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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funny Headlines!

I opened the newspaper one day last month
this is the headline that I saw:

Now, I don't know what YOU would have done...
but I was a bit concerned.

Several questions came to mind:

1. Why was this important in OUR local newspaper?  Did this mean that WE were going to somehow be INVOLVED in an attempt to set a record for the number of hearses arriving in hell?

2. And, were they looking for volunteers for this effort???

3. And, who is the poor reporter that had the Hell beat to do stories about? How did (s)he make it out alive to come back to give us these headlines?

4. I'm curious.  How do they GET the hearses into (and more importantly: OUT of) hell?

5. I had NO IDEA they had Guiness records kept in Hell too. But it stands to reason, right?

6. I knew that our winters in Michigan are HELL, but to actually have a State Update in our newspaper about hell hearse record attempts pretty much confirmed that we might have a close relationship sometimes.  Curiously, I really haven't seen many headlines in the State updates about heaven, so what is up with THAT...???!!

7. So, I had to read the entire article.

So, I better show you the REST of the article,
so you know what it was really about:


So glad THAT was cleared up.

Yes, we actually have a town in Michigan called Hell, Michigan.

(How'd you like to be a Pastor THERE???)

Although, they do a RECORD number of postcard sales in that little town.

(I think I might want to stop reading headlines for a while.................)

P.S. The U.P. has a little town called Paradise, while downstate has a town named Hell.
I think not. (heehee)


Vicki Holdwick said...

Dear Retired,

While the town of Hell is in the state of Michigan, it is not in the U.P. The UP is fortunate instead to have the town of Paradise.

Hell is near Gregory in Livingston County about 45 miles west of Detroit.


Eva Gallant said...

Too funny!

Mellodee said...

At first I thought it was a misprint...then I thought that the headline made no sense....then I read your questions and I thought that they were funny....then I read the article and thought maybe YOU wrote it to entertain us (I mean after all "Just Hearse'N Around" sure sounds like a joke)....then I re-read the whole post and I realized it doesn't make any difference if it was real or not! It's funny as....well....hell!

hahahahahahahahahah oh my goodness!

I think those hearse people must have been living in the cold of Michigan for tooo long, their brains have frozen solid!

Pearl said...

Unfortunately, the phrase "it'll be a cold day in hell..." comes true several times a year in Michigan!


Bernie said...

OMG this is funny, only my dear friend Joan could write a post on this headline......still laughing.
.......:-) Hugs

Brian Miller said...

lol. glad you clarified it was Hell, Michigan...i was still wondering what a hell based club was...and if i was a member of not...smiles.

Pat Tillett said...

I was wondering where the hell, hell was...

Joanie M said...

You find the craziest things!

Bossy Betty said...

Good one! I'd like to say I lived in Hell! It must be fun for the residents.


Your funny lol gota love it though ! Have a great day !

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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