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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, Just Kill Me and Get it Over With

Well, I got it. That nasty, ugly, cold/virus/flu that all of you blogged about before.

Oh, I was pretty conceited.

I thought because I had taken this year's flu shot, I would be safe.

Snickering, I smugly thought: "They should have gotten a flu shot, they wouldn't be suffering like that."

Well, God has a sense of humor. (Yes, SHE does!)

Ever since we pulled in our driveway from vacation, I have had increasing symptoms of a cold/flu that has turned out to be the worst I have had in the last five years.


1. One is not particularly attractive with two wads of toilet paper sticking out of one's nostrils.

2. It IS possible to hack up a lung. In fact, even two. I have them on my lap to prove it.

3. It is not possible to lay down and breathe at the same time. Take your pick...comfort or life.

4. You can gop on a whole container of vaseline along your nose line and lip line with one hand, while balancing the cold capsules in the other hand.

5. Make sure you are on the commode, ready to pee when you have a sneezing fit. (If you are a woman over 50 yrs. old and have had at least one child). (Trust me, it isn't pretty).

6. The only thing HOT about you is your forehead.

7. You can layer on two nightgowns, a robe, a sweater, two pairs of socks and a pair of slippers and still be frickin' cold.

8. Two minutes after you do the above, you can whip it all of in 3 seconds while loudly whining: "Why is it so frickin' HOT in here?"

9. You can put a pile of kleenex on your left shoulder to lean your face into while typing on your laptop to blog. (They slip, but that helps wipe up the continuing drainage on its own).

10. You can train your brain headache throbs to go in beat to all the game show music you are stuck watching, but not really understanding (because of the medicine head fog).

11. You can personally be responsible for the stock market going up because of all the cold medicines you have bought over the last 48 hours.

12. The only thing "green" you have is your nasal drainage because you are also responsible for killing thousands of trees to make the kleenex you have used in the last 24 hours.

13. You have spent the last 3 hours on-line on the internet looking up comfortable ways to commit suicide (if there is such a way.) Unfortunately, taking an overdose of pills isn't an have already done that with cold medicines and it hasn't worked.

14. You didn't think it was possible to look older, but with the black rings under your eyes, your bulging, watering eyes and your red nose, no longer look like your mother, you look more like your grandmother. (Or , better yet, probably your grandfather).

15. You whine more than a new puppy about how sick you are feeling...but it does no good...your husband is just as bad and no one else lives with us.....not even a puppy.

So, I had no were the lucky ones!!

Hope I live to see tomorrow so I can again blog with clarity.


melissa said...

oh no!! feel better!! for someone who doesn't feel well to whip out a great post...i'm impressed!!

June Saville said...

I can't WAIT for OUR winter retired one ...
June in Oz

Aria said...

The alien's got you too! Those sneaky SOB's! And to to a surveillance mission and get you upon your return is just so mean... The ONLY plus to this, is that you didn't get sick on vacation... someone might have offered you their speedos when you ran out of tissues... then you'd have been puking too...

Feel better soon, lady!

K2Comfort said...

The bright side - You did not have to call anyone to tell them you would not be into work today!!!

I love your blog...I will definitely be following. Check out my fiancee and my blog at It is similarly funny due to HER sense of humor.

Debb Young said...

Oh gosh I can so very much relate to you! You should peek at my wife, mother and hormonal rage post - sheesh lol.

clare3 said...

You described it to a "T" and so real, I really laughed. Truth is always funnier than fiction.

dreamwalker said...

LOL...we had flu shots in the office last year and many of those who got them got sick too! Am I glad that I didn't get the shots...Sorry, I am not helping am I?

Get well soon!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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