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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Purple Finch (or Rose-breasted Grosbeak?) and Hairy Woodpeckers!

In the dead of winter,
it is delightful
to birdwatch.

It is especially delightful to see birds
of color
this time of year....

I am always envious of those Blogger friends of mine
that have Cardinals visit them.

We have only had a few of them visit us, and only ONE time did one visit us in the winter...
for a total of less than 60 seconds.

So, early this winter,
I was thrilled to look outside of my window
only to see a flash of red up in the apple trees.

There is was!

It was red.

But it wasn't a rose-breasted Grosbeak (or was it?).

And it didn't look like a purple finch...



It only stayed for 30 seconds...
long enough for me to get 4 semi-blurry shots!:

But it was a thrill...nevertheless!:

Do you think it was a Purple Finch

I also have about two pairs
of  Hairy woodpeckers here that visit my suet regularly.

I am also envious of all of you that get the Pileated Woodpeckers to come and land so close...
here, they are very shy and do NOT come to my feeders or even close to my yard.

But these guys amuse me and I like seeing them too:

I love it when they visit during
a snow storm!

Sometimes we wonder how they survive out there during blizzards!

I hope you are surprised and amused by something
as you look out your window
this winter's day!


Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Joan,

We get the rose breasted grosbeaks all the time. They have a very black head with just a patch of red on their breast.

Judging by the beak I would say it is a grosbeak and suggest it might be a Pine Grosbeak.

That is my best guess. He sure is a beauty.


MadSnapper said...

the hairy woodpecker is adorable, and i don't see any hair at all. ha ha. each area has its own birds, yours are beautiful. outside our window, last week i saw a very tall white crane standing in our front yard, the week before 4 Ibis were there, we see gulls and buzzards/vultures and hawks and doves. cardinals in the spring, blue jays and a few pigeons. none of the exotic birds like yours. we do see flocks of small parrots in the summer.

Unknown said...

I never fully appreciated the beauty of our feathered friends until I started reading your blog. Your photos are always so amazing.

Angie said...

Those are really lovely photos!! How lucky to have a Pine Grosbeak come visit you. :) I've been feeding the birds for quite some years now, and it's just this Winter that we've had the Cardinals decide to come dine with us. Maybe some day the Grosbeaks will come. :D

Anonymous said...

THAT is a Pine Grosbeak for sure!!! When we would be home in the winter we got them and snow buntings all the time through the winter months. Do you get the buntings? I haven't noticed any shots.

Joanie said...

That red bird looks like a Pine Grosbeak. Purple finches have brown or tan beaks, but the pine grosbeak has a black beak. And the pine grosbeak has a red head where the Rose breasted one has a black head.

Ah, I see Vicki agrees with me!

Country Gal said...

Awesome photos !I have photos of the same breeds of birds ! What size and type of lense do you use for these closeup photos !
Your right bird watching any time of year is wonderful ! Have a great day !

Linda Reeder said...

As I look out my window I am surprised to see that it is not raining. I guess I'd better plan on going for a walk.
Love the bird shots. I know the red one is not a finch.

Tracy said...

Great great photos...
you know, I put out new suet today and the birds just swarmed it and there was a woodpecker who was being a piggy and not letting any of the other birds share.
I actually just started with the different kinds of feed so am thrilled with the visitors. I had a bluebird that made me smile :) However, it's too cold to go out and get photos...

Ginnymo said...

Love those photos of the Woodpecker and I like the one that has the Back Capped Chickadee it with it. Great photos as usual Joan!!

Red said...

As always, I appreciate your high quality photos and the comments just put icing on the cake.
Would the bird be a crossbill? There are two kinds so get your bird book out and have a look.

Unknown said...

Lovely photos Joan, as usual. As I look out my window, I see tiny sparrow in my neighbor's hedge, feeding on the berries in both of our yards. Spunky little things!

Amy said...

how funny, i have been sitting here all morning trying to take a picture of Grama's Cardinals to put up on my blog, but my camera isn't cooperating..the pictures of the Pine Grosbeck and the woodpeckers are awesome...My Dad gets Pileteds at his house, I haven't noticed any here at Grams though...

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi, As others have said, you had a Pine Grosbeak.. I could tell by its beak that it was a grosbeak... Beautiful bird!!!!

Great pictures of the Hairy also... We don't see them often --but see the Downy's ALOT.

Pat Tillett said...

Beautiful colors! I REALLY wish we had a bigger variety of colorful birds where I live...

Far Side of Fifty said...

Pine Grosbeak for sure..we will get them towards spring..maybe you are getting spring!! :)

Ann said...

So glad to see you using the suet feeders. I got two and put them where the bird seed feeders were and I have been wondering if the birds like them. It has been too cold to fill feeders so I thought these easier and they were on sale. My grandson said there were some holes in them so maybe they are getting eaten. Too cold to sit out and see if I have a woodpecker tho...brrrrrrrr

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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