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Monday, November 2, 2009

What? Maybe there is a grocery fairy?

You know my love of weird news stories. I just have to share them with you.
So here is one that caught my attention, along with MY COMMENTS in bold italics:

* Anna Ryan, 42, of Blue Springs, Mo., was baffled for years why
her normal 140 pounds sometimes ballooned to as much as 260
despite her consistently rigorous diet and exercise regimen.
Finally, two years ago (according to a June 2009 dispatch in
London's Daily Mail), nocturnal tests performed by Overland Park,
Kan., physician Scott Eveloff revealed a disorder: Ryan was a
sleepwalker whose routine included as many as eight kitchen visits
a night in which she gorged herself but of which she had no
memory the next morning. [Daily Mail, 6-10-09]

1. Didn't she notice things missing in her refrigerator? Where did she think they went? Did she think the grocery fairy came and took them away?

2. Didn't she wonder why she woke up with onion breath?

3. When she woke up and went to brush her teeth, didn't she notice the spinach stuck between her teeth and wonder where it came from?

4. What ELSE was she doing when she was sleep walking? Didn't she worry about THAT?

5. If she made 8 visits per night to stuff herself, don't you think she would also have to go to the bathroom more? And where did she go when she was sleepwalking?

6. A physician researcher did "nocturnal tests" on her?? What the heck is THAT? It sounds kinda sexual.
Hey baby, can I do some "nocturnal tests" on ya' tonight?
You won't feel a thing..............

7. Why couldn't they just have a hidden camera in her house instead?
I bet it would be a LOT cheaper than having a physician researcher do "nocturnal tests" on her.

I would make more comments but I think I am kind of hungry after reading that.

And suddenly, I feel very sleepy....

Honey, would you mind coming over here for a second?

I want to do some nocturnal tests on you......


Eva Gallant said...

That is absolutely hysterical almost to the point of ridiculous! You're'd think she'd notice food missing..dirt wrappers, something!

Brian Miller said...

nocturnal tests...sounds invasive! seriously, seems you would notice the lack of food...feel sorry for the kids who probably took the blame...smiles.

DJan said...

You're right: I would certainly MISS all that food that was there the night before. And if you find out what those "nocturnal tests" are, could you clue me in? Very funny story, on so many levels. Not the least of which are your brilliant comments.

Shelley said...

Crazy! I agree w/ you - didn't she notice her food supply was getting low??? Hello????

Bernie said...

Too funny, I suppose anything is true now a days, but how could she not notice the missing food for sure, love your comments....Hugs

Loree said...

Totally crazy. I am amazed that she managed to eat so much without choking. I mean if she was sleeping she could have easily swallowed her food whole couldn't she?

The Retired One said...

Eva: That's for sure!!!! This just didn't sound right!~

Brian: I didn't think of that angle...maybe she did think her kids ate what was missing. ha

DJan: gotta wonder what those nocturnal tests were. ha

Shelley: Hello, indeed. What is wrong with that woman???

Bernie: I sure would notice if something even gets moved in our refrigerator, much less missing! This woman must have some other problems as well, don't you think?

Joanie M said...

I left you a little something on my blog.

The Retired One said...

Loree: Yes, she could have choked for sure! The whole thing sounds crazy to me.

Joanie: Thanks so much!! I normally don't do awards anymore, but for you, I made an exception. It really means a lot to me, I am very honored!

Wanda said...

How could she even be hungry the next day...strange to be baffled for years!

grannyann said...

That is funny and I loved your comments.

Insanitykim said...

What I don't get is the "sometimes ballooned".

What the heck does THAT mean? How can you vacillate between normal weight and huge just "sometimes"? What in the world would that do to the elasticity of your skin?

All seems too crazy to me...

Judy said...

I think this really does happen to people. I have seen programs on t.v. about it and read about it on the net. Like everyone else I think you would miss the food. You asked how to subscribe to my cooking blog. You should be able to add me to your blogroll at the bottom of your page by putting in the URL of or I have added RSS feeds in my sidebar on the right. Thanks for stopping by.

Joanie M said...

Suddenly, I feel like eating artichoke spinach dip!

Sue said...

This was hilarious.....and explains where my chocolate stash is going.....cuz I'm certainly NOT eating it all day!!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to try some nocturnal tests on Don........LOL!

The Retired One said...

Wanda: I think the woman had OTHER problems too, don't you?

Grannyann: Funny like odd, right? ha
Grab the award in my next post, you always comment and thanks!

Insanity: You mean INSANE, right? ha
Grab the award above, you always comment on my blog, my friend and you deserve another award. :-)

Judy: yes, I will have to add your new blog the long/hard way. I was looking for an easy way to just click on "follow this blog" on your new site. I don't like to click on the RSS feeds, I have had trouble doing this in that I get email notices everytime someone posts, which fills up too much of my email.

Joanie: Too bad it is already missing from your refrige because you ate it during the night. Bwaaahaaaaa

Sue: Maybe you are using the chocolate DURING the nocturnal tests on Don. haaaa

Gaston Studio said...

This is so funny but also kind of sad. I, for one, would definitely notice the missing food!!

Pearl said...

All very good questions! She never noticed the food missing? What about the wrappers, the spoons? Or did she stand in front of the fridge and eat with her fingers -- in which case, were there no spills on the floor, no dirty fingernails? Yikes!

Then again, I should talk. Am a sleepwalker myself!


SquirrelQueen said...

Besides the missing food and wondering why the fridge was always empty you would think, like you said, the additional bathroom trips would have given her a clue. And if she was on a "rigorous" diet why did she have so much fattening food on hand?

I would really like to know more about that nocturnal testing.

The Retired One said...

Gaston: Yes, I think there is an element of sadness to that whole thing. If she truly can't remember it would be frightening, wouldn't it?

Pearl: yeah, I thought about that too. Did she also do the dishes in her sleep? Good Lord, if that is the case, I am going to invite her over some weekend. ha

SquirrelQueen: NOW I know what I can blame my failing diet on. She must have grocery shopped for junk food in her sleep too. ha

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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