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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Duck, duck, goose.....

When we went out on the lake for our first ride the other day in our boat, we saw a duck and a big blended family of geese and their new family of babies (now older babies!).

First this guy was swimming pretty far away from us...I couldn't get a closer shot, he flew away!
Is it possibly a loon? He wasn't making loon calls, so I wasn't sure???:

Here is that LARGE family of geese we saw on one of the cabins' lawn:

Here they are, a little closer:

Look how big the babies have gotten!:

Still fuzzy though, aren't they?:

Here's Mom and Dad taking a little "alone time" at the edge of the lake while the teenagers were frolicking on the lawn:

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and Do No Evil are here on the lawn, looking for trouble. (I can just tell!):

When they finally realized I was taking their pictures, the parents gathered the family together to head down the shore. "Dang those humans!" I heard the Mother honk to her husband:

"Are we there yet?" the youngin's were asking......

We always enjoy seeing them and the many ducks we have living around the lake.
I think the next time we see them, they won't be traveling together as a family though...they will have "left the nest" and out living in apartments in the city, all on their own. (Occassionally asking Mom and Dad to send a couple of ducks. I mean bucks...................................).


A New England Life said...

Aren't they all adorable! I just photographed some young Geese also, about the same age as yours. The parents are very cautious of us humans that's for sure.

I'm thinking the duck is a female Merganser, though I'm probably incorrect. Great shots!


Shelley said...

That was definitely a loon in your first photo!! I can spot them a mile away!! How exciting! I loved all your duck/geese photos - but you know I'm lovin on that loon right now!!! :)

rainfield61 said...

The ducks are getting fatter and fatter. Any idea for Peking Duck which is a famous dish in China?

rainfield61 said...
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Unknown said...

We have a family of geese living by or near, sometimes in our pond. Just 4 goslings. They sure are cute but wow have they grown fast. I'm thinking they will fly off soon.
I'm glad they call our farm home. It's a safe place for them.

Anonymous said...
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grannyann said...

How cute. I loved your comments. They went perfectly with the pics.

SquirrelQueen said...

It is so much fun to watch the duck and geese, I love your photos of the family.
They grow up fast, before you know it they will have familes of their own.

Bernie said...

Joan I loved the thought of these geese being a family, photo's are great and the comments make me chuckle everytime. I am always so pleased when my Reader shows me you have posted, I know I am in for a real treat and you never let me down.....:-)Hugs

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

They're so cute. I just love seeing the little families out now. I took my two year old to a pond nearby and we found a family of ducks. She went crazy over the ducklings.

Rick (Ratty) said...

Great shots of the geese! Goose watching is one of my favorite pastimes. I think geese sometimes know how to be families better than some humans do.

Loree said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful.

Sue said...

Those geese parents are the best, aren't they? So attentive.
And you're right....those three together look like trouble. Better keep an eye out...

Anonymous said...

Why is it that baby geese are so darn cute??? Hopefully they were eating all the mosquitoes for ya!

Nice shots; you can really see the fuzzy feathers!

Still without my computer....

Lynn Kellan said...

I love how cuddly those downy babies look! As always, beautiful photos, Joan!!

The Retired One said...

New England: Thanks..can't wait to see your photos, too.

Shellmo: I am SO excited then! We have never seen or heard loons on our lake I will be on the lookout now!

Rainfield: Ok..I am going to IGNORE that comment...:-D

DVM's Wife: Lucky you, you can watch them all the time!

BarbiePhobia: You are new to my blog, right??? Welcome aboard! If you haven't already, please join on as a Follower, would love that!

Grannyann: Thanks...they just look like they are saying SO much more than honk honk. ha

SquirrelQueen: That's for sure! We usually have several families on our lake. I love seeing them every time though! Some people complain about the goose droppings on their lawns..but heck THIS IS A LAKE PEOPLE...they were there first, for goodness sake. ha

Bernie: You are such a sweetheart.

Gardener: Now THAT would have made some great photos...adorable child with adorable ducklings!

Ratty: As long as goosing is not one of your favorite hobbies, we are all safe. LMAO ;-P

Loree: Thanks!

Sue: Yep. Nothing more worrisome than 3 teens on the loose!

Cathy: My heart goes out to your computer-less one...hang in there. Good God, its not the mosquitos that are bothering us as much as those little gnat things...I get HUGE itchy welts from them and they swarm our heads and faces.

Lynn: Thanks so much. Yes, if I could catch one of them, I would love to hold and pet them...but of course I know that is impossible!

Kearsie said...

Ok, I know I should be all "Awww, how sweet" and stuff, but really, I just can't. I look at those stuffed poop machines and just shudder with past memories of the Ick I got from swimming in a pond that had been used as a toilet by a flock of geese.

I think I need to get some Benedryl as just the memory has me itching.

Unknown said...

I just love this little family of geese and wish I could see them for myself!

Shelley said...

I had to come back! It's so exciting to see Loons on other lakes as they are a threatened species right now. If for some chance you feel inclined - check out the Michigan Loon Preservation Assocation - they have a volunteer Loon Ranger program (which I do.) You monitor the loons and report back info which is very valuable to the Loon Association. Just a thought! No pressure!! :-)

Sara said...

they are so cute!!! I love geese

The Retired One said...

Kearsie: They gotta go somewhere! But no, I would not want to swim in it.
I once got "swimmer's itch" in a small lake from the ducks there too. It was awful.

Gaston: They are fun to spot and watch in person...they are quacking a lot and the parents are honking and pushing them with their beaks.

Shellmo: If we start seeing it more often on the lake, I will look into that...this is the one and only time I have seen one on our lake.

Sara: They are adorable when they are all fuzzy!

Michele said...

I really really enjoy the Canadian Geese photos a lot!!!
I spend tons and tons of time outside fishing or walking and I am thinking that first duck you were having trouble identifying is a Goldeneye Duck. If you Google it you might recognize it unless you already identified it. We get many of these guys here in our area... a lot of them!


The Retired One said...

Michelle: Some think it is a loon, but maybe it is a goldeneye..we do have those here.
Thanks so much for the compliment on my blog geese pictures....I drool when I see your scenery photos!

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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