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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mexico Adventure: Part Eleven: Beach Vendors and Goods

One of the things I love most about vacationing in Mexico
is shopping at the local outdoor markets and/or bartering with the beach vendors.

Some people find the vendors pesky. I find that if you are polite and fair,
and tell them (when you don't want to buy) that you are not interested, they are gracious and leave you alone.  They are just trying to make a living and work hard in hot weather to haul all their wares, and I appreciate that.

If you DO want to buy you can have fun making offers back and forth until you arrive
at a price that you both can live with.

I LOVE silver jewelry and so that is always on my wish list when we go.

Also, I have collected Imperial Topaz for years and the only place I can find it
is in Mexico. The stones are a gorgeous pumpkin orange color and I am addicted to it.

So, of course, I checked out the beach vendors wares to see if they had any.

I came back with a ring and a smile. I will have to post a photo of it sometime.

But, I digress....

Today, I have pictures of some of the vendors and their stuff for you to see.

This is the first place we have stayed where alot of  the men all wore crisp white clothes, which I thought was pretty dapper! (Dapper? Did I just say dapper? I never use that I really feel old. LOL)

I was tempted to get one of these nice purses. But I resisted.


Most of the vendors walked MILES back and forth on the beach, approaching people
about their stuff for sale.

I watched this man for the whole time we were at the resort.

He came every day and spent the entire day resting on the pile of his pretty sundresses for sale.

I loved it.

I thought most American businessmen and women should take lessons from him.

Think how our stress would go down.

He figured: if you wanted to see the dresses, you'd come up and ask.


People did.

His sales did not seem to suffer by his laisser faire attitude.

Maybe I will embrace this attitude about making dinner.

I will just lay around the kitchen and only cook
if someone asks.
They ALWAYS ask.
 That won't work.

I felt sorry for most of the vendors. They walked in hot hot sun up and down the beach...some of them hauling really heavy stuff.

Hat anyone?
Wait! is that SILVER I see?:

I wondered if they were looking at the huge yacht in the ocean by them
or the gorgeous woman in the bikini.
What would YOUR guess be?:


They had a rope running the length of the beach which they were not allowed to cross
so if you were laying out on the beach, you had to go up to their side of the rope to see their stuff.
I liked that.

Of course, if you wanted to walk from the beach to put your body into the ocean
you were fair game to be approached.
But, if you said no, they left you alone....



I loved the brightly glazed plates and dishes...but when you go on a plane where your suitcases are have no room:




NOW you're TALKING!!!
My specialty!!:

Let's just say I helped the Mexican economy a wee bit....
and sent a few vendors home with a smile or two.

But I behaved...I only got one bracelet, one ring and one sundress.

Pretty good for a silverholic.


Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

Great shots from Mexico.

Country Gal said...

I remember all this on the beach there . I went way back in the early 90s to mexico Porta Viarta . I laoved the beach watching all the venders I even got my hair all braided with coloured beads I still have the beads in my jewlery box ! Awesome photos ! Have a good day !

Brian Miller said...

actually that was one of the more fun parts of mexico...i love haggling and def having a sense of humor helps....had one that was chiding me for the deal i got from another vendor....

Eva Gallant said...

Love the photos! those plates were amazing. Now we need to see what you bought!

Jeanette said...

I loved looking at all the silver jewelry when we were in Cozumel on our cruise! I bought a bracelet that just recently broke because I wore it so much!

TexWisGirl said...

in my travels to mexico and jamaica, i have found most vendors to be urgent but also respectful. jamaica was definitely more pushy, but because the folks rely so heavily on tourist trade for their survival, most will not cross the line to enrage folks or make them feel uncomfortable. :)

Gary said...

Now your talking!!! When we travel I make it a point to visit whatever type of local market the area may have. Not that I am interested in buying anything, I just like to see what’s for sale and watch the vendors, they are generally the best show in town. I have loved all you photos in this set as well as the story’s behind each, but I was drawn to the plates. Your photographs of them is as much art as the plates, love it. Thanks for allowing us to tag along, I for one am have a great time viewing. – gary

Muffy's Marks said...

Oh man, I could have never passed by those plates, I would have found a way to get one home. I'm glad you got some things to remember your trip. Great photos.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Some of that merchandise looks really pretty. I know I would be tempted to bring some of it home.

Linda Reeder said...

The bright colors contrast so beautifully with the blue sky and the white sand and vendor costumes. Lovely.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I also do not mind these beach vendors if they are polite, at least they are trying to make a living by obtaining these goods for sale in the first place.

diane b said...

You were very restrained. I would have been sucked in. The market, the men in white and the brilliant blue sea have made beautifully coloured photos.

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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