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Friday, September 10, 2010

Butterfly, Bridge, and Nature's Beauty

I have been trying to get out in the woods
now that summer's heat has passed
before the autumn shows us
it's full beauty)
to still
capture all that I can with my lens.

Sometimes you just turn around in your yard and find nature's glory too:

We went for a ride and found this little waterfalls
about a stone's throw from a bridge over an old road:

One day, we followed a ride on a road off the highway to get to a rummage sale
at a tiny, township hall.
Right next to it was a gorgeous little pond
with this fantastic curved bridge built over it!:

I loved the view of the bridge up close...
even better,
was the "orb" in the photo
when I downloaded it!
Doesn't it make you wonder?:

We went out on our lake
and captured this
fabulous sunset....
I may enlarge this one and frame it!
What do you think? Should I?:

Another shot of that lovely pond with the curved bridge:

A red dragonfly!:

I guess you could say
I was a little obsessed with
the curved bridge:

I hope you find
"end of summer"
in your life, too!


Brian Miller said...

oh this looks like a wonderful place to explore esp the the sepia affect ont hebridge as well...

bilsot said...

Every photo, every moment was an apocalypse to my eyes.
A very nice place indeed !
Thanks for the tour....

Anonymous said...

Just breathtaking shots!! Especially the dragon flly! I didn't think one would "set still" long enough to be captured in a photo. The detail of his wings is fantastic!

Unknown said...

I would have also been obsessed with the beautiful curved bridge, and that red dragon fly? Incredible.

Jeanette said...

What gorgeous pictures as usual! That pond with the little bridge is so pretty! I love the sunset one and yes, definitely enlarge and frame it! We are heading to South Haven this weekend and I am hoping to get some really nice pictures of the sun setting on Lake Michigan. Havea good weekend!

CiCi said...

Thank you for the lovely photos to smile at and also for the encouragement for each of us to find end of summer beauty in our own areas.

DJan said...

Of course you should frame that beautiful sunset picture. It's perfect. And your photos are all, as usual, stunning. What can I say that I haven't said a dozen times before? I'm always amazed at your ability to capture these scenes.

Linda Reeder said...

I think DJan just said it all for me! And I'll be taking my camera with me to Whidbey for some September shots, some "end of summer" beauty.

Ryan said...

Great shots especially the red dragonfly one, it must have been very difficult to get it. The orb is pretty spooky.

Unknown said...

I'm totally loving that bridge. And the dragonfly is amazing!

Carole Barkett said...

These photos are all amazing, i've never seen such a good photo of an orb

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Yes---frame that sunset.... Awesome!!!!! And I love that curved bridge also. Beautiful pictures----and you know how much i love waterfalls!!!!!


Bossy Betty said...

Great pictures! That butterfly one is incredible!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes, you should frame that sunset..the colors are stunning! I also like your Butterfly photo..well done! :)

Paz said...

fantastic shots, definitely get that printed and framed

Berit said...

You have a beautiful blog and so many lovely pictures:)
I'm coming back.
Greetings from Norway.


Sharkbytes said...

You caught a ruby meadowhawk too. I think I'll remember the name of that one now. I like the shadows on the bridge as well as the bridge itself.

SquirrelQueen said...

I can understand your fascination with that bridge, the curve is great. Gorgeous sunset and great capture on the dragonfly and butterfly.

John | English Wilderness said...

Some amazing photos, I love the butterfly, sunset and dragonfly. Your dragonfly looks similar to the one I saw yesterday at Belton House. It even has the same red marking on the wings :-)

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
Please do not copy any of my photographs (or narratives) without my permission! All pictures will be tracked for copyright violations.

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