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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hey, Man...My Mouth Hurts Like Hell after Playing Video Games...???!!

* Physician Geoffrey Hart, working with a grant from the National
Institutes of Health, recently developed the Pedi-Sedate headgear
to trick waiting-room kids into inhaling nitrous oxide while playing
video games, thus knocking themselves out and, according to
Hart's company, "dramatically improv[ing] the hospital or dental
experience for the child, parents, and healthcare providers." The
helmet contains sophisticated sensors to monitor the dosages and
effects on the child. [CNET News, 4-21-09]

My thoughts?:

1. Is this legal???? (drugging kids without their knowledge?)

2. Can I get them to do it to me without telling me? (Because holy shit, I hate going to the dentist!)

3. The article says it "dramatically improves the dental experience" for the child and parents. Well, DUH. Those getting stoned would definitely say it was an "improved experience"....and they'd maybe also say that they also got a gynormous case of the munchies after, too. Hmmmm...this may cause more cavities for the dentist to fix.....I see a pattern emerging here....

4. The helmet contains "sophisticated sensors to monitor the dosages and effects on the child"????? (Really?! I can't believe this would exist. They didn't have anything even CLOSE to l that even in the O.R. at the hospital when I worked don't kid me....these dentists are just "winging it"....let's see...that little kid was obnoxious in the waiting let's give him a little "extra" and give his parents a break for the next week or two.".) Yep, I can see it now.

5. Can you imagine waking up after playing video games and having two teeth missing and your mouth feel like it had been ravaged? WTH????

All I know is that there is going to be some "trust issues" with these kids when they get older...can anyone say THERAPY???

6. If you good looking women out there get out of the dentist office and happen to notice that your underwear is on inside just MAY want to call the dentist office to see if they are trying any new experimental treatments.....just sayin'............


J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm not afraid of the dentist but this sure would've helped when I was a kid going under the knife..."Video games? I get to play video games? Cool!

Bernie said...

OMG Joan, I chuckled thoroughout your entire post while reading it. You amaze me my friend with how you find these articles. Love it.
Have a great weekend, stay warm,...Hugs

Rick (Ratty) said...

This would be funny. After wearing that helmet, kids all over the country will be afraid to play video games anymore. They'd all have to go outside and play real games. :)

Sue said...

Hahahahah-too hilarious. Gosh darn, are you funny or what!
Sign me up for some of that "experiment"!

The Retired One said...

JJ: Just don't inhale there while playing video games! :-D

Bernie: Glad you liked it. When I read the article, I HAD to post it, because it was like out of some Sci-fi story or something.

Ratty: Now if we could just trick Mr.Nutz into trying on the helmet......

Sue: With my luck, the helmet wouldn't fit over my big head and my mouth would still work. hahaaa

Ann said...

Funny post. Especially the last one, LOL

Insanitykim said...

Wow Joan you are soooooooooo RIGHT! Sheesh, good call bringing this one to light!! There is NO FRIGGIN WAY I would let them do that to my kids! And, when I got my wisdom teeth out, at 1pm, I DID NOT WAKE UP until 7pm...yeah. I am still somewhat freaked out by that one...Dentists are just *slightly* scary in my world...umm....

Teresa said...

All I can think of is how kids today have it so darn easy!

Fran Hill said...

Just when you think you've pressed 'Kill' and nuked your enemy, you've really given permission for the dentist to take 3 teeth out. Scary.

The Retired One said...

Grannyann: Yes, always check your underwear after being the the dentist.(For more reasons than that!) ha

Insanity Kim: I agree! I am always scared of going there.

Teresa: Easy and drugged. ha

Fran Hill: Very Scary!!!!!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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