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Monday, June 15, 2009

All Together Now: EEEEwwwww!

This article creeped me out, so it is only fair that I share it with all of my readers.

* Good to Know: A case report in a recent issue of the journal Emergency Medicine Australia described the successful removal of a leech from an eyeball. A 66-year-old woman, gardening in her back yard in Sydney, had accidentally flicked some soil into her eye. By the time a surgeon could extract the leech, it had roughly tripled its body size by feeding on the eyeball's blood vessels.

key, by the way: a few drops of saline solution). [ Australian Associated Press, 4-20-09]



Next time you see me in my garden, I will have a spacesuit on, complete with bubble helmet AND protective eye gear underneath the bubble helmet!!!


Shelley said...

I am so grossed out!! EWWWW!!!
(when i was a little girl - I got a leech stuck between my toes and my mom had to chase me around the yard (cuz I was yelling & screaming) - tackle me down and use a lighter to burn it and get it off. I'm still traumatized! Tomorrow I'm going to need some of your flower photos to get over it!! :-)

Joy Tilton said...

Eeeee-ewwww is right! We have chiggers here in Arkansas to contend with. With all the rain we've been getting, spraying isn't working. You can't even see the little boogers and they make the biggest bump and it itches for a solid week no matter what you use. There are old remedies, like taking a bath in bleach..oh that would be good for my dry menopausal skin...but I just suffer and gripe to anyone who will listen! Watch out for the leeches todat..

Ziggy Stardust said...

I just ate breakfast! EEEEE EWWWWWWWWW, Yuck and Blech


Unknown said...

I actually saw that on the news and had the same reaction.... ewwwweeeeee!!!

Stella Jones said...

Oh my God! that's awful, isn't it. I'm with you - in the spacesuit!
Blessings, Star

Sue said...

Yuck! Thank you ......I think!
Goggles it is, I'm always tossing dirt here and there.

Sue said...

Yuck! Thank you ......I think!
Goggles it is, I'm always tossing dirt here and there.

Bernie said...

Unbelievable!! I know nothing about leeches and after reading this post am glad that I don't. Seriously it makes one think to be more careful when gardening doesn't it...Have a great day my friend.....:-) Hugs

Fran Hill said...

Oh yuk, oh yuk. But what was she doing flicking soil into her eye in the first place? Some people have a strange way of passing time on Sunday afternoons. Oh well, as they say, it's the eyeball that catches the worm, or something like that.

Lynn Kellan said...

Yowza! That story is icky enough to make to stop reading the newspaper!

The Retired One said...

Shellmo: I think I got one stuck on my leg once when I was swimming in a GROSSED me out too!

Joycee: We have similar insects here too..I get big welts from them too. My problem is that I keep scratching the itching bite so much I bleed. I have anti-itch cream and use bandaides over them so I don't dig at myself.

Chicamom: I know..gross, huh? Sorry about breakfast. I will try and post pictures tomorrow instead. ha

Gaston: I never saw this on the news. I wonder if the woman needs therapy now? :-D

Star: Maybe that would help me not get bug bites while gardening too?

Sue: Me'd think I was a dog burying a bone when I am in the garden. Dirt: everywhere!

Bernie: I know I will try and be more careful now for sure in the garden! Although I am usually wearing sunglasses, so that will protect me a little!

Fran: No eyeballs catching worms or leechs or anything else, thank you very much! LOL

Lynn: They are gross bloodsuckers, for sure! Who knows what is crawling around in the dirt? I love gardening, though, so I will try and remain in denial about those kinds of thoughts! :-D

grannyann said...

Glad I don't garden. That is a gross story. Poor person.

A New England Life said...

Come on, how long did she wait anyway? And how could she have something like that in her eye and not know it right away? That's just weird.

Btw, my hubby has one of those prosthetic eyes like in the picture. Only his is brown ; )


Anonymous said...

Shoot, she should have gone fishing with it! Makes good bait! Minus the eye that is.

The Retired One said...

Grannyann: I feel sorry for her too. Yuck!

New England: Wow. What happened? Did he lose his eye in an accident?

Cathy: I refuse to use leeches for fish bait. I will take a big nightcrawler over that any day! ha

pehpot said...

super ewwwweee! Just the thought of it makes me want to throw up.. by the way, what happened to the eyes? was it damaged or what?

Make or Break

The Retired One said...

Pehpot: Look at your cute little picture! That is the first one I have seen of you pop up since I started using the pop up for comments. You are a cutie.
I don't know what happened to the woman's eye in the report. Lets hope it is okay!

SquirrelQueen said...

Ewwww, I almost always have my sunglasses on for protection from the sun. Now I have another reason to be wearing them. One more time, ewwwww.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

That is gross, I hope her eye was okay.

Rick (Ratty) said...

It's hard to even think about this one. I have an extreme phobia to things in or even near my eyes. I have a lot of trouble swimming because of the water getting in my eyes. This is awful. I'm glad it was somebody else.

Loree said...

Eeewwww is right. But can you imagine how irritating it must have been to have that leech grow in her eye. Poor lady.

Michele said...

Oh for goodness sake, just when you thought you heard it all... blecchy.

I had a friend who went camping in a tent for 3 days and went home and for the following week he had a bit of an ear ache. It felt as if something was inside scratching. At nighttime when he slept he could swear he could hear something move around and scratch around.
During the days, not so much, but his hearing in that ear had diminished quite a bit and it was a little sore but again, at nights, scratch scratch scratch....
finally he went over to the doctors and the doctor says, "ah yes, I see the problem..." grabs a long tweezers, pulls out a long centipede. The long soft body kind with those hundreds of legs, out of his ear. It had nestled deep down into his ear canal. Made a little home down there. Must've crawled in while he slept in the tent at the camp.
To this day, he kept that little critter in a jar to show it to everyone.... how icky is that!??

The Retired One said...

Squirrel Queen: I almost always wear sunglasses when I garden too. I also feel that I will make SURE to wear them NOW!

Gardener: I thought of you when I read this...make sure and wear eye protection!

Ratty: Then you can't wear contact lens then? It took me a long time to get used to them...but then I had eye surgery and I don't need them anymore!

Loree: I wouldn't have been able to stand it...I wouldv'e been to the eye Dr. within an hour. ha

Michelle: Your poor friend!!! We had something similar once. When my girls were little, we stayed overnight at their grandmother's house. My youngest daughter woke me up crying that she felt something buzzing in her ear and kept saying she had a bug in there. She used to have nightmares alot, so we looked in there and saw nothing and thought she was imagining it. She kept insisting. Luckily, I was a nursing student at the time and had my student bag in the car. I had an otoscope in the bag (what were the chances of that???) and we looked in and I say just a corner of a wing. (You can imagine how I freaked out!) We took tweezers and finally clamped on to the wing and out came a FLY. Gross huh???? And it BUZZED inside her ear everytime we attempted to catch his wing with the tweezers. Anyway, we calmed down her tears and I am sure she didn't sleep for many nights. My biggest fear was that it layed eggs in there or something! We rinsed her ear out with saline (from my contact lens wearing days!) but still....
She is 31 yrs. old now and needless to can't touch her ears and she freaks out!!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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