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Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Time Flies!!

Remember the soft, warm, spring breezes and opening your windows to let the spring breezes waft in?

Remember seeing your first robin this spring?

Remember seeing your tulips struggling to pop out of the frozen ground?

Remember the bright green leaves budding out of the trees?

Remember these apple blossoms just flowering on the branches?:

And the warm sunshine opening up all the blossoms, spreading sweet apple blossom smell all over the yard?:

Before I knew it, the blossoms shriveled up and there were the little tiny, fuzzy apples growing in their place:

And the apples grew bigger and bigger....


got their late summer blush on them!:

And before we knew it we were hearing "THUD" on the ground every once in a while:

And then all the THUD's added up.....
the damn things were ALL OVER MY YARD and SIDEWALKS!~.....

I got revenge.

I gathered them all up.

I peeled them.

I added cinnamon, sugar and thickeners.

Into THIS:

Oh, Yeah.

And I stuck the little buggers in the oven...

for about an hour.

And I got THIS:

The beginning of another great season===

apple pie season!

Our apples are not hybrid.
They are tart, like old farm orchard apples.
The kind where you bite into them and all of your taste buds come alive
and make your mouth water.
Best of all?
They are FREE.
And they keep us in apple pies until almost Thanksgiving.
(I have a lot of apple trees!)

The only thing saving me, is that I have to go outside almost every day and gather them up from the ground and bag them up so they don't spoil on the ground. many calories do you think that takes versus eating one teeny, tiny piece of apple pie???

Never mind...

I am in denial.

Don't tell me.......!!!


L. D. Burgus said...

Way to go, now I am hungry for apple pie. I will have to sort through my apples to see if I can find some good ones for a pie. Nice sequence of pictures.

Teresa said...

I was just thinking today, how fast time has gone this summer, and then I saw that yummy apple pie, and thought "there is good in everything" if we are looking for it. Lovely post, and it made me want apple pie! : )

Fran Hill said...

All I know is, I put about three kilos on just looking at the flaming pictures. What are you trying to do to us?

The Machinist's Wife said...

Spring is approaching for us at the moment, but we fear the blossoms are appearing a little too soon. Sometimes, we have cold weather - even a little snow - in mid spring.
I can't wait for our apples this year. I can't wait to make pies and you have set me off.
Oh man...
Yum yum...

A New England Life said...

I can hardly bare to think of summer coming to an end! It breaks my heart. But I do love a good Apple pie!!! Free apples are even better!

Do they have worms?

DJan said...

That was a super wonderful journey from those first beautiful blossoms to your scrumptious apple pie. Oh my! I can feel my diet beginning to waver... but I am not fortunate enough to have such pie at my fingertips, or maybe I should say I am not tempted with it! Can I visit you? Save me a piece! I'll have it with a little really good vanilla ice cream right out of the oven, okay?

Brian Miller said...

when life gives you apples...make apple

Rian said...

Hi, just dropped by and visited your site. Loved the pics! And can't stop laughing after reading the 'dumb laws' post. Will be back.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Mmm! The pie looks sooooooo good! Wanna snail mail me a piece? ; )

Wanda said...

How teeny tiny are you talking...1/8, 1/6, maybe 1/4 of the pie?

rainfield61 said...

An apple a day keep the doctor away.
But these apples are consumed by the nature. lol.

~Cheryl said...

Your pie photos left my mouth watering and my nose filled with cinnamony scents! Summer has indeed come and gone.

The Retired One said...

L.D.: Mine don't look that good to start with...they are a little scabby and green. But no worms. I have to peel and peel the little ones but it is worth it to get that tart apple pie that is soooo yummy. So, yes...sort through your apples and have a pie. It will be worth it!!

Teresa: yes, someone else has to be eating apple pie, so I am not the only one. Can you believe that pie is gone already? My husband asked me tonight if I would bake another one tomorrow! ha

Fran: If I gotta, YOU gotta. ha

Machinist's Wife: Where do you live? Australia? Our spring starts in April and we get snow in the spring too!

New England: No worms...very rare for us to see any in the apples. They are just small and are early (green) apples. Sometimes they are a little scabby but the insides are pretty good.

DJan: yes! Cold milk, warm pie with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a great chat would be great.

Brian: Exactly. And apple muffins, apple bars, apple get the idea. We have a LOT of apples at our disposal here. ha

Rian: Great! Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you join on as a Follower!

JJ: I'm afraid by the time it hit California, it would be pretty moldy. ha

Wanda: YOU decide. Either way, it would be worth it. Life is short!

Rainfield: I posted this blog post for you, so you could see the entire cycle from blossom to stomach.ha

Cheryl: It is hard to believe. But we were out on our boat tonight and after the sun set and we drove it in, that air was definitely crisp and COLD. I can smell autumn in the air here, and some of the tips of a few trees are already changing color!

Susanne49 said...

Do you have still some pie left - for me????? I die for homemade apple pies :)

Great post!!!

Sue said...

Of all the things that signal fall, I think apples are THE main thing. Its been a very short summer, hasn't it? The air has already gotten that "autumn" feel to it. Your pie looks wonderful! I make a pretty mean pie too!

Loree said...

Aww I want a piece of that apple piece. It looks delicious. Your apples sound like they taste exactly like the ones that grow here - really tart so that they make your mouth pucker up.

Alan Burnett said...

If there is one thing I love it is an apple pie. Mouth-watering pictures of mouth-watering fare

Cathy Clementz said...

GAWD!!!! There is nothing better than a slice of out of the fridge, COLD apple pie and a glass of COLD milk!!

Ashley said...

{{yums}} We have not had any apples dropping down here yet, but ah those crisp cool morning are starting to set in.

The Retired One said...

Susanne: C'mon over...I'll take the cold milk out of the refridge and we'll have ourselves a snack and a chat!

Sue: I think by the end of autumn, I can make apple pies in my sleep. ha But I really never tire of the taste.

Loree: Yes! In fact, when our apples aren't ripe, I buy Granny Smith apples because I like tart apples that grab all the juices in your mouth. Regular apples are too blah. ha

Alan: Thanks! Yes, the apples are definitely mouth watering. I like them tart!

Cathy: I agree. And I get so spoiled, I gotta have it right out of the oven, or at the very least, the slice microwaved to warm after that.

Ashley: Here, too. The mornings are cool and as soon as the sun sets, the temps. plummet. Already have had 42 degrees and 38 degrees the other night. We sure don't want frost yet...we have tiny tomatoes on the vine to ripen yet!

Gaston Studio said...

We have two ginkgo trees that drop it's fruit every fall and I so wish they were edible so I could make ginkgo pie but unfortunately, they're poisonous.

Kearsie said...

Nom nom nom

I bet you could mail an apple pie to Alabama.

Bernie said...

Hi Joan, my mouth is watering for Apple Pie, looks delicious. What a story teller you are with both words and pictures. Such a joy to come here my friend....:-) Hugs

Joanie M said...

I think I need to send you my address. That pie looks yummiful!

Insanity Kim said...

I have a feeling your pies are as spectacular as your pictures!

We have an apple tree here in Merrick, and was so excited to bring some home....washed them up, ate one, then put them in a bowl; like a day later there were WORMS in the bottom of the bowl! ACK! I don't think the apple trees here are maintenance for eating, unfortunately...

The Retired One said...

Gaston: Ginko trees have fruit? Is that what the antidepressant is made from? I'd be sucking on them. ha

Kearsie: Sure, if there was ever any of it left. ha

Bernie: Sorry..didn't mean for you to salivate. Well, ok..just a little. You are so sweet, you don't need any apple pie. :=}

Joanie: We all but licked the is already gone. (Straight to my hips, I am sure!)

Insanity: YUCK! We are lucky...none of our apples have worms. The outsides sometimes have scabby like skins, but when you peel them they are clear inside.

Ratty said...

This warm green season seems to have gone by so fast. I'm glad you have apple pies to make it a good thing though, the right kind too. I love apple pie. For me there are falling leaves and chilly weather to look forward to, and a few new discoveries.

Jientje said...

Oooooh GOD!!! You made me drool!!! That picture of that pie with the juice oozing out looks sooooooooo .... Oooooh!!! YUM!!!!

The Retired One said...

Ratty: I love the colors of autumn. But the chilly weather..nah..not so much!

Jientje: was yum. And gone already. ha My husband is after me to bake a second one already. :-}

grannyann said...

Gorgeous pics of the apple blossoms and you made me gain about 5 lbs just looking at the pies. Wish I had a couple of slices.

The Retired One said...

Grannyann: I know! But it is worth it. ha

maria said...

I love the way you went for the whole cycle of the apples life. And the pictures are gorgeous.

My first time here.


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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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