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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quirky Observations

As my regular Followers/readers know, I do some series now and then amongst all my photography blogposts. I sometimes do Local Police Reports, sometimes I do Useless Facts and Trivia and other times, I do Dumb State Laws.

I don't do them on specific days of the week, I just mix those "regulars" in now and then so that those people who do not like all photographs will get some relief now and then.

So, laying in bed the other night, unable to sleep, I thought of another regular series I might be able to do. Some other bloggers call theirs "Random Thoughts".


I thought of calling my similar series: Quirky Observations.

I love the word "quirky". (Because that's how I roll).

Webster's Dictionary defines quirk as:

" quick turn or twist. Oddity of character. Having sudden turns, tricky, difficult. (Origin unknown.)"

That is it!

My random thoughts are definitely going to be quirky to others.

So, lucky is the first in my series of "Quirky Observations".

What was I thinking of in bed when I couldn't sleep that was quirky?:

(Slow drum dum ta dum dum):


"WHAT??", you say???

You heard me! (Don't pretend you didn't, I KNOW you did!).



What in the hell IS it?

Well, Webster defines it as:

"a sausage containing ground pork liver".

My next quirky thoughts were: Who on earth EATS LIVERWURST??

From what I remember, it is this grey mystery meat wrapped in a casing. It is soft and is an oozy spread inside the casing, that has the consistency of toejams and smells about as awful.

Well, I remember my mom eating some. With MUSTARD on bread. Quite frequently.

Are you gagging yet??

I'll wait.


Are you SURE you are done gagging yet?

Ok, I will wait some more....

But to tell you the truth, I have not seen anyone else eat it in my entire life except my mom (and I think my Dad did too).


Nor have I seen any in a store lately.

(Not that I have looked.)

I could have walked right by it in the supermarket and subliminally avoided it altogether.

Because my parents ate it and it totally grossed me out.

Did I mention that my parents ate it yet?

Maybe they kissed me goodnight and accidently burped and a little of the mustardy liverwurst smell escaped at the wrong moment, scarring me forever. I don't know.

But I have decided, that It HAS to be THE reason why I need therapy and haven't pursued it yet....

Yup. Liverwurst is the culprit.

Now, what do you think the Therapist will make of THAT one???

Perhaps they will chart: "Patient reveals traumatic event related to quirky liverwurst incident in childhood." "This one is going to be a challenge." "Note to self: schedule frequent sessions with this one."

If you don't return to my blog, EVER..after reading this first of my series of my personal quirky thoughts, I would understand perfectly.

Really I would.

But if you DO return. Just don't say the "L" word.

I haven't had enough sessions yet.....


♥ Boomer ♥ said...

I seem to remember that stuff!!

Boomer Baby Bliss

Insanity Kim said...

This isn't going to help matters but, because we are blogging buddies, I must maintain honesty, if not for integrity's sake...

I have eaten it.

Spread on a cracker.

or two

or three


(I liked it).

I will cry if you never visit my blog again but, I figure we have been through enough together to get through this. Right, right???

Eva Gallant said...

Never had liverwurst, but I love Bratwurst!

Bernie said...

Oh Joan you are funny and for me this post was perfect, I needed a chuckle your quirky post.....:-) Hugs

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Ha ha! I remember eating that stuff when I was a kid until I realized what it was. I would never feed it to my kids now :)

retired-ed said...

Who eats liverwurst? Germans,that's who. Thousands of them, maybe millions, have it for breakfast. It's very popular and can be found in every grocery store. It's a staple at hotel restaurants. In fact, I wish we had some here in the house right now, but alas, we don't. Thanks for making my mouth water.

Cathy Clementz said...

Dan has never had liverwurst but I have had it as a kid with crackers and cheese. I'd forgotten all about the stuff! It really doesn't taste as bad as it sounds. Thank goodness it isn't called wurstliver!

Sue said...

Oh, this was funny-I laughed...and woke up hubby. But I agree- "L" is disgusting. I think that is one of those foods that won't be around in 20 or 30 years......though I thought that about FRUITCAKE and I'll be darned-its still around.

DJan said...

Okay, now you've gone over the edge, and I think you're falling into the abyss... but you're right, liverwurst must have fallen out of favor, because no one ever thinks of it (except you, of course). I remember the smell of it with mustard, and I even think I used to eat it, back in the days when I ate stuff like that. You're weird in a good way...

Brian Miller said...

bwahaha...what about potted genius came up with the name as well...yeah, somhow we got fed that as kids...or braunswaegger...say that five times fast...always great for fresh breath. lol.

Joycee said...

Girl, your brain and memories are so eclectic, they scare me! I too have memories of liverwurst and of LIVER LOAF! Do you know what that is? Grandma used to buy it and it was always in the fridge when we'd go visit. It was liverwurst with a thing ring of pure FAT around the egdes. No kidding! They loved it and that was their choice of lunch meat. They did buy Coca Cola and potato chips too so I didn't starve! I never thought about the liver breath but now that you've mentioned it...

lotusleaf said...

I'll come back for more. Is that masochistic? Maybe, considering that I am a vegetarian!

Annie said...

My grandmother used to eat this!! She loved it!! Here's one-head cheese!! I love that! Must be my hungarian heritage.

Lesley said...

My parents ate it too! Come on. If it really was meant for human consumption it would NOT be named Liverwurst. They might as well have called it Don'tEatThis.

Love your quirky thoughts! Look forward to more of them.

Nan said...

I always wondered what liverwurst was--sounds repulsive.

Not to worry, your blog isn't.

Aria said...

And my grandmother, when she lived with us... loved L......... Even the name makes my nose wrinkle and my mouth form a *Gaak* shape. No wonder I never wanted to visit Germany. I used to think, when I heard of someone being sent there for military tour of duty, that poor SOB what the hell are they going to eat?!? Now that I'm older, I have a mild interest in seeing Germany, but I'm still totally packing my own food.

The Retired One said...

Boomer: Irk pretty much describes how I feel about it. :-}

Insanity: That is probably why your name is Insanity. I will pretend you never told me this.

Eva: Thankfully, they aren't even close!

Bernie: Not to fear. There is plenty more quirky in this brain that will be shared from time to time.

Catherine: At least you survived eating it as a kid. I think my parents tried to get me to try it when I was little, but I don't think I did. (Maybe the therapist could hypnotise me to see if I was forced to eat it and maybe THAT is where the trauma occurred.) ha

Retired-Ed: I feel really sorry for the Germans. Oh, and Ed? I am worried about you. Also, I suppose you like FRUITCAKE too?? Oh, Lord!

Cathy: Please go in the bathroom and use mouthwash right now. Oh, and apologize to both your mouth and your stomach. They probably have still not forgiven you for eating it and liking it.

Sue: Don't even get me started on FRUITCAKE!~ Anyone who gives fruitcake to someone else for a gift needs to be sat down and have things explained to them. SLOWLY.

DJan: go up in my comments and read what I said to Cathy. I will pretend that you never told me you used to eat it. :-}

Brian: I swear some of the foods that were invented are some kind of strength of character. Obviously, I failed. :-}

Joycee: LIVER LOAF with a ring of FAT around the edges. OH LORD, get me a TUMS, NOW! YUCK, yuck and yuck.
Now I will be thinking of THAT all day long. Thanks, thanks alot. LOL

Lotusleaf: You will come back for more of my blog or for more liverwurst? ha You are smart to remain a vegetarian, I admire that.

Annie: I can give you my future therapist's number. ha

Lesley: EXACTLY! maybe it was because they lived thru the depression and they would have eaten their shoe if they put mustard on it?

Nan: God, I hope my blog isn't as repulsive as Liverwurst. Because that would really be traumatic. ha Glad you like the blog and visited!

Aria: GREAT to hear from you..I was wondering why you weren't commenting as I understand related to the slowness of your computer and the photos I post. Glad you got up to speed. Oh, and thanks for the tip to pack my own food if I ever go there. I definitely agree! Of course maybe I can just spend the whole time eating German chocolate cake. Oh wait, I don't like nuts either. Sigh.

turtlewoman said...

Another Yuper :-D No, not me - I'm from downstate - Plymouth - couldn't wait to leave that area. My Dad was from Ontonagon and I spent all of my growing up summers at my Grandpa's house in town. I also spent most summer days swimming in Lake Superior - when you're a kid the water isn't cold even though you finally emerge looking like a shriveled up prune. Pasties always cured the bone-deep cold though.

I also remember - do I even dare say it - that stuff that starts with an "L". GAG! My Dad loved it and always had it in the frig.

I am not in MI at present - teaching in a small rural, migrant school in AZ. Will join the ranks of the retired in 19 months. Yes, I'm counting :-D I will return to MI at that time - YEAH!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I love the stuff too!!! I haven't had any in ages and would like to buy some, but the amount you have to buy now-a-days is too much for me (you used to be able to buy pieces of it). I loved it on hot buttered toast with pickles on the side.

Oh well, I guess you have to make allowances for me. I'm from Newfoundland; and we eat jiggs dinner and cod tongues!!

(See! There are "worse" things. Get it? "Worse" things!!)

Ratty said...

It's called liverwurst because it's the wurst liver. How's that? Oops, there's that dreaded L word. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

I can't eat liver anything! Yuck.
And this was a very funny post!

Loree said...

Sounds totally yucky. But then anything with the word liver sounds yucky to me.

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

I grew up in a German family as well, and that was a regular food in the household along with pickled herring and blood sausage and head cheese (which is a meat). Probably explains why I have been a vegetarian now for over 24 years now!

The Retired One said...

Turtlewoman: You are new to my blog! Welcome aboard. Hope you joined on as a Follower! I had an Uncle and Aunt in Ontonogon and my cousin's husband still owns the hardware store there! I didn't go to that end of the U.P. too often, but it is nice. Glad to hear retirement isn't too far away for you. I love it! Have been retired just a little over a year now. Glad, also to hear you are returning to the U.P. then! You need to consider moving to Michigamme on the lake. It sure is pretty here and there are places for sale right now! The winters are still long, we usually take a trip for about 3-4 weeks which helps. I love all the seasons here, but winter is still harsh and long.

Sandy: You poor thing! Well, at least you realize it has "exotic" taste. ha

Ratty: Yes, it is the "wurst". ha It sounds like a FEW people like it, though. I will NEVER try it to know.

Joanna: I can't eat anything liver either!

Loree: Glad you haven't experienced liverwurst. I am with you on the no liver thing!

Rocky: There is German in my mom's side of the family, so I am sure that is why she liked it. Wow, a vegetarian...that is inspiring. What made you make that decision?

Ramblin Mama said...

The "L" word does sound terrible so I'll call it "braunschweiger". My MIL used to call it "swigger". (Of course, she also used to feed it to the dogs as a treat!) Yep, I even eat it occasionally, but then, I've also been known to eat scrapple 2-3 times a year, too! Maybe it's a geograqphical thing but it's not hard to find in our stores. You can get it at most any grocery chain here in the Mid-Atlantic.

The Retired One said...

Ramblin: I have no choice but to report you to the humane society for feeding your dogs the L-word. ha

SquirrelQueen said...

I remember liverwurst, my dad loved it and it wasn't bad on crackers. Of course I also like liver and onions.

I had a friend in South Carolina who introduced me to liver mush. Yep, you read right. It came in a loaf and you sliced it and fried it. It was usually served with eggs and grits. Think liver sausage.

Well, you brought up the liverwurst!


L. D. Burgus said...

Liver cheese lunch meat was a regular at our house. I still see it sold at meat counters where the grocery store sells specialty meat. Or you buy it by the pound or piece or whatever. Anyway, in our area, they call it liver pate. and they make bowls of it with sour cream for decoration. Yes I stopped eating a lot of those things after I found out what is in them. Some people in this area have to have liver pate for a specialty at Christmas dinners. You have every right to not like it. It does smell like bad cat food in the can. Hang in there!!!

The Retired One said...

SquirrelQueen: I am worried about you too.

L.D.: Buy it by the POUND>??? Oh Lord, that is a scary thought. :-}

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh over here in Minnesota we eat Liverworst quite a bit, I rather like it! :)

The Retired One said...

Far Side: Remind me not to eat at a Minnesota potluck. ha I am glad somebody likes it. It sure isn't my cup of tea.

Ruth said...

Absolutely love liverwrust! Always buy it when daughter comes to visit as she loves it as much as I.She lives in SC and cannot buy it there, I live in NY.

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