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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bittersweet Rummage Sale Time!

I don't know if you remember or not, but I have mentioned before that I planned to open up an antique store. We are in the midst of renovating two homes, one of which was going to be the location of the shop.

We have run into some county regulations which may prevent my using the property for this, so I am a bit discouraged, but trying to investigate through the red tape.

We have collected antiques and collectables throughout the years, and we once had a huge Victorian home full of these type of treasures. I have a lot of them in storage awaiting the shop opening.

In the meantime, I have tried to refrain from collecting more things for inventory, just in case we cannot open the shop, after all.

However, I made an exception this weekend.

Our neighbors who come to the lake just for the summers have decided to sell their place and stay in North Carolina full time. We just got to know them over the last two or three summers, and we really like these folks. So it saddens me to see them go. They used to own a beautiful and awesome shop called Blooming Bay, which had a wonderful inventory of crafts, garden plants and supplies and just outright cool stuff.

So, in preparation of moving away, they decided to have a rummage sale this weekend. And bless their hearts, they offered us first choice of some of the stuff prior to the sale to the public.

Here are some of the neat things we bought:

These two little bottles to put whatever I want in...they are sealed with those silver little corks on the top:

This little cute steeple
candle holder:

In one of the houses we are renovating, I decided to do a blue theme. I already have some antique blue and white dishes to put on the walls, and some cobalt blue bottles.

This vase will be great in there too!:

And then I saw these two plates.
I HAD to have them for home.
Especially in light of my recent apple pie making....

I just loved these!:
These last few pictures came a little blurry, it is not your eyes!
I loved this little carafe with its matching glass topper:

See how it looks with the glass down?:

I can find somewhere in my renovated house for this cute carpet too!:

And I had to have this lamp!
(Ignore the dust and bad background, I store it in the house we are fixing up, so it is dusty and full of construction!):

And this little lady will be holding some garden flowers!:
See how wonderful her sale was?
How could I NOT get these things??

I live in a log home, for goodness sakes! I HAD to get these birch bark planters, right?:

And this mirror???:
(Again: ignore the background and mirror reflection, it is in our storage place!):

And last, but not least...the first thing I saw when I entered the sale was THIS:
I loved that table when it was in her shop.
And now????
It's MINE!
It has a drawer!:

And look at its top!!!

Everytime I see it, I will think of Sharon and Jerry.
A great sale, but bittersweet.
Because they are moving away....
But I know we will remain friends.
You know how you meet someone and immediately gel with them?
It's like that.
So, I better get my maps out and find out how to find them in the hills of North Carolina.
Because we will be packing up soon for a visit with them.

Thanks Sharon and Jerry for a great sale and for being our wonderful neighbors.
We are going to miss you something terrible!


Eva Gallant said...

You got some really great finds there! The table is beautiful, and I loved the glass jugs with metal corks!

Hope you get to open your shop!

Brian Miller said...

good neighbors are hard to replace...but getting alll their good rumage aint so bad either...lovely table...did you leave anything for anyone else? lol.

Bernie said...

Joan, everything is so beautiful, it is impossible to pick a favorite. Glad I wasn't with you as between the two of us poor Sharon & Jerry wouldn't of had anything left to sell. I so love these kind of sales. Sad they are leaving as your neighbors but they will always stay in your heart as friends.....:-) Hugs

Joanie M said...

What great finds!!!!

~Cheryl said...

You did indeed get some fabulous buys. I love the dessert plates! :)

Loree said...

Oh I love all that stuff you found especially the mirror. What a treasure. I am sooo into the vintage/antique items too and I just keep finding these wonderful ladies all over Blogland who are willing to share their treasures with the world. It's great.

Ratty said...

I am always drawn to little bottles like in your first picture. When I was a kid we used to dig holes in a vacant lot, thinking we were going to find antique bottles worth a fortune. I don't remember where the idea came from, but I remember the bottles. We did find some, but none were worth anything.

J.J. in L.A. said...

That "little lady" kinda freaked me out (the eyes) but the rest of the stuff is great, especially the table at the end! So pretty!

retired-ed said...

Oh Boy...eBay. If anything were ever just right for online shopping, your antique store without a home sounds like a perfect fit. Until you get your zoning laws worked out, you could move some inventory online.

Jientje said...

That candle holder is superb!!! You bought some real exquisite things there, beautiful momentums of very sweet people. The plates are cute too, do you think they have hypnotic powers? Maybe they'll protect you from putting on weight from eating too much of that lovely apple pie eh? Who knows? Wishful thinking!!!!

Sue said...

What a score....though it's sad that you are losing some friends in the process. I didn't know you were planning on opening a shop! That's great news.....hubby and I LOVE antique's why we always head out west. Montana has some incredible shops we hit at least once a year. Ooooo, I can't wait to see yours!

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Joan, I'm so excited to hear about your plans for an antique shop. Please keep us posted - I hope you are able to find a way to do it. This is very exciting! If your shop is full of treasures like the ones you showed us today, it will be a smashing success!!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Lovely, lovely things! I would love to do this myself. Dad and Mother were antique dealers. Now that Mother is gone, Dad's just let it all become stuff. But after all, he is 88. And he's tired. But I miss those days.

The Retired One said...

Eva: Thanks! I will keep working on the red tape to see if we can do it.

Brian: I probably didn't leave much for anyone else, at least not the good stuff. :-}

Bernie: yes, they will. They are such a fun couple! I am sure we will keep in touch. And now we will have a new place to visit in NC.

Joanie: I am like a junkie. Can't get enough. ha

Cheryl: I know! I just chuckled when I saw the plates. It is so my humor and Sharon's humor.

Loree: They ARE treasures, aren't they? I always wonder how many other homes they have been into to and the stories they could tell.

Ratty: you would love the lot we built our house on. When we were digging the foundation, we found a bunch of old bottles!

JJ: Oh, they aren't creepy..they are cute! Look at her friendly expression! Ummmm...something about your childhood you want to tell us? LOL

Retired: I may do some items that way. My husband has sold LOTS on ebay. But some of what we have is big furniture, etc. in which we don't want to deal with the shipping issues...but I definitely will turn to Ebay if we can't do the shop for the smaller stuff.

Jientje: If only the plates would work that way, hey?

Sue: Then say some prayers for us..we are having county issues with building requirements in which we would have to get a variance for.

Lynn: I am hoping! If you have any pull with the County Building Government Gods, then pray for us. ha

Boomer: You should DO it...if you love antiques, then it won't even seem like work!

DJan said...

You know, Joan, more than the wonderful finds, I have an image of you with your camera snapping these pictures, excited as a girl, just the way you seem to be living your whole life. Need I say that YOU are the best find of all?

Kearsie said...

Awesome finds! I can't wait to finally live in our log cabin (right now it only lives in our minds) and collect the perfect treasures to go inside. I love those birch bowls!

The Retired One said...

DJan: You are sooo sweet! You always are so motivating and generous with your comments!

Kearsie: Our log home lived in our minds for about 30 years before we built one as our retirement home, so you keep will come true for you too. I loved the birch planters too...I have a rustic cabin theme in our basement, so they will go perfectly in there! Someday I will take photos of it for the blog.

grannyann said...

I love the things you bought. When I was a kid I remember my mom having a glass/carafe like that but it was clear glass with flowers cut in the glass. I remember it being very thin and delicate but was used when we were sick and would need a drink of water while in bed.

The Retired One said...

Grannyann: How nice to have water beside you in bed when you were little!

fiftyodd said...

How fantastic to stumble across an accomplished, interesting and beautiful blog by someone almost my own age! As a humble South African blogger, I am always lost in admiration at how well you American ladies handle all the technical side of blogging. I shall revisit often!

The Retired One said...

fiftyodd: Thanks so much!! I hope you joined on as a Follower, that would be fantastic! I would love to know more about South Africa, too! Welcome aboard!

Neena said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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