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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Princess in the Woods?

Once upon a time,
a lovely maiden and her handsome husband knight
took their humble carriage into the woods
looking for magical creatures and wonderous things.

They stopped at a lovely spot
to have a picnic amongst the enchanted forest trees.

Something sparkly caught the maiden's eye...

"No! She thought..this cannot be so!"
"I cannot really be seeing what I THINK I am seeing!"

So, she called the Knight over to see if she might be mistaken.

The Knight warned the maiden: "Do not touch them! They might be cursed!
It is surely a TRICK!".

The Maiden heeded the Knight's warning and did the only wise thing
the Maiden could have done.

She took a picture of them:
Oh, yes....Princess slippers!
Right in the MIDDLE of the enchanted forest....just sitting there!!!

Then, the Maiden decided that perhaps she should take some MORE pictures of them.
Maybe she could get some clues as to where the Princess who owned them were...
(The Maiden was a little concerned about how dirty the INSIDE of the magic Princess shoes were and wondered why the Princess shoes were missing some sparkle, but tried NOT to think about why).

But then, the Maiden noticed even something MORE strange.

It appeared that the missing Princess who lost these shoes
in the middle of the enchanted forest,
didn't know if she was COMING or GOING!:
The Maiden asked the Knight: "What do you make of this Sire?"

"Was the Princess confused as to her direction in life?"

"Was Princess life too stressful for her so she twirled in opposite directions and got all twisted up?"

"Where do you think the Princess who lost these shoes is?"

and even WORSE....
the Maiden began to really worry:
"What if the Princess has had an evil spell put on her and she has been changed into something or someone ELSE???"

The Maiden looked around the enchanted forest for clues.

And she spied the most beautiful butterfly on a nearby branch:
Could THIS be the Princess of the Missing Shoes?

But the butterfly giggled just like a butterfly giggles,
and softly flittered away.

Or, "Oh Mon Deux!" (said the Maiden who only had two years of high school French, therefore could not think anything else in French).."could the Princess of the Missing Shoes
have been turned into THIS (by an evil WITCH?)":
"Oh Gosh, I hope not!"said the Maiden. "Because WHO would want to live out the rest of a Princess life as a FUNGI?"

The Maiden saw a puddle on the side of the road then.

And she was AMAZED
to see little fish swimming in the PUDDLE!

Surely one of them was the Princess of the Missing Shoes...
because HOW ON EARTH did these fish end up in a puddle???:
So the Maiden asked the fish, one by one...
"Are you a Princess of the Missing Shoes?"
none of them answered her.

(Which obviously means either the fish were stuck up
or they didn't understand English.)

Either way, it didn't solve the mystery.

Just then, the Maiden heard some tapping in the Enchanted Forest.

"Perhaps that is the Princess of the Missing Shoes trying to communicate with me!", she exitedly exclaimed.

She looked everywhere to find the source of the sound.

Finally, the Mainden saw what creature was tapping:
A pileated woodpecker!!!
Or WAS it?

Was THIS the Princess of the Missing Shoes???

I mean, look at that gorgeous red was certainly FIT for a Princess!!

But the bird quit tapping and flew away.

Surely if the bird WAS the Princess of the Missing Shoes, she would have stayed and kept trying to tap out a message to get rescued by the Knight or the Maiden.

Wouldn't you think?

And, for some reason, the Knight wasn't even concerned about the Maiden and her frantic search for the Princess of the Missing Shoes....

In fact, instead, ...the Knight kept repeating to the Maiden:
"Don't TOUCH those shoes...who knows where they've BEEN??"
followed by:
"And why on earth are you taking photos of them?"


Non-blogging Knights just don't get it sometimes.

But it was getting dark by this time in the enchanged forest.

Besides, the Maiden had to get home (to do maidenly things)
the Knight had to get home (to do whatever Knights do).

It was time to get back in the carriage and do just that.

The Maiden was very sad that she could not find
the Princess of the Missing Shoes.

The Knight continued to not give a shit.

So, for the MAIDEN's SAKE----(ignore the Knight!)
whatever you do....

if you see any critters you think might be
the cursed Princess of the Missing Shoes in the woods....

please have her get in touch with the Maiden immediately
(through my blog of course)...
so the Maiden can tell the Princess of the Missing Shoes
exactly where they are.

This is most important, because after a hard winter in the U.P. of Michigan,
her sparkly slippers
are going to be
in pretty bad shape....
a deer might be sporting them for attention.

And just try and explain THAT to a U.P. Hunter on November 15th!!

The END.

Do you realize that you only have
to enter the September

September's theme is:

so get your picture into me
no later than midnight
on Sept. 30th.
Just don't sit there on YOUR royal you-know-what...
get busy!!!!


Anonymous said...

THIS IS THE BEST HUMOROUS THING I'VE READ IN A LONG TIME!!! YOU certainly DO have an imagination. And I've never seen a butterfly or moth like that so you certainly were in an enchanted forest!!

Unknown said...

LOL! Well Joan, that was quite a find... and a tale to match! Amazing what one can find in the woods, discarded and never thought about again. Great imagination you have there.

Wanda..... said...

Maiden Joan.....finding those slippers could make ones imagination run wild! I so hope there's a simple explanation, maybe a raccoon took them from a porch and carried them deep into the woods... tell yourself that, or else, Maiden Joan will find no peace of mind.

What about the 'little fish' though??? I need you to solve that mystery for my peace of mind.

Jeanette said...

Ha! I too wonder what those slippers are doing in the middle of the woods! Very strange!

Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos and post !

jeanlivingsimple said...

The slippers look like the ones my granddaughter the Princess lost last summer somewhere in Georgia. Dang,how did they end up in Michigan???

I enjoyed the fairy tale and the fine photos!:)

Linda said...

Charming story.
Each photo made me more curious as to who the little sparkle shoes belong too.

Carole Barkett said...

Awesome imagination, great story to go with those photos

Unknown said...

What a cute story to go with some great photos! Love your imagination and your skill with the camera!

Brian Miller said...

haha...non blogging knights...a fabulous tale to go with your pics...esp of that woodpecker...very nice.

Anonymous said...

a very pleasant article, I liked your text and beautiful pictures! ... As always!
Bye !!

Loree said...

Ha ha. A very amusing tale.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Joan, I'm home---and trying to catch up on blogs this week.... It's hard!!!! ha... Loved your fairy tale... You are an incredible writer... Have you ever published a book? You should... AND--with your photography skills, you could illustrate your own book....

Gail Wilson said...

Oh what a lovely tale you weaved! I have found the lost princess....She lives here with us. HOw do we know it is the lost princess?? Because her real name is Princess Mistaya!!
PS.. She said you can keep the Princess shoes...she got them kind of dirty when she was out running around in that Enchanted Forest that day and she doesn't want the Royal Queen and His HIgness the King to know she went so far from home...(You know..from her front yard!). But thanks for finding them anyway. Next time (if she can get away again) she will leave a note on them so you will know she is okay.
Hugs to you, Princess Mistaya's M.O.M.

rainfield61 said...

You have produced one of the interesting stories.

Thumbs up.

jessica said...

Cute tale... what WERE you drinking when you were out in the Enchanted Forest, girl?! Seriously, how odd to find those shoes in the middle of nowhere... Thanks for the entertainment!

Shelley said...

I loved this post Joan! Great photos to go with your creative writing! You should publish this!!!

SquirrelQueen said...

Hmmm, perhaps the maiden should not have nibbled on the magical mushroom. My theory would be the silly princess was out looking for a frog in hopes of finding her Prince Charming. She got the story confused and kissed one of those tadpoles instead and turned herself into a tadpole.

Loved your fairy tale Joan, that was great fun.

I didn't forget a photo this month, I just don't have anything to send. We are a little short on both waterfalls and fountains in this part of the state.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Joan, Great Fairy Tale..I really enjoyed it!
No photo from me this month either...we don't have waterfalls in this area..and none of our trips out and about had any either..the one fountain I found was a drinking fountain..not very interesting:(

Pat Tillett said...

I think the mushroom explains a great deal!
very creative post joan...

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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