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Saturday, October 10, 2009

And now?...the Upper Tahquamenon Falls!

This is the last of my series of the tour of sights we saw on the eastern side of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, when we went to see my Blogger Buddy, Cathy from YOOPER YARNS.

If you haven't read the previous posts of Crisp Point Lighthouse, Whitefish Point or the lower Tahquamenon Falls, please go below this post and have a read or two.

Today, I want to show you the Upper Falls of the Tahquamenon Falls, because it is spectacular.

They say it looks a lot like Niagra Falls. I have to agree with them as I have seen both falls, and although Tahquamenon is smaller in scale, it does resemble the Niagra Falls quite a bit.

Here they are!
This shot is from above the falls....looking down at the fall's shelf:

This is from a path across from the falls, using my zoom:

It was a crisp but sunny day.
I loved how the sun lit up the pines at one of the lookouts
overlooking the falls:

The falls looked beautiful, no matter what angle we looked at them:

And the mist!!!!
I LOVED the mist that the falls kept throwing up at the sun as it poured over the edge:

The rush of the water made a ROAR as it went over the edge and hit the bottom:

There was a path that went along the river with plenty of lookouts back towards the falls where you could take more photographs:

Every spot seemed better than the last to take a photo of these wonderful falls:

Can you hear the ROAR???:

Or maybe you prefer the quiet view from way down river?:

Or the view of the autumn leaves along with the view of the falls?:

Nope, I can't decide which view I like either.

That's why I had to post ALL of these pictures of the Upper falls for you.

But better yet, why don't you go there and see for yourself?

I know you won't be disappointed!!

And if you DO come up to the U.P.???

Promise you'll let me and Cathy know!!!

We'd be happy to be your tour guides.....


Sandi McBride said...

Absolutely breathtaking! And yes, I can hear the roar!!!

blushing rose said...

How breathtaking your pics. I love nature & water ... TY for sharing.

Have a lovely cuddly eve. TTFN ~Marydon

rainfield61 said...


No matter how it roars, it will return to calmness.

L. D. Burgus said...

These are just amazing falls. The ones on the north shore of Lake Superior are neat but these are really running a lot of water over them. You really got some good shots of this whole area. U.P. owes you for be such a good spokesperson for Michigan. I really am curious.

Lesley said...

Beautiful!! Michigan really loves to show off in the fall. I think it's the best season of all. (and look, I made a rhyme. It's about time. hee hee)

Ginnymo said...

This looks more like the falls I seen years ago. What great photos again!!! Thanks so much for sharing all your photos. I feel as if I've been there again. much more better this time..LOL

Brian Miller said...

i can hear the roar. wonderful shots from all sides. where will you take us next?!?

lotusleaf said...

Spectacular views and great photos as usual. It seemed as though I was at the falls myself! Thanks for shating.

Eva Gallant said...

Lovely waterfalls!!

Anonymous said...

You've stolen my pictures!! ;-) Just kidding!!
I was just at Tahquamenon this past July, and I think you've taken a picture from every angle I did.

Is that a case of great minds thinking alike?

I'm the one who commented on the Crisp Point pictures about being able to climb the Seul Choix and Big Bay lights.
Also, I think Point Iroquois [near Brimley] is open for climbing at certain times.
I have a book with information for 116 Michigan lighthouses. It includes maps and if each light is public or private, climbable, etc.

The Retired One said...

Sandi: Thanks! So glad you heard the roar too. :-}

Blushing: Thanks. And I am cuddling as you so advised. ha

Rainfield: You are right...just a little ways down the river it just flows quietly in one big pool.

L.D.: yes the travel bureau owes me big time. ha

Lesley: Yes, the best time here is spring when everything turns bright green and again in the autumn when it is glorious again!

Ginnymo: Thanks. You can travel along with me anytime.

Brian: Oh, I have lots of places to take you...just wait and see! Just like you take me and my mind and emotions with your wonderful writing.

Lotusleaf: Go back up and read your comment. I know it was a typo and it cracked me up! I am sure you meant SHARING, not SHATING, right. ha

Eva:Yes, they are!

Anonymous: I would love to have more information about your book on the lighthouses, can you send me a link to it? Since you are anonymous, there is no way for me to link to you unless you send it?
Thanks so much.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Very pretty, but it's hard to tell how tall the waterfall you have any idea?

Bernie said...

Breathtakingly Beautiful.... you know Joan your post is like my favorite food, I eat everything on my plate and leave my favorite to eat last just too have that wonderful taste in my mouth last... this is how I read your post....I always leave it until I finish the others just so I can savour it.....:-) Hugs

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Wow, your pics are gorgeous!! I really need to get a better camera so my pics will turn out a little better. Still probably won't be as awesome as yours, but... ;-)

Sue said...

Just wonderful! And I know you'd be the best tour guide ever.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Wha a ROAR! I'm thousands of miles away and I can hear it! Now, to see it for myself! Thanks for all the lovely pics.

Ratty said...

Every view looks great. And it looks like there are a few places on the other side of the river to view the falls too. I think I saw fences or guard rails over there.

Cathy Clementz said...

I hope you can come back in the winter sometime; some winter when it has been particularly cold. The Falls look like a rootbeer float when the water partially freezes and the ice hanging from the cliffs has a light blue tinge to it. VERY are your photos!!!

And if you ever get bored, go to You Tube and type in Tahquamenon Falls...there are some video clips of IDIOTS JUMPING OFF THE FALLS!! And these idiots were doing this the summer it was so dry and the water level was so low.

The Retired One said...

JJ: True beauty has no height. ha
If you want/need the statistics, go down to the post below on the lower falls, and click on the link, it has all that stats for you on the falls (both sets).

Bernie: You are so cute. I am glad you savor the posts. Wow, that is something big to live up to, knowing I am the last taste in your night.:-}

TCTCM: Thanks so much. Yes, I love my camera.

Sue: I don't know about that, but I know we'd have FUN. ha

Keats: Yes, come see it! I would love to be there to meet you.

Ratty: yes, the paths are very good and there are a few gated lookouts (I am sure they put the rails up so people don't fall off) But according to Cathy, people have jumped off the falls for sport. Yikes!

Cathy: I saw some pictures while we were there of the falls in the winter and they were breathtaking. I told Paul that we should snowshoe in some winter. The pictures would be fabulous!!!

grannyann said...

your travel pictures are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, my daughter was in this area last year. She gave me a picture of the falls (the scene through the trees), I transferred the scene to canvas in watercolor and gave it to them for Christmas '08. I enjoyed the UP pictures you have posted, I do plan to go there next year. Keep up the wonderful work.

Best Regards,

The Retired One said...

Grannyann: Thanks so much!

A.J.:Wow, that must have been a wonderful painting and you must be so talented to be able to do that!!
If you come up to the year, please let me know! I would love to meet you over coffee somewhere.

Anonymous said...

A Traveller's Guide to 116 Michigan Lighthouses - Penrose

[that page include a link to where you can purchase the book - or you might find it in a bookstore]

The Retired One said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the link, I will certainly take a look at it. Thanks for reading my blog...I will be posting some more neat places we have visited in the U.P. (not all lighthouses, though).

SquirrelQueen said...

I can hear the roar and it is magnificent. I can see how you would have problems deciding on a favorite of these photos, I can't do it either. I love all of the views. Thanks for the tour, I have enjoyed it very much.

The Retired One said...

SquirrelQueen: Thanks so much! I will have some more waterfalls photographs coming up, so stay tuned!

ashley folkema said...

These falls get me every time. I especially love the sound. Beautiful!

The Retired One said...

Ashley: I love their sound, too and the fresh mist smell mixed with the pines and woods.

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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