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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I GOT Him: Part TWO...

If you read my last blogpost, you will know that I am thrilled because I FINALLY caught my elusive Cardinal on camera.
He came on a very foggy day, and let me get some shots of him---
but then he flew.
But, luckily, he returned about 5 minutes later and gave me a second chance!

Isn't he pretty:

Here he is in flight!:

Such a pretty bird!:

Look at his backside!
Even THAT is beautiful!!:

Dark and foggy outside,
he was a wonderful bright spot of red out there:

This was one of the few shots I was able to get when the sun came out for a second through the fog:

But after ALL that complaining about not being able to get ANY of the elusive Cardinal for WEEKS now...

I was very happy to get all of these shots.

Thanks, "Red"...I really appreciate your patience with me!:

I hope some of your wishes come true for you today too!!

*P.S.: Just a reminder that I have pre-published the last few you read this I am on a road trip to Florida to visit my daughter. I will be checking comments on the road wherever there is WiFi and of course will be "live" posting when we get back sometime around the 15th of December. Thanks for reading my blog while I am gone...I may get a little behind in reading your blogs, but I will catch up with you when I return.


Unknown said...

He is certainly royal-looking!

Brian Miller said...

i hope you are having an amazing trip...and capturing it all to share with us when you get back. beautiful pics of "red"

Bernie said...

Oh Joan you really got him well today....I loved this post even more than your first one, if that is even possible.......:-) Hugs

DJan said...

Oooo, oooo, you are almost at 200 followers! I love the one picture of the cardinal where you accentuated the fog so that the focus is on him. Great job! And I hope you're having a wonderful time on the road...

blushing rose said...

I wish my cardinals would stay still that long for a photo-op! He is gorgeous! I love watching ours every morning in the feeder.

You take the most beautiful pics ever. TY for sharing. I love them all.

TTFN ~Marydon
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L. D. said...

Oh my, you did catch that guy many times in many poses. The are all very nice shots. I like the ones that look like he is turning to look at the camera. I hope you have had a save trip to Florida. Take a lot of orchid pictures and palm leaf photos. You will be good at that.

Ginnymo said...

I am so happy you saw the cardinal!! Great photos of him in the fog too!! I am real happy tonight!! I saw my crippled fox right outside my living room window. Although it was dark and I had to be careful not to spook him, he looked great! And it does appear that he has chewed off those nasty protruding bones. I am so happy to have seen him. I might never get another picture of him but as long as I see him now and then to know he's alive and well, I'll be happy. So I got my wish too Joan!!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Great shots of the male Cardinal. My blog tomorrow will feature some of my backyard birds---but I didn't get the male Cardinal either. I need to try again--since they are so pretty this time of year.


Joanna Jenkins said...

WIth the snow in the background, that cardinal is especially beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

I hope Florida is much warmer and you're having a GREAT visit with your daughter. Safe travels,

Sue said...

I've read that the cardinals range has been spreading farther north in recent years-glad to see they've made it up that far now. I had missed them when we lived up there.

Rick (Ratty) said...

I'm glad you were given this gift of the cardinal. After waiting so long to get him, I know it must have been wonderful to finally get these pictures. You did a great job on them. I like them all.

The Retired One said...

Eva: He acts royal too...I hope to catch him on a sunny day someday, too, if he grants me the royal wish. ha

Brian: Well, it has been chilly and raining the whole time we have been here! Today though it is in the 70's and the rain is supposed to stop...lets hope so! it is great seeing my daughter though, so that is what is most important..and at home, they are getting a I shouldn't be complaining!

Bernie: thanks! My next wish is to get him when it is sunny out, but hey, I am lucky to have gotten him at all, right?

DJan: We are loving visiting with my daughter, but the weather has been chilly and raining the entire time thus far. Today is supposed to get in the 70's and the rain is supposed to clear up. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Blushing Rose: Love your new picture, the hat is adorable. I hope you catch your elusive Cardinals on camera too!

L.D.: thanks. I sure will try to get some tropical photos. Got some good ones thus far of the spanish moss on the large oaks and great pelican shots...waiting for the sun to come out to take some more plantlife and if it would stop raining, that would be nice. ha

Ginnymo: Oh, thank goodness the little fox is making it. The wild animals never cease to amaze me with their fortitude! I am so happy for you.

Betsy: I will get to your blogposts, but I am soooo far behind in my reading due to the trip. I love good bird photos, so I will be looking forward to it.

Joanna: Florida has been cold and rainy (BOO!) but today it is in the 70's and it is supposed to stop raining today or tomorrow (finally!!)

Sue: Yes, I love seeing them up here...they aren't very plentiful, but they are here. This is the second year we have seen them in on our lake property and we have lived here five years. So, we hope they keep coming back.

Ratty: Thanks! Being a photographer, you know that I am already hoping for other shots of him when it is NOT foggy out there! ha

Anonymous said...

What a great photo! I just love the cardinal. He is Kentucky's state bird and I have lots of them in my yard this time of the year!

rainfield61 said...

A woman in red?

West Side of Straight said...

Your Cardinal pictures turned out great! We're just a little too far north in MN to have Cardinals, just Bluejays - but their blue is so pretty too.

The Retired One said...

Southernlady: You are so lucky to have them in your yard all the time. We rarely see them here and when we do, it is quite thrilling.

Rainfield: nope, the ones I caught on camera were the colorful males!

WestSide: We are further north than you, I bet!? We live in the U.P. which is on Lake Superior. Where do you live in Minnesota?

Shelley said...

I just love your cardinal! Don't they look so wonderful against the white snow?! Hope you're having a wonderful time in Florida and that it's nice and sunny for you! Have a safe trip back!!

The Retired One said...

Shelley: That was fog and not snow, but I am sure by the time we get back from Florida, the U.P. will be all white...we see on the Weather Channel that they are getting blizzards there!!

SquirrelQueen said...

In the first photo he looks like he's watching you, he sees the camera and decides to strike a few poses.

Hope you are having a great trip, enjoy the sunshine.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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