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Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day at the Lake...

On July 4th, we had a wonderful, sunny, warm day.

So, we decided to get into our boat and tour the shoreline of our lake.

We have 97 miles of shoreline, so of course we did most, but not all of the shoreline cruise.

As we approached one of our many islands on the lake, we saw that another boat had suddenly slowed down. The occupants of the boat were looking up at a tree, and I immediately got excited. I knew what they were looking at.

What else, but the perfect symbol of the day?:

There was this majestic eagle, on top of the tree!:

We waited for the other boat to move from its vantage point and I began clicking away with my camera. I was so excited to get another few shots of him! The tree was VERY tall, so I didn't know how close I could zoom up to him:

He looks so regal, doesn't he?:

Then, he grew bored with me snapping pictures of him. So, I got his backside! :

We got the hint. So, as quietly as we could, we drove our boat away slowly from him. I was so thankful that he was there for me to get some shots of him. Especially on Independence Day.

As we continued to tour the shoreline, I saw this little Cutie. He was trying to wait patiently for his Master at the end of his dock. (Evidently, his Master left the dock without his sandals?!):

This is one of the many homes I love along the lake. Many of these huge homes are only occupied in the summer and stand alone in the winter. At some of them, we hardly ever see anyone outside! What is up with that???:

Look at THIS place. Just a little "getaway" cabin! (NOT!):

We have always loved this little A framed cottage, which sits up on a point of land and a private bay. Can't you just picture yourself sitting on the deck in the sun, reading a good book?:

And then there is this wonderful place on Ramsey Island, in the middle of the lake. It was once rumored that Madonna bought this place for her grandfather to have for a summer getaway..but it was never proved.:

The other side of Ramsey Island, with another view of the house:

Most people that go on a boat tour of our lake go around Ramsey Island and take pictures of that house. It has electricity, it was put in through pipes under the lake many years ago. The island has a caretaker's cabin too and another house high on the bluffs. I am sure the homes on that island have the best views of the lake.
I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July long weekend, and got out to enjoy some sun, fun, family, and friends. I know WE did...along with the thrill of seeing the eagle on our lake!


Sue said...

This looks like so many places up near our cottage. We have a cottage to "get away from it all" I don't understand why anyone would want to have such a huge place and all of the cleaning/responsibilities etc that go along with matter how much money you may have. The peaceful breezes and sounds of the loons are better than anything money can buy!!

grannyann said...

I am so jealous. What a great place to live!!! Loved the eagle also

DJan said...

Not just the eagle, but the beautiful water, the homes, they all speak of our wonderful home, America! Thanks for the tour around the lake... I loved it!

blushing rose said...

WHOA! That is awesome pics of the stately eagle. What a great bird to view on such a wonderful meaningful holiday. Looks like you can't help but have a nice time there. TTFN ~ Marydon

Bernie said...

Oh Joan, he does look regal.... those homes are stunning and oh yeah I can see me sitting on any of those decks reading a book, I would think I had died and gone to heaven...Have a wonderful day.
Lots of hugs....:-)

Sara said...

I always look forward to your oics, I end up showing my Husband, because your area is so beautiful!!!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I think the eagle pics and the dog on the dock are your best shots yet! Loved them!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

To see the Eagle on Independence day is pretty amazing, and you got such great pictures!
Those houses are gorgeous, I would want to be there all the time if I had that view!

Mitr - Friend said...

The eagle pics are so regal and majestic...
The lakehouses are so perfect... A perfect place to spend the weekends... Great pics...
And ya, Happy Independance Day.. :)
Do drop into my blog when time permits

Loree said...

That was great that you got to see that eagle. And those homes ... sigh ... really beautiful. It makes me jealous :)

SquirrelQueen said...

What a beautiful lake and those homes are something else.

My favorite photos are the ones of that beautiful eagle. Great photos of a magnificent bird.


Jientje said...

Indeed a perfect symbol that eagle! Beautiful pictures you took of him!

What a stunning place you visited there!

Sue said...

Great luck with the eagle!
My friend has a cabin on Rabbit Bay...same thing with the over-priced "summer homes". Most of them sit empty all year. Her home is so sweet...I'd take it any day over those big behemoths.
Glad you had a good weekend!

Cathy Clementz said...

Your summer adventure shots make me YEARN for our business to sell so WE can do things like this! What a wonderful way to spend the day!! Nice eagle shots!

Wanda said...

Seeing an Eagle on the 4th was special...that was a nice tour of the lake and such impressive homes...especially the home on Ramsey Island...
Your mention of never seeing anyone outside at some of the homes...reminds me of some subdivisions with mansion like homes I have passed humans in sight.

The Retired One said...

Sue: I agree. I don't know why people spend all that money for a place only to never use it.

Grannyann: We live in a gorgeous area of nature...but when winter comes, although it can be beautiful with all the is a harsh, cold existence until spring again.

DJan: You are welcome. I took some other pictures I will be posting soon, too.

Blushing: Yes, it was a great eagle. Last year we were out there without my camera and saw SEVEN huge turkey vultures in the same tree!!! I will watch for them again this year!

Bernie: I wish you were on one of those decks reading your book! Then, I could pull our boat up and visit with you! :-)

Sara: I'm going to post a lot more, so stay tuned! (And I will keep looking at that beautiful Cole!)

JJ: Thanks! That little dog looked so forlorn without his Master. He didn't bark...he just looked longingly at our boat going by, like he was thinking: "Are you my Master coming back for me?"

Gardener: Let's trade for the day...I will hang out in your beautiful garden, and you can borrow our boat and tour our lake.

Mitr: You are new to my blog!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you sign up as a Follower!?? I will stop by your blog later today too!

Loree: I was so excited to see the eagle, especially on THAT day!

SquirrelQueen: Yes, those are my favorite pictures too...I always get so excited to be able to capture an eagle with my camera!!

Jientje: Yes, our lake is beautiful...we are lucky and blessed to live here.

Sue: I like our smaller log home better least it is well lived in and loved and occupied!

Cathy: Thanks. We had a great day. Anytime the weather is good, we try and get out and about. I save work for the cold, rainy days in the summer.

Wanda: What good is money if you can't enjoy a place like those with it, right?

Mitr - Friend said...

I would for sure visit your blog on a regular basis. Yes, I've signed to follow your blog..
Would u to visit regularly and follow my blog..???!!!

dreamwalker said...

I would love to retire NOW and live in that cute little cottage. I would definitely spend all day out on that porch reading, napping, snacking, and surfing the net...

The Retired One said...

Mitr: I will stop by your blog later again today!

Dreamwalker: Do it! ha
You could be my neighbor on the lake...won't it be nice?

Joanna Jenkins said...

WOW, the eagle is STUNNING!!!! I've never seen one that up close before! Very cool.
All great pictures too! THANKS

Maniacal Mommy said...

Gorgeous pics! I almost hate to show them to my hubby, he just loves to fantasize about living up north!

The Retired One said...

Joanna: Thanks! He was beautiful. I always get so thrilled to see one in the wild and to be able to photograph him.

Maniacal: Thanks so much. Its okay to show your hubby...then you could move here and we could be neighbors. ha
Just don't hate me come winter when it is -20 degrees!!! :-}

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REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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