely waking me up.


I don't think I even want to look any of those symbols up in my dream books (or speculate on what they might mean).

Perhaps I better watch some old sit-coms????

Or watch less?

One thing's for sure......I am NOT going to share this one with my husband after all the teasing I have subjected HIM to over his baseball-playing bird dream....nope....

Just gonna keep this one to myself (and you of course)..................

1 comment:

Aria said...

So, first of all, your slide thingey is working again... maybe Jerry made a call to have it fixed so you'd stop the proceedings. And of course she'd divorce him... that crazy voice, can you imagine what sex would sound like? OMG! And he's really neurotic too. I think Barney Miller's FISH was sexier than Jerry... and I am sooooo not getting into that dream...

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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