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Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Thoughts about Random Subjects (Again!)

Yes indeedy.

It is time again for another installment of Random Thoughts about Random Subjects.

(I figured I'd better give you a break today from all that autumn beauty
and go straight for randomness.)

Today's subject of random thoughts?


You know the acronymn.....What would Jesus Do? (WWJD)

It is overused.

It is on too many bumper stickers.

So it got me to thinking random thoughts about something else:

1. Instead of WWJD....I had a random thought or two about WWAT.  What does this stand for (you ask?)
Well, What Would Aliens Think (WWAT) of course.

2. Before you snicker, just consider the following:

3. WWAT of earth where we pay/spend millions of dollars to pay over-steroided men wearing padded suits chasing a pigskin across a field yet still have homeless, hungry people in it because we say we don't have enough money to solve the problem?

4. WWAT of Paris Hilton and Linsey Lohan and the world watching their every move, along with useless trivial action details of their latest escapades?

5. WWAT of Tiny Tim?

6.  WWAT of Octomom?

7. WWAT of those kids that wear their pants hanging down with their cracks and their underwear showing and of them tripping up on the hanging-pants crotches?

8. WWAT of all of these awful political ads where none of the politicians tell the truth about their opponents or themselves?

9. WWAT of Ozzie Osborn?

10. WWAT of the Kardashians?

11. WWAT of Woodstock?

12. WWAT of Rubick's Cubes?

13. WWAT of hula hoops?

14. WWAT of Dancing with the Stars?

15. WWAT of the Twilight series?

16. WWAT of people always being on their phones texting or e-mailing on their computers and not talking directly to each other instead?

17. WWAT of the Sci-fi channel?

18. WWAT of the Star Trek series?

19. WWAT of plastic surgery?

20. WWAT of the movie E.T.?

21. WWAT of Area 51?

22. WWAT of Victoria Secret bras?

23. WWAT of Crispy Creme donuts?

24. WWAT of Marilyn Monroe?

25. WWAT of cemeteries and funerals?

26. WWAT of blogging? 

27. WWAT of the selling of Pet Rocks and that earthlings actually bought them? A LOT of them?

28. WWAT of the millions and millions of pounds of leftover food thrown out in the garbage by restaurants when there are so many people starving to death on earth?

29. WWAT of tattoos?

30. WWAT of rodeos?

31. WWAT of eating frogs' legs?

32. WWAT of surfing?

33. WWAT of snowsculptures and sandcastles?

34. WWAT of Jenny Craig, grapefruit diets and Nutrisystem?

35. WWAT of infomercials?

36. WWAT of Tang?

37. WWAT of Justin Beiber?

38. WWAT of the news spending 4 solid days on the death of Michael Jackson and only showing a bleep about how many soldiers that died in a war in their news stories during those same days?

39. WWAT of Splenda and Nutrasweet?

40. WWAT of warm homemade cinnamon rolls, straight out of the oven?

41. WWAT of crossdressers?

42. WWAT of childproof caps on medicines?

43. WWAT of bikinis?

44. WWAT of women (and some men) wearing makeup?

45. WWAT of penis and nipple piercings?

46. WWAT of the millions of people that leave the comfort of their wonderful homes and beds and of them driving miles and miles into the woods, only to set up a tiny canvas tent, swatting bugs and sleeping on the cold, hard ground.....and making a campfire and cooking food outside: on purpose.

47. WWAT of earthlings who leave the convenience and comfort of air-conditioned or heated, padded cars only to mount  uncomfortable bicycle seats or don tennis shoes to run and sweat and get blisters and get breathless from the effort, and then receive unbearably painful muscles the next day?: again, on PURPOSE.

48. WWAT of giggling, toothless baby earthlings?

49. WWAT of people who let their dogs and cats eat out of crystal dishes on the table, buy them outfits to wear and diamond collars,  yet won't look sideways at the beggars on their own streets?
50. WWAT of bubble baths?

51. Last random thought today? : Am I the only one who thinks Earth is still the most wonderful/bizarre planet in the universe because of/in spite of all of the above?

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Wanda..... said...

Yes, it is a most wonderful/bizarre planet, but 'happenings' often make me pause to think, how all the money spent on advertising, extravagant salaries, etc might be better spent to improve world conditions.
As for e-mails and texts...I have discovered "mail art" and now exchange real letters with several others.

Gaston Studio said...

Despite everything, I think Earth is spectacular and I'm glad to be on it... but I do wonder WWAT about us.

Jeanette said...

They would think this whole planet is crazy..because it is!


WOW ! You do have great thoughts lol an no your not the only one that thinks that about the earth, hubby and I are Astronamers so the entire universe is amazing and wonderful to us ! Have a great day

Brian Miller said...

hey. dont knock it til you got one...i'll et you figure out which...smiles.

Pat Tillett said...

did you just say p**** and n*****? LOL!

WWAT about blogging...

J.J. in L.A. said...

I always read WWJD as 'What Would Jodi Do?' : )

Eva Gallant said...

I'd be willing to bet that many of the items on your list would elicit no response.

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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