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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Eve!

I am not a football fanatic. In fact, as un-American as this sounds....usually the only football game we watch all season long is the Super Bowl. I love the excitement and especially the ads.

But most of all, I love it because for the last 6 years (or more!) we have been graciously invited over to a friend's house to watch the game there. It is the fun of being with these lovely people that I look forward to every year.

But it is not a typical Super Bowl Party.
Usually, all the other guests are from India. Some of the women will be wearing their gorgeous sari's.
Our hosts, who are my friends, are both Doctors that I worked with at the hospital before I retired. They are also from India.

They have....(are you ready for this?)...............................................................................................a MEDIA ROOM.
I know all you football fanatics are thinking: "Why is this WASTED on someone who doesn't like football?"
I know.
I am blessed.

This media room (I wish I could take pictures to show you. But that would be rude and then I would have to explain the blog and Oh, just wouldn't be worth it!) is not just any room to watch the game.
OOOOHHHHHHHH, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The room itself is about 14 feet by 14 feet. No windows. Has seats set up like theatre seats. One WHOLE WALL is the TV screen. Surround sound. The whole enchillada.

Just outside of the media room is a stocked bar (with a built-in refrigerator). There is also a pool table and a dining room table to put the food on. Right past that is a jacuzzi room. (No, I haven't tried that during the game, but I sure have been tempted!).

Then, if this doesn't spoil us half-time, the wife serves homecooked, genuine Indian food. Curry chicken, rice, all kinds of delicious things I can't pronounce.

Who wouldn't love Super Bowl Sunday when we get spoiled like that?

The funniest thing that has ever happened at one of his parties was that once, the game was kind of lopsided for one team over the other. Finally, a huge interception occurred and the whole room went up in a cheer. My friend yells right along side of the rest of us, runs up to me, gives me a "high five".
Right after that he says (in his thick, wonderful Indian accent): "That is good, no?".
We just all cracked up.
Not only that, but even though he doesn't know much about football, he researches every year and goes and buys one of the team's jerseys and sports it during his party. He never really has a reason which team he decides to root for....he just says; "This time I am going to cheer for (whomever)." And he does. Just as hard as any loyal fan would.
I just love to hear them all talking to each other (and us) with their beautiful, fluid Indian accents. They welcome us as if we are family.

Every year, the Host (my friend) calls to especially invite us by phone. We have the same conversation every year.
Picture him, using his wonderful Indian accent:
It goes:

Him: "Hello. Is this Joan?"
Me: "yes it is".
Him (playfully): "Guess who this is?!"
(yeah, like I couldn't tell, but I always play along).
Me: "Could it be Dr. _____?"
Him: "Oh, you guessed it! What will you be doing on this coming Sunday night?"
Me (feigning suprise): "Well, I might be busy going to a Super Bowl party at your house!"
Him (always laughing): "Then you and Paul can come?"
Me: "We'd be delighted."
Him: "5:30 p.m. then?" "Come at 5:30, Okay?"
Me: "We will be there! Thanks so much for the invite." "Oh...and I will bring the usual sausage and crackers".
(There is a special sausage made at a meat plant locally. It is only sold from Nov. to January and they call it their "holiday sausage". I always buy it and freeze it so I can bring it in Feb. to his Super Bowl parties. It is a wonderfully-seasoned mild kielbasa type sausage that I steam in the slow cooker. It is like crack, (as Aria from Aria'z Ink would say). Ever since I brought it to his first year's Super Bowl party, at EVERY subsequent party, everyone anxiously asks me (the minute I hit his door)..."Did you bring the sausage this year?")
Him: "Oh, no...don't bring anything. It is not necessary to bring anything".
(We have this argument every year. He just tries to be nice. He is usually the first one to get some sausage and try it when I set it up on the side of his gigantic bar!)
Me: "Of course I am bringing the traditional sausage!" "Don't argue with me, you know I am going to bring it!"
Him: "Well, Okay. That would be nice."

We'll get there at 5:30 p.m.
The sausage?
It will be gone before halftime.

And the memories of the delicious Indian food prepared for us with love?
And the memories of a bunch of people who love this country and have made our community so much better by them moving here?
For me, they will last a lifetime.

And, just may be enough for me to start liking football.


Insanitykim said...

Awesome! Very sweet. Have a great time! I can't WAIT to hear your take on the Superbowl ads!! :)

Polly said...

You have yet another award waiting on my blog for you. Congrats.

S-V-H said...

And...who will win...? ...LOL... I never understood this American football games, and I never will understand I guess... but the most important thing is that ll those people have fun and gather together with friends or in the stadiums. :)

Sue's Daily Photography

efaqffqaewfm said...

Sounds awesome :oD I'm an athletic trainer and I don't follow football aside from the Super Bowl. Even then, I only watch for the ads. And the injuries... I'll be watching tomorrow though because the Steelers have the only female athletic trainer in the NFL :o)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting..
You have a nice article..
I'll visit this site again.

The Retired One said...

Insanity Kim: I don't know WHAT I could do to top THOSE ads! ;)

Polly: THANKS SO much! I saw that and added "Gosh I got TWO of these too" on the side of my blog yesterday. I will try and do a post about it next week.

Susanne49: yes! That is what is all about for even the fanatic fans! (Although some die-hard fans of the two teams playing would disagree with me!) The sports magazines get some pretty fantastic pictures of the games and fans too.

VaBookworm: Wow! An Athletic Trainer? You may be busier Monday helping those nurse their "drinking arms" back into shape (too much overuse). ha

de daeng: Come back on the site and click "Follow this Blog" in the left upper corner. This will give you regular feeds whenever I post. Glad you stopped by!

dreamwalker said...

Am stuck on the 14 feet by 14 feet room with a whole wall of TV screen...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a super great time! We hung out with the kids and had a "party"... they were excited to eat in front of the TV and NOT have vegetables!! I only watch for the commercials and the half time show:-)

Aria said...

After a 7 year marriage to whom the Super Bowl was His ChristmasBirthdayNewYear'sEveNewYear'sDayEasterandThanksgiving, I became very interested in football... now, Hubby #2 doesn't do football ~ I know, you're wondering when they're going to revoke his Texas Birth Certificate... we only watch Super Bowl, which, thankfully, this year, was a really fun game to watch!!! Yay! And your friend has the right idea... Pick a team before Super Bowl and root for 'em, full-time-fans tend to be a little loopy in the head.

Anonymous said...

I have awarded you...... THE LEMONADE AWARD!! Come on over to my place to pick it up :-) Thanks, again, for all the giggles!!

The Retired One said...

Dreamwalker: Yep, it is lovely. Unbelievable! Then we get there on Super Bowl Sunday and the Dr. is in a PANIC because his screen is all black. No picture and a room full of company. Luckily, it came on just fine in time for Jennifer Hudson (lipsinc-ing) and stayed fine for the rest of the game. Whew!

Melissa: The Commercials disappointed me this year, how about you? I liked the Ed McMahon one tho!

Aria: Are you sure your 2nd husband is NOT an Alien?

Melissa: Thanks SO much Sweetie! I will stop by and get it soon and post about ya'!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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