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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ratty, at has been a rabble-rouser and has awarded a blogger award :

to several bloggers on his "favorites" list, which included me! (Thanks Ratty!) By the way, can you blog sometime to us on how you got the nickname Ratty?

Anyway, since he refused to "follow the rules" for the blogger award by irreverantly just saying it goes to everyone on his "favorites" list (I like his style!), I am doing the same. His rule (which I have now adopted because Damn! It's a good idea!) is that in order to officially accept and display the award on your blog site, you must make a comment on this post. If you don't want to participate by doing so, then you have that option.

So, go to the very bottom of my blog and you will see a list of the blogs that I am following. If you are listed there, consider yourself an award-winner if you have read this and you are on the list. You may now display your new Lemonade Award after commenting that you accept the award on this (my post). Congratulations everyone!!!! LOL


Insanity Kim said...

Hey that was my idea for the award you just sent me!! No hope for an original thought in this world...sigh;)

Even so, I think this is a great idea, because I try to keep my sidebar blog roll to the ones that I want to visit everyday, and I do visit. Manically, obsessively...

So I accept this award, thank you for linking to me, and I shall display it after a few more insane moments of my life pass by!

ps: have you been to Kearsie's blog? You need to enter your burger post in that humor writing contest...

The Retired One said...

Kim, I entered today! Wish me luck! Sorry, I guess you BOTH came up with the idea to refer to your lists for the award! You are BOTH rabble rousers. (No wonder I like your blog!)
Hey, did you like my list of how you know you have winter cabin fever?? (see my blog post below the Lemonade awards).

Ratty said...

Thanks for mentioning me, and I'd like to add that you deserve this award very much, your blog is wonderful! You did a good job in your post of continuing the fun. I'll make sure my post has a special update with an extra link to yours.

As for my name, Ratty, I actually revealed that secret long ago in an internet Tag game. But since it was a long time ago, my name originally belonged to my childhood imaginary friend. The last time I saw him was when I was about 3, but I still remember him clearly.

VaBookworm said...

Yay! I'm on the list! lol Thanks!!!!!! I most heartily accept!

By the way, I agree with the BK bit... The king is Creepy McWeirdo. Definitely the funniest blog post I've read in a while :oD

Susanne49 said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! It's nice to see new faces visiting :) At the Tampa area you will have beautiful sunsets, what we don't have over here at the Atlantic site. Looking forward to see your photos, following your blog :)

Sue's Daily Photography

Debbie said...

I absolutely adore your garden, lake and home in the slide photos. My home of 17 years was in Maine with my 1st husband and children (till they grew so darn fast) on Presumscott river, we loved it and the views were breathtaking.
Thanks for helping me remember!
Ps. I put the site here back to normal and answered your comment, thanks so much for letting me agree with you, it was too high techy looking for me, I like homey looks too - your blog is like that and I love it.

Kearsie said...

I just noticed something.
You spelled tomotoes, instead of tomatoes.

Just sayin.

The Retired One said...

Sorry Kearsie....I hadn't noticed. Must have typed in your website before my morning coffee that day.
I fixed it! Thanks for letting me know!

Kearsie said...

No problem, Joan. Your blog is hilarious. It's too bad we weren't closer, we could get together and play cards or something to stave off the winter blahs!

Debb said...

good morning! If you have a minute today would you do me a favor, take a look over here at my blog and let me know if you see any new difference in it width wise (across)? For some odd reason it looks like it isn’t spanning the width of my screen anymore and it should be.
thanks, Debb

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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