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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flickers and Duckers!

During the spring, we get visits from a lot of birds and ducks on our lake.

Sometimes they stay all summer
sometimes they are here just for a day or two and move on farther north...

On taking a walk by the lake a few weeks ago, there were ducks wayyyyy out on the lake.

So, unfortunately, I couldn't get the clearest picture of them, but I had to try!

I don't know what kind of ducks these were....

does anyone know?:

They were really cute, and I loved the black and white of them,
I don't have a clue what they were:

We watched, but they wouldn't come any closer.
Maybe next spring I can get closer shots if they come through our area again.

But, we were THRILLED to hear one of our favorite birds return to our area
two weeks ago.

My Flickers!

If you haven't seen one up close, they are magnificent birds!

They are quite big birds.

They have this "eyebrow bib" of black on their chests, and I love their
freckled bodies:

And they have this MAGNIFICENT
spot of red on the back of their heads!:

These two were a couple...he was chasing her all over our trees!:
(That's okay with me....there's nothing MORE I'd like than Flicker babies!)

Wouldn't they make handsome parents?

And they make the most amazing sounds.  Once you hear one, you know what they are from then on:

Can you tell I am smitten with them?


Just ONE MORE photo for today, then:

Flickers!!!! (sigh)
....I think they're dreamy...
how about you?


Brian Miller said...

oh the black and whites are so cool...kinda cuddly...while the red is striking...nicely done!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I have never seen or heard of flickers before and think they are beautiful. Quite distinctive, and I hope you have flicker babies too! Haven't a clue about the pretty little black and white ducks I'm afraid. A x

DJan said...

I've got a couple of flickers who visit my suet feeder during the winter. I guess they have better fare during the summer, but I do see them now and then, and they are such gorgeous birds, I agree! And no, I have no idea what those cute duckies are!

Joanie said...

Those ducks are called Buffleheads. I have a 2 bird books here, because every now and then an unusual looking bird comes along. When we moved here, it was fairly rural, so we had a lot more varieties of birds besides the sparrows, robins and cardinals we were used to seeing near the city.

L. D. said...

I really like the flicker. It is the only woodpecker that comes into town from the timber near by us. Since I built my feeding tray I have had all sorts of new birds and more birds than ever before. I will be feeding all summer, in small amounts of course. Mourning doves love the tray feeder. Your shots of the flicker are great. You love your birds!!!

The Retired One said...

Brian: someone below said they are Buffleheads, and I believe that is correct!

Strawberry: ducks are Buffleheads and maybe I got a photo of two MALE maybe no babies.ha

DJan: I don't know if I got two male Flickers or not...can't tell you if I have ever seen a female Flicker or if they look like the males...I have to look that up.

Joanie: Thanks, honey...I had guessed Buffleheads, but there are other black and white ducks that look like Buffleheads too and I didn't know which they were. ha

LD: You gotta post some photos of all the birds coming to your feeder and telling us the names so we can all learn and enjoy them. Yes, I love birds...more and more since I retired we watch them..never used to really notice before we moved out near the lake and see so many up close!

Marissa said...

Wow, those are some well-designed ducks and birds. Here in L.A., all we got are drab dirty pigeons. But at the beach I see some neat shorebird-types with super long beaks. I should learn their names.

Jeanette said...

Those Buffelhead ducks are so pretty! I have never seen them before. They must be a northern duck!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Joan, Think all of your flickers are MALES. I thought I had a male and female 'playing' with each other about a year or two ago... I was so excited. Then I realized that they were MALES ---staking their territory I guess, or fighting over a woman!!!!!

The females do not have a black mustache.

Don't know what your ducks are... I haven't read others' comments so hopefully someone else knows...

Great pictures!!! Enjoying the beach... Beautiful day today here!

Bernie said...

These are such pretty birds Joan, I don't think I have seen one of these before.......:-) Hugs

CiCi said...

The flickers are very pretty, love the colors. You did a nice job with the photos.

Kearsie said...

You know, when I first read the title to this post, I thought you were cussing.

Also, that first picture? of the black and white ducks? don't they look like little mini killer whales? Just glance real fast at them. I swear, you'll see orca.

Mike said...

I have seen those ducks before, but I have no idea what kind they are?

rainfield61 said...

The red at the back of the neck is so outstanding.

I have not taken pictures of a woodpecker yet. The time will come.

RNSANE said...

How fun to have all these different birds and ducks cavorting around, babies or not babies! All I ever seem to see are sea gulls.

The Retired One said...

Marissa: We are in Florida now visiting my new grandson, and we see those Ibis birds here...white with long beaks..I just love the tropical birds here too.

Jeanette: I think they are northern ducks.

Betsy: I agree that they were males..most of the bird species have males with the prettier colors to attract the females. LOL

Bernie: I think Flickers go into Canada too, but they are shy birds.

Technobabe: Thanks so much. They are so pretty to photograph.

Kearsie: Yes, they do look like orcas at first glance!

Otin: I learn a lot from my fellow bloggers on the names of birds. ha

Rainfield: I bet you WILL capture one...just a matter of time!

RNSane; I love seagulls, too. ha

Unknown said...

Oh, so lovely! Thank you for posting those photos!

Red said...

The male flickers at this time of year will be doing a bit of "rivalry". They go through a lot of posing, wing flapping and sounds. It beats "beating the stuffins " out of each other for a certain nest site or female.

Wanda..... said...

I love Flickers too Joan, when they visit the yard there are two specific areas they go to everytime.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those Flickers are very pretty birds. I love seeing all the different kind of birds from all across the United States..everyone is so different..I guess that is what makes it interesting:)

Rick (Ratty) said...

Flickers are very beautiful birds. I wish I knew what kind of ducks those are, but all I've ever seen were mallards.

Shelley said...

Those cute ducks of yours looked like they were either BUffleheads or goldeneyes. I love the FLicker's too - their maniacal call always makes me laugh! I hope you get flicker babies this year!

The Retired One said...

Eva: Awww, thanks dear!

Red: Yes, this is territorial time for birds...getting the nests all ready and picking mates and stuff.

Wanda: They are a lot bigger than I thought when I see them up close too..and they have YELLOW tail feathers!

Far Side: I know what you mean! We are down in Florida now for the birth of our newest grandson, and I love looking at the different kinds of tropical birds here too.

Ratty: Sounds like everyone thinks they are Buffleheads which is one of the two I had them narrowed down to in the bird books. ha

Shelley: I would LOVE to see baby Flickers!

James said...

That's a great colection of birds. I don't know much about them but I like taking pictures of them.

Lesley said...

Just popping in to say hello! Your blog is beautiful as always ... I do wish you would send me your camera. I just had a birthday, you know. LOL

The Retired One said...

James: Me,too.I haven't met a duck yet that I don't like. :0}

Lesley: Hi! Been missing your comments. You would love my camera..and I just got a new DSLR too...gotta learn how to use it though.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.

REMINDER: All photographs on this blog are COPYRIGHTED.
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