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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Unfairness of Beauty Bestowed.....

Nature is mysterious.

Nature is amazing.

Nature provides so many contrasts in the animal and bird world.

Nature, therefore can be very unfair.

Look at this eagle's nest on display at a nature museum:


No small bird lives THERE!

It is a beautiful eagle's nest.

Here is a HUGE nest I saw last week in the middle of a pond. It may be an eagle's nest, I am not sure:

But the point is from a huge, beautiful bird, no doubt.

Here is another beautiful bird on display at the same nature museum.
It is a beautiful pileated woodpecker.
Isnt' be gorgeous?

But, nature has a sense of humor.

Not all birds are created equal in size, .....or beauty.

Look what I saw two weeks ago in the trees!:

A turkey vulture!
He is not the most handsome bird in nature's choice of birds.....

There were actually SIX of these in the trees that day, but I could only capture 2 or 3 on camera.
Besides, I was getting scared. They really are mean looking birds.....

So, if I had the choice...............
nature asked me which bird I would want to be????

How about THESE?????:

Oh yes.

This is a mama swan with two little ones wayyyyy back in the pond in the woods.
It was in a wilderness area with no way to get closer to them....
but, aren't they beautiful????

Nature can be cruel.
Just ask those vultures..................................


Shellmo said...

Drats - you didn't give me the choice of being a loon! LOL! Great photos today - especially the turkey vulture. One thing I've noticed about those birds- they may not have pretty faces - but they are certainly beautiful when they fly!

Fran Hill said...

I would like to be a duck. From what I can see at our local park, ducks get fed all day, for free, all kinds of varieties of bread. Bread is one of my favourite foods. Also, everyone stands around admiring them and saying, 'Aren't they sweet?' and I could do with some of that. Also, their quacking is so like a dirty laugh, and I'd love to be able to get away with laughing like that without getting funny looks. That's why I'd like to be a duck.

Brian Miller said...

we can not all be swans, but can be appreciated each for their own beauty. even turkey vultures...smiles.

Gaston Studio said...

As usual, you can see every detail in your photos, right down to each feather on the birds. Fascinating!

P.S. I still want to paint that photo of yours but have been so busy on a commissioned dog portrait, haven't even begun!

Ratty said...

I would say that the turkey vultures are so ugly that they're cute, but that would be a lie. I still like them though.

rainfield61 said...

Wow!!! You have spotted the nest of a huge bird, can't believe how lucky you are.
I always aim to discover one or two during my hike, but not to my success yet.

grannyann said...

Great nature pics. Love the birds.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Those turkey vultures are scary looking. I think Swans are just beautiful, I've only seen them a few times. You sure see some awesome sights where you live.

A New England Life said...

I love the Turkey Vultures! Though I very, very seldom get to see one not in flight. Love the Swans too of course! Mama was obviously being very protective.

I assume the Pileated Woodpecker is stuffed?


The Retired One said...

Shellmo: Yes, they have hugggggeeee wingspans when they fly. But their faces? yikes!

Fran: you cracked (or should I say QUACKED?) me up when you said their quacks sound dirty. I gotta say no one else has ever pointed that out to me before. Now I will be listening closer. ha

Brian: Being more like a turkey vulture than a swan in life, I like you more than EVER from that comment. ha

Gaston: I was wondering about that...but only do it when the spirit moves you! ha

Ratty: Yes, they are fascinating birds, I was really excited to see them and was thrilled to capture them on camera!

Rainfield: Yes, I was hoping there was a bird in the next when I spotted it, but I didn't see one.

Grannyann: Thanks! I was so excited to see the swans...haven't ever seen any up here in the middle of the woods before!

Catherine: Thanks. I have been very lucky this year in seeing some amazing things!

New England: yes, the pileated was a stuffed one on display at the nature musuem...I almost caught one on film this spring, but he flew just when I got my camera up to aim.

SquirrelQueen said...

They are all beautiful in their own way. I like to watch turkey vultures fly.

I would choose an eagle, hawk or condor. All are powerful majestic birds with the ability to soar high into the sky.

lotusleaf said...

THe woodpecker is really beautiful.How did you manage to take the picture without alarming him!

The Retired One said...

SquirrelQueen: I love swans, blue herons, eagles, sand cranes, pileated woodpeckers, flickers and heck, most of them. ha

Lotusleaf: the pileated woodpecker was a dead one that a taxidermist had put on display at the nature it was no problem getting him on a photo. ha

Kearsie said...

Once, when I was still living in North Carolina, I left the house to run some errands. I happened to glance up at the sky and there were hundreds of vultures circling in the sky.

It seemed important at the time, fraught with meaning and symbolism. Now I just think it was icky.

Brittany said...

I love your pictures. They take me away for the five minutes I spend reading your posts! Beautiful as always and look forward to each post - though I don't always comment. You can kill me for that. I'll allow it!!!! Hope you have a great weekend.

The Retired One said...

Kearsie: Wow. I wonder what was dead down there that they were circling like wore deodorant didn't you???

Brittany: You don't always have to comment...I am just so happy to have you following and reading my posts...I lurrrrvvve my Followers!

Joanna Jenkins said...

A turkey vulture!?!?!?!?! Yikes! I've never seen or heard of such a thing. Amazing.

The Retired One said...

Joanna: Yes indeed. They are pretty scary looking, aren't they?

Sue said...

Those turkey vultures are very ugly indeed.
I have a pair of buzzards that have been circling the yard. I wonder, do they know something I don't?

The Retired One said...

Sue: You will have to take a photo of the buzzards.
And, take your vitamins. I heard they don't like the taste of them. haaaaa....

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Swans are so graceful and photogenic.

The Retired One said...

Iowa: Yes, they are. We were thrilled to see them. And you know what? We went back yesterday and they were at the same pond!!! I was so excited!
I took more photos and I will be posting them soon, so stay tuned!

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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