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Thursday, June 25, 2009

And you thought YOU were having a bad day.....

I love passing along some of these news stories that I read!

Just in case you thought YOU were having a bad day, I thought I would share this one with you!:

* First-time bank robber (according to police) Jason Durant, 32,
reported to the hospital in New Milford, Conn., shortly after
knocking off the National Iron Bank in April. As he fled the crime
scene, he accidentally tumbled down a steep hill behind the bank,
losing control of his stash, and his gun, during the fall. He broke
his leg in several places (saying, later, that he heard snapping
sounds). At the bottom of the hill, he crashed into a plow blade,
slashing himself before dragging his bleeding, broken body to his
getaway car (with only $2 left from the robbery). Suspicious
hospital staff members notified police. [Republican-American
(Waterbury, Conn.), 4-30-09]


Don't you feel better now???


Roshni said...

I'm actually cringing after reading this!!

Sue said...

This is why I don't lead a life of crime........this would be me.
What a good chuckle, though.
Have a great weekend!

grannyann said...

See Crime doesn't pay!

Shelley said...

By god that guy surely must've given up a life of crime after this incident!!

Stella Jones said...

Well, they always tell you that crime doesn't pay. It didn't in this case, did it!.
Blessings, Star

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oddly enough, I really DO feel better :-)

The Retired One said...

Roshni: I know! All I could think of was "ouch!"

Sue: I would be too nervous to rob a bank..they would be like:"Could you repeat that? What?"

Grannyann: No, it does not!

Shellmo: yeah, or permanently disabled!

Star: Exactly!

Joanna: You are so funny!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I guess karma got him pretty quickly!

Unknown said...

Bad Karma, what goes around comes around.
Makes me think of that "Chicago" movie and the song, "He had it comin'"

Bernie said...

Yep I sure do feel better, never had a rough day like this guy, does the name loser come to mind... :-) Hugs

Loree said...

This is funny. I guess it's true that a life of crime does not pay.

DJan said...

The other thing to remember about crime, is the insurance coverage is a little thin, so this guy ended up in the minus column. How can I feel sorry for him, but I do!

The Retired One said...

Gardener: Yes it did. That's why I LOVE karma!

DVM's Wife: Yep. What goes around, comes around. (Usually not this fast, but what the heck!)

Bernie: LOSER is a good description. ha

Loree: Yes. If you ever had fantasies of going to rob a bank to make life easier, just think of this poor sap.

DJan: Funny! You are right..his copay would be a LOT....and he probably wasn't insured at ALL (one of the reasons he probably was trying to rob the bank!) he owes more for medical expenses!

Rick (Ratty) said...

I actually kind of feel sorry for the guy. That's what he gets for robbing a bank though. My sympathy only goes so far.

The Retired One said...

Ratty: I did feel sorry for his pain, but not for his stupidity. ha

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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