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Monday, January 26, 2009

Japan Gets It !!!

Did you hear on the news about Japan encouraging companies to stop making their workers work 12 hour days because they think it is the reason why Japan's birthrate has drastically dropped?

Their government wants couples to leave work early and go home and make whoopie, in hopes that their national birth rate will increase.

Now THAT is a government that understands.

Look at us in the U.S.

We work and work and work some more. Many of us work 12 hour work days, come home, do the laundry, pay the bills, work on this year's income tax report, help our kids do their homework, cook dinner, and on and on. Until we collapse in bed, only to lay awake with insomnia because we are literally too exhausted to fall asleep.

Like the Japanese, we have no energy for anything either...including sex.

C'Mon Obama.

We saw you flirting with your wife at the Inauguration. We saw your romantic waltz at all those evening events. You two got it goin' on. But wait..... Once you start working your regular 18 hour days (which it seems you are already doing) you will soon see what Japan (and most of us) sees. You will be too tired to keep that energy of yours up.

The average American is exhausted, just like in Japan.

So, maybe you will follow their lead and write a proposal that we all go home early?

We don't even have to use the extra time to make whoopie to make babies.

How about just so we can get our bladders back to normal? (We are used to holding it all day while working).

How about just so we can actually buy our food and cook it at home now and then? (We are used to drive-up windows where food can be gulped down in our cars as fast as possible).

How about so we can actually talk (face-to-face) with each other? (We are a nation with text messages, voicemails and e-mails. No time for human interaction).

How about so we can actually stay home with our kids and just play outside? (We are continually dropping them off for ballet, soccer, art lessons, and drama classes so we can get home to finish the work we took home because we didn't have time to finish it at work. Your kids then are with someone else interacting with them instead of us, their parents.)

How about so we can actually read a book? (We read more e-mails, text messages and billboards on our rush to and from work and during our workdays then an entire book now).

How about so we can actually be happy? (We are a nation of people on antidepressants, with a high rate of suicide, crime and people displaying driving rage).

Japan was the most forward thinking in car manufacturing, and now this.

Yes, we need to take a lesson from our friends in Japan.


Insanity Kim said...






Polly said...

This is the honest to God truth, funny as it can be, but true!! I love your sense of humor.

Kearsie said...

Preach it, Sister Joan! Can I get a witness, mm-hmm!

Anonymous said...

This is VERY true! My husband came from England and cannot believe people here work such long hours and weeks with little to no vacations. In England it is the law for everyone, part or full time to get 4 weeks off a year, thats not counting all of the other days they get off, at Christmas they all have 3 days off mandatory. No wonder he wants us to relocate to England soon.
By the way, I have a personal blog at:

Anonymous said...

well I am all for leaving work early but all I can do at this stage in my life is "practice" making kids, why not lol!

Markk said...

Good sense of humour and I like your writing style. Nice blog.

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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