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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here they ARE!: February 2010 Photo Contest Entries!!!

Are you ready?

I SAID....




Just WAIT until you see February's Photo Contest entries of the theme: Critter Closeups.

We got all KINDS of critters.

We got inside and outside photos and all kinds of angles....

They are WONDERFUL.....

See for yourselves!

Here we go.......................

This one is from Jeannie (Jientje). She has two blogs: Heaven is in Belgium and Heaven 365.

This one is from Ratty at The Everyday Adventurer.

This one is from Ramblin' Mama (Sue) at Random Splashes of Thought.

This one is from Mark at Going Like Sixty.

This one is from Captain Connie (Connie). She has two blogs: Far Side of Fifty and Far Side of Fifty Photos.

This one is from Lynette, who does not have a blog.

This one is from L.D. (Larry). He has two blogs: Larry's Creative Zone and Larry's Photo A Day.

This one is from Judy (SquirrelQueen). She has two blogs: The Road to Here and Through Squirrel Eyes.

This one is from Ann (Grannyann) at Ann Tucker Blog.

This one is from Lynn from For Love or Funny.

This one is from Kim (Insanity Kim) at A Parent's Life to Behold: Through the Eyes of Insanity and Bliss.

This one is from Cathy at Yooper Yarns.


Aren't all of these WONDERFUL????

I loved each and every one, I really did....for different reasons.

I am SO GLAD I am not one of the judges this time, because it would be so hard to pick just ONE winner!

So now, I am on the hunt for three random judges over the next three weeks.

I will announce the winner around March 15th, so stay tuned!!!!

Thanks to every person who entered this contest, you took wonderful photos.


March's photo contest's theme IS:

(What else, it is the St. Patrick's holiday month, right?....)

"Anything GREEN or Anything Irish"

You all can interpret that anyway you want....................

So please enter a photo by midnight EST on March 31, 2010 that fits this theme from your archives or a new one (if you can find anything green THIS time of year!)......

I'll be waiting....................

the RULES are HERE, in case you forgot them!!!


Loree said...

I so wanted to send in an entry but I totally forgot that February just have 28 days and, me being me, I kept postponing it until I realised it was March 1st. I am too silly :( Hope to make it this month.

Lynn Kellan said...

I'm loving all of these photos... I don't envy the judges, because they are going to have a tough choice to make!!

Mike said...

I don't even know what to say! They are all some of the most brilliant photos that I have seen!

Jientje said...

Great pictures! I agree It is hard to pick a favorite!

Cathy Clementz said...

WOW!!! There are some very excellent shots there!!! Glad I'm not a judge either!!

DJan said...

These are so great, and I would be hard pressed to pick one myself. I love the giraffe, the wet dog nose, the... oh, I love them all too!

The Retired One said...

Loree: Shame on you! ha Make sure you get busy then on March's contest and send me a photo of "Something Green or Something Irish" right away...don't wait until March 31st, silly!!

Lynn: I sure agree!

Otin: I love hosting this contest and seeing all the photos as they roll in...its been great fun! You and Brian are going to have to have a writing contest on your blog(s)!

Jientje: Yes it will be, yours included!!

Cathy: Yes, I am even having a hard time picking my three judges! I want to pick judges this time that don't own any pets so that they won't be swayed. ha

DJan: I know what you each one came in, I was oooo-ing and awww-ing. You have to enter this month...I am sure with all that moss out there, you will find "something green"!! ha

Insanitykim said...

Fantastic entries! How I love photography!!!

CiCi said...

These are all such awesome photos!!! They are so very different from each other even though they follow the same theme. The judges have their work cut out for them! I say give them all a gold star!!

Unknown said...

Love them!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Some are very good --and some are very ordinary... I guess I'm prejudiced --but I still like Squirrel Queen (Judy). She ALWAYS takes creative pictures..

Good Luck to the judges.

Brian Miller said...

some great pics...the one of that amazing colorful bird, took the cake for me...and the

Fran Hill said...

The giraffe wins hands down for me. Such a good picture. I want to have him for tea. (Obviously, as a guest, not as a dish.)

Stella Jones said...

What fun! Your link to the rules didn't work for me. How do we upload to your website? or do we post on our own and you take it? Please explain. Sorry I missed all the instructions first time around.
Blessings, Star

Unknown said...

Amazing shots! I wouldn't want to have to pick a winner, either.

The Retired One said...

Insanity: ME too! I love seeing what people enter. I am already looking forward to March's entries!

TechnoBabe: Yes, they sure DO all deserve a gold need to enter this next contest,too! C' can do it!

Ashley: Isn't it fun to see what people enter? I can't wait every month to see what comes in!

Betsy: Yes, her's was wonderful, and so many of the others were, too...I love seeing how folks interpret the theme and what they send in for an entry. I hope you enter March's contest!

Brian: I was the SAME way as they came in...I loved ONE and then another would come in and I would love THAT one...etc.etc. Pretty hard to judge this time!

Fran: I am glad you cleared that one up..I was hoping you weren't talking about EATING him for lunch. ha He was adorable, wasn't he?

Star: Thanks so much for telling me the link wasn't is now fixed so go back and click on it and you should get right to the rules...what you do is send me your photo via my personal email (which is listed in the rules). If you have any trouble, let me know....I hope you enter in March, that would be GREAT!

Eva: Ok then, I won't ask you to judge this time around. ha

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm (kinda) glad I wasn't able to join the contest because I wouldn't have had a chance of winning! lol!

These are awesome!!!

Lorac said...

You are so right! It will be a tough decision. They are all so good!

Sara said...

Wow, all of these pictures are so AWESOME! I twas neat to see how each pic had something special!

Have a wonderful day!

Bernie said...

Joan, these are absolutely great, I love every one of them.....what a wonderful job everyone has done. I love how your contest is encouraging so many people to enter such amazing photos.....Hugs

The Retired One said...

JJ: Now, now..don't be intimidated! PLEASE enter in March....everyone has the same chance of winning! :-}

Lorac: You are's going to be tough.

Sara: That is why I love the contests so much. Every one that comes in has me going "wow".

Bernie: I am still waiting for your entry, my friend...think about doing the "Something Green or Something Irish" one! I'd love to see what you would submit.

Ratty said...

There are some very excellent pictures here this time. Good luck to the judges, because there's no way I could choose a winner.

Ann said...

Those pics are Terrific!!! I loved them all. Very creative.

SquirrelQueen said...

I always love seeing everyone's photos, we all have our own interpretations of a theme.

The one from Ann with the cows crossing the road and a trooper looking on just cracked me up, that is funny. Is he thinking about giving them a ticket for jaywalking?

The Retired One said...

Ratty: Me neither!!!

Grannyann: yes, they were. I was so excited as they came rolling in. It is always fun.

SquirrelQueen: I do too, including yours. Yes, Ann's photo made me smile too. I wonder if the policeman was yelling; "Get a moooooooo-ve on!" ha

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats to all the photographers! Each photo is very special.

The Retired One said...

Joanna: They sure were! Loved them all. When are you going to submit a photo to my contest????

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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