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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WE have a winner for July's FREE PHOTO CONTEST: Theme: Birds!!

Once again,
the Judges had a hard time.

Once again,
I was not surprised.
marvelous entries are getting
more and more difficult to choose only ONE winner from....
choose they DID!

In case you forgot, the theme was:


And THIS is the WINNER!:

(drum roll.........please....)

ta dum...
                       ta dum......

              ta dum ta dum dum.....

Congratulations to DJan!!!

Her blog is called: DJan-ity and you need to stop by sometime for a visit if you haven't already read her blog.  

She is an amazing woman who loves to sky dive!

Special mention also goes to:
---Pat H.

Everyone that submitted pictures this month deserve applause and compliments, they were all spectacular!  

My thanks goes to ALL of you that take the time and energy to submit your beautiful photos....
keep entering...

We are ALL loving your talents!!

Don't forget to submit your entry for AUGUST's FREE PHOTO CONTEST!!
Get your photo in to me no later than midnight on August 30th, following

You don't have to be a blogger to enter!
August's theme is:

Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Streams or Creeks!

So, get out there in nature and snap away at the water or go through all those old vacation photos 
in your archives
send me your photos!!!!


LindyLouMac said...

Congratulations to the winner, amazing photo.

Arti said...

That photo by DJan is absolutely magnificent! And Thank you so much for the special mention, surely makes me very happy to be listed in there:-) Oh, and yes! I need to hurry up and pick a photo for the next months theme too!

Anonymous said...

That IS a winner for sure!!

Andrea said...

Congratulations, D Jan, it looks like a painting, very beautiful.

Unknown said...

Good choice as the winner. Love the photo.

MadSnapper said...

a stunning photo and very deserving of 1st place. needs to be printed and framed.

DJan said...

(blush) I am amazed at how pleased I am to have been the winner. Now I get to brag about it! I looked at that picture almost way too long before deciding to send it. Thanks so much, and I am smiling from ear to ear!!

TexWisGirl said...

it is lovely!

Debbie said...

congrats to DJan....your photo is amazing!! xo

Pat said...

That photo is a sure winner! Congratulations to DJan!

Daryl said...

Fabulous shot!

Country Gal said...

Awesome photo, Congrats to D Jan !

Betsy Banks Adams said...

That is a good picture, Joan.

RNSANE said...

I totally agree with the judge's choice. That is so beautiful!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

A deserving choice I'd say!

Valerie said...

Excellent photograph. Congratulations to DJan.

Sharon Wagner said...

Congrats to Djan!

Grandmother Mary said...

Love DJan and love her blog. Now I love her photo!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Awesome pic! Well deserved!

Would you believe I just found the peacock picture I was asking you about yesterday? Grr!

I'm sending you this month's entry in a few minutes.

SquirrelQueen said...

Congrats to DJan!
That photo is definitely a winner.

Linda Reeder said...

I'm so glad my blogger friend DJan won with her lovely little hummer with penstemon!

CrazyCris said...

Wow! What an amazing shot! Well-deserved winner DJan!!!

I've been a bit absent from the blogosphere this summer, am hoping to ease back in the saddle in these next couple of weeks, and will try to send in a photo! ;o)

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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