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Monday, June 29, 2009

Useless Facts and Trivia: Volume 9

Here is the next installment of Useless Facts and Trivia, along with MY COMMENTS (in bold italics):

The king of hearts on playing cards is the only king without a moustache. (don't check the queen...I hear she is post-menopausal. There may be a little chin hair there...I'm just sayin'. )

A Boeing 747's wingspan is longer than the Wright brother's first flight.

(Wow, I kind of feel bad for the boys. But think of it, they STARTED it all. They can be PROUD! Now, if they would've just figured out a way for my luggage to never be lost....)

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise. (Who really stares at it long enough to know this?) (Does this mean the bathtub water drains the opposite way there then?)

Apples are more efficient than caffeine in waking you up in the morning.

(I hope Starbucks doesn't hear about this. An applechino will be the next concoction, I am sure!)

The little plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets. (Who knew they had a name??? I DARE you to go to Walmart and ask them if they have any aglets. They will say "do you mean anklets? and then you will repeat aglets, and they will escort you out of the the Walmart Greeter).

Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

(All together now..let's say: " EEEEwwww!") Also, have you seen the dust bunnies under my bed and couch? I must be shedding more than your favorite thousand snakes!) Good grief!

  1. The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer.

I had heard this. I find it incredibly sad. And incredibly predictable.

Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. (I had heard this too...just think, they could have called her Millie instead, for her middle name. It just wouldn't be the same!)

Betsy Ross, Jackie Onassis, JFK, and Daniel Boone have all appeared on Pez dispensers. (Wouldn't they be proud? ) And now, I suppose we will have Farrah and Michael and Ed McMahon pez dispensers soon?!

Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually than all of the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined. (There ought to be a law against THIS one!)


Sue said...

These were great, as usual, but the last one pissed me off. So much money, he couldn't spend it if he tried. And he needs big endorsements while they pay the workers %$#@. I'd say don't buy Nike, but every corp is like this. Sigh.

Shelley said...

- I agree w/ you on the queen.
- I don't knowing the rotation of Venus is going to help us in any way, shape or form.
- I knew that about apples - and I hope Starbucks doesn't catch on.
- Think if we were the inventors of aglets? We'd be filthy rich!
- Gross on the dust particles.
- Ironic on the owner of Marboro.
- I always thought "BARBIE" sounded like a stripper's name!
- I loved Pez as a kid!
- And terrible how Nike's factory workers are treated. I started boycotting them a long time ago.

grannyann said...

Well those are some good ones. I agree with you on the Nike. Sports stars make far too much money. That's who ought to be taxed by the Pres. Stay cool

blushing rose said...

Great & interesting post. The sad part is that all our jobs are going to Malaysia rather being kept here in our good old USA ... & it is going to now become even worse in this regard. TTFN ~ Marydon

rainfield61 said...

People who are rich become richer. They are like Michael Jordan, C. Ronaldo (a footballer,if you know him)..

efaqffqaewfm said...

lol The dust particles bit has always bothered me. I was hanging at my brother's recently and he wasn't home from work yet so I was wandering the house... I ended up dusting and vacuuming because I was so grossed out by how much dust he had. He got home and was like, "Why'd you clean?" And I said, "Dust is dead skin! That's disgusting! Did you see how much was on your headboard?! You sleep with that!"

Sara said...

I totally agree on the Nike one!!! Athletes get way too much money and I love the queen one!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

That is sad about the Nike workers making less than Michael Jordan. That seems to be the way things go for people that already have lots of money. I'm sure he gets all of his Nikes free too, and the workers probably can't afford a pair.

Mother Goose said...

I have a whole head full of useless information so I absolutely love trivia. As to Michael Jordan, think of what Phillip Knight (owner and CEO of Nike) makes. I had heard that he makes more in one minute than I will make in my entire lifetime. I refuse to buy Nike but have been unsuccessful at convincing my offspring to do the same.

Rick (Ratty) said...

More fun stuff! I'm embarrassed to say that I did indeed already know that the little things on the ends of shoelaces were called aglets. The funniest thing is that the spell checker here while I'm writing this comment does not know the word.

Bernie said...

Good Morning Joan, Just popped in to say hello and of course I find this belly laughing post. I think it sad about those factory workers but happy for everyone else (they probably think they earn a lot of money) I thought everyone knew what aglets were....LOL
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

Sue: It definitely is an unfair system. Yet, on the other hand, if there weren't factories there hiring people for some wages, they would be even more poverty striken.

Shellmo: I loved your comments on each one too!

Grannyann: That's for sure. I don't even watch much sports. To think they make more than nurses, doctors, firefighters, service men and women who risk their lives for us or enrich our lives every day is a shame.

Blushing Rose: Americans would never work for as cheap of a wage as those factory workers do, that is why the factories are going there. Its a dilemma.

Rainfield: All I ask is to hit the lottery, now that isn't much to ask, is it?

VaBookworm: Admittedly, some of our dust is because I leave the windows open alot, and also because my husband does some woodworking in the basement (sawdust dust) but to think ANY of that comes from dead skin...ick!

Sara: Hey, little mama! Glad to see you are taking a few moments for yourself to read blogs and getting a few chuckles. Give Cole a big hug from his Aunt Retired One. ha

Gardener: You can BET the workers can't afford a pair. Heck, neither can I. Sad.

Mother Goose: CEO's live some life, don't they? Although the ones I have met (and I have met a few!) don't have a life. They have a bad or non-existant family life and live all of theirs at work or for social functions away from family. In the end, no one will love them in the company and they will have no one to turn to when they get older but people after their money or inheritance.

Ratty: That IS funny about the did you know the ends were called aglets? Should I be worried???hahaha

Anonymous said...

Applechino...Al Pacino....hmmmm... And about the dust bunnies under the bed; remember ashes to ashes and dust to dust, and the little boy who told his mommy there was someone under his bed either coming or going!

The Retired One said...

Cathy: Funny!!! But gross.

Rick (Ratty) said...

The aglet thing came up for me awhile back because I was having tropuble keeping my shoestrings from breaking constantly. I was trying to find a better solution to them, and stumbled upon the word aglet during my futile search. There goes that spell checker again.

The Retired One said...

Ratty: You little Researcher you!
You are probably the only person I know who would have known what an aglet was! :-)

Merisi said...

Dust bunnies, our former selves?
Should I despose of them with more reverence? Sort of "Here Sweeties, an extra soft vaccum cleaner bag for you!"? ;-)

I see the Michael Jordan and Nikon workers question this way: It may sound outragious that he gets paid so much more money, but on the other hand those workers could well not have a job at all if it were not for the for the popularity of Jordan. Nike is paying him well for a reason.

Did you know that the PEZ candies very invented by a Viennese company? It is such a coincidence that I should read about PEZ dispensers this morning: Only yesterday, during our family lunch, were the PEZ candies a topic of conversation. The grandfather of one of our guests worked for the company - Haas - of the inventor of the candies: His childhood home was filled with Haas products (they make also pudding powders and the like).

The Retired One said...

Merisi: It must have been fun to talk to the man about working in a Pez factory! A lot of kids' childhood memories will always involve remembering this popular candy.
I never liked them much, but my children did!~

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