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Friday, November 20, 2009

Gone With the Wind...

One day last week it was REALLY windy out side. As usual, I had my five or six Blue Jays coming back and forth to my feeder for corn.

During a particularly gusty time of day, I saw that the BlueJay's feathers were whipping all around while they were eating, and I knew I had to get my camera out.

Here he comes from our apple tree to our feeder on our deck:

He was saying, " are NOT going to start taking pictures AGAIN, are you?":

"Well, how about just a shot of my fashionable FEATHER HAT then?":

"I hate it when people take pictures of me with food in my mouth!":

"That's more like it! This is my BEST side!
(But just ignore my chin hairs..I didn't get the chance to shave this morning!)":

"I'm a guy...I'm not supposed to have a SKIRT blowing in the wind, am I?":

"Oh, what the heck. I'll just embrace WHO I am....besides, the BlueJays in SOME other countries wear kilts, don't they?":

"No, I'm not hanging my head in shame. I'm tired of posing for you. I am HUNGRY!":

"Good Grief! I didn' t think it was SO WINDY that the corn would be blowing away too!:

"See what happened? I lost my lunch!
Are you DONE YET with the pictures, already??":

So I left him alone.
The big Grump.
Come to think of it, maybe he has low blood sugar?
Yeah, that's it.
I will forgive him.
This. Once.


Wanda said...

Unique and perfect have one very photogenic Bluejay. Don't ever let him talk you out of more photos someday.

DJan said...

Now the wind has made him look like the character he is. I love these shots, and it's almost as if you are reading his mind. Thanks for the great pictures, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I love your picture story! He is a pretty bird. such good pictures.

ashley folkema said...

Ha Ha love the funky new hair did's on the bluejays! :)

Eva Gallant said...

He may be a grump, but he's a pretty grump!

Lavender Cottage said...

Oh to be be in the right place at the right time with your camera...
Loved the blue jay and your captions. :-)

blushing rose said...

Oh, that is awesome, wish I had seen this.

Pop over to Nov. 16th post to enter FOUR GIVEAWAYS if you haven't.

Have a lovely weekend.
TTFN ~Marydon

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how cute.... That little jay was a riot!!!!! Loved the 'windy' look... He's right in style... ha ha

Love your captions too.


Brian Miller said...

the one of the Jay in flight was truly magnificent and my fav! though the others were just as cute...all ruffled. have a marvelous weekend!

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

well, he was still posing, right?!

Insanitykim said...


Not much more to say! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Hi Joan,
What lens did you use to take those great pictures?

rainfield61 said...

I like the skirt being blown by the wind.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, I love seeing the world through your lens.

Ginnymo said...

Ha! Ha! These are so cute! What an awesome photo shoot!!

The Retired One said...

Wanda: He is pretty photogenic but tempermental. ha

DJan: I love what the wind did to his feathers!

Vickie: The wind was playing so much with his feathers, I had no choice but to photograph him.

Ashley: Yep, they created their own do's didn't they?

Eva: Yes, he is handsome and he knows it. I always fall for the pretty boys.

Lavender: you are new to my blog!? Welcome aboard and thanks for your nice compliments!

Blushing: I will stop by your blog tonight. I am behind in reading everyone's posts.

Betsy: They are so busy and aggressive at our feeders, but I still like them. They have spunk. ha

Brian: Thanks! I loved their long feathers flying in the wind and backlit by the sun.

Roshni: He sure WAS posing. I should have been singing "You're so vain". ha

Insanity: I love, love, love your comments, you sweetie, you!

Lynn: Believe it or not, I use a point and shoot with a built in zoom lens. It is a Panasonic Lumix with 18X optical zoom and 10 megapixels. I love my camera!

Rainfield: So did I! His skirt was pretty long, too, wasn't it?

A.J.: What a nice thing to say! I loved that.

Ginnymo: Thanks so much! I wish I had the animals you get in your yard to photograph, have gotten some really neat shots!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What incredible shots ! I feel as though I could reach out and just touch his feathers, even the sticky up ones :)
He's so cute....
Just loved this, thanks for sharing with us.

Ratty said...

Wow! The best closeups of a blue jay that I've ever seen. I have more trouble trying to get a picture of a blue jay than you have with you elusive cardinal. Sometimes when I see pictures of blue jays I want to get my own even more. But seeing that these are so good and detailed, I am just satisfied to look at them again.

Sandi McBride said...

Faantastic! Wooonderful...loved the photos, love the Jay...get him more corn please?

Bernie said...

Great Shots! The first time I have seen a Blue Jay with spiked hair. Your photo's are awesome as always. Have a great weekend..:-) hugs

Sue said...

Oh, poor Blue Jay! I love his "bad hair day" look, but he does look to be a bit embarrased.

Cathy M said...

Wonderful pictures and the comments fit perfectly.

The Retired One said...

Brit: Thanks so much!

Ratty: Guess who just flew into my apple trees 10 minutes ago? And guess what? We have THICK fog here. Gheesh!
I got some shots of him which I will download later, but I bet they aren't clear enough to use. It is so frustrating!! I am determined to get him on a clear day, with the sun just right SOME DAY. hahaaaaa

Sandi: Not to fear! We have a 40 pound bag. Those guys are little piggies.

Bernie: I loved seeing those spikes and feathers flying around. As much as I don't like wind, I think I'd like some more please. HA

Sue:He SHOULD be embarrassed about how much he eats. ha We go thru corn for them like water. But not such a bad price to pay for the entertainment and the photo opps. ha

Cathy: Thanks!!!!

Two Greyhound Town said...

Beautiful photos!

You asked where my blog background came from. It's from

Free and easy to install.

The Retired One said...

Two Greyhound: thanks for the blog background info, I will look into it! If I have trouble installing them, I will write you back!

SquirrelQueen said...

Awesome photos Joan and the captions are hilarious. I love the one of the feather hat, he looks like he's modeling for you.
I miss the blue jays, I don't see them since we moved to this side of the state. When we lived on the west side I had one little female jay that would visit everyday and let me hand feed her peanuts.

The Retired One said...

SquirrelQueen: Wow, you could hand feed her? That is something. They don't come too close to us, they are kind of skittish.

Kearsie said...

That poor bird! Now I understand your love for them.

The Retired One said...

Kearsie: Oh, don't feel sorry for him..he is pushy and aggressive to the other birds...but he is so pretty, he gets away with it. ha

Jeanette said...

Awesome pictures! Very entertaining!!

The Retired One said...

Jeannette: Thanks so much. I loved watching them in the looked so funny!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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